12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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This guy gets it.

I’ve always like Street Sharks, and think the idea is neat (not terribly unique, marginally moreso than Shorchid, but neat), but really - the Lovecraft idea would likely involve enough tentacles to qualify it as KI’s sea-creature representative.

Good Shadow Lords, I hope the Lovecraft concept comes to fruition. I didn’t want the roster to expand any further until I saw that on the survey.




That’s not shark, but it’s pretty damned cool. Honestly, cooler than the sharkman designs I’ve seen. Is it an anglerfish? Cuz anglerfish are bloody spoopy, and spoopy really fits the KI motif.


Not shark but you get the idea. Make it a bit more shark and it can be a Killer Shark Man.

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Nah, make it more anglerfish! Give it the dangly forehead light! And maybe a beefier tail? We need another good combative tail.

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will shorchid be the first shadow character with a retro costume?


Maybe my image wasn’t the best example, but yeah


Well his new name is doomslayer which fits fine into ki


Your pic is a lot closer to something that I could easily envision liking, so I think you and I are probably on the same page, or somewhat close to it, at least. :slight_smile:

Same goes for @Sasuke99I’s pic, though I see no need to get it any closer to shark territory, as I think that looks like an awesome sea creature as is.

That idea has an INSANE amount of potential! I really hope the lovecraftian idea happens. I picture this character as sort of concealed in a sort of dark, shelled armor or cloaks or something, and then when they pop instinct, it’s just all tentacles, flowing everywhere, or kinda like the picture I posted above the gorgon.

But even if that’s not something people like, I still think that if we’re talking about a sea creature, that this concept sounds preferable to taking TJ’s rig and using it for a shark man. I personally don’t think that we need both, but again, maybe I’m a tad biased.

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Sharkman’s name is Arkman. Sharkman is his shadow’s name.


Not gonna lie you got a chuckle out of me

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Btw i would love to see a sharkman in KI. The one that @Dayv0 is talking about. The human one.

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I’m honestly kind of surprised that Joanna Dark beat out Eagle. I mean, I just kinda figured that those that cared enough to take a KI survey would want a KI story character over any guest, but apparently Joanna has that much pull with the community. It almost makes her feel inevitable at this point. I mean, out of every idea we received, she’s now the most requested character.

I’m not personally against her. I think that gunkata could be interesting and unlike others, I don’t think she’s just limited to FPS, must only be able to shoot guns and nothing else. She has a backstory in martial arts. She also has high tech stuff that doesn’t involve guns. There’s a lot to work with there.

I will say though that four guests for the entire series seems like a good number. After that, I dunno, it just starts to become too much.

It also kinda makes me wonder what the voting would’ve been like had they not included Eyedol. Like where would his first place votes have gone. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the misdirection here. It made the reveal utterly epic. Still, it would be interesting to know if maybe some of the bottom character concepts move up a bit, maybe not?

Personally, I’d like Joanna, Eagle, Lovecraftian, Magic Archer, Wendigo and Djinn from this list plus perhaps a wise old sage (a drum I’ve undoubtedly beaten to death lol) and perhaps a returning Ichorien for the final boss. To me, that seems like a pretty awesome season 4!

@BlitzedKraig So now that you’ve had these numbers and you see how high or low some of these are on the list, are you guys able to deconfirm any of these ideas based on the survey, or have you not ruled anything out yet?

At the risk of receiving some red herrings in terms of character ideas… Have there been any others that you guys have been kicking around that you’d be willing to clue us in on? Any that you’d want to gauge fan reaction to or, on a separate note, any ideas that you’d specifically like to see?


Or, they could give him abilities like using water based attacks.


I hope the djinn gets in it was low on my list cause I thought the entire list was fantastic (outside of guests) but I would be pleased to see that entire list implemented at some point

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That’s kinda where I’m at too. These sound like great new character ideas. I picture what they could do with a djinn and all the insane stuff that could happen and that just sounds like a character with endless possibilities.

It just makes me wonder if these character ideas are a blueprint for the upcoming season or if MS / IG plan on going in a completely different direction now with the characters based on these survey results. I mean, for all we know, maybe they just wanted to pick a few of the top vote getters?

Ugh, I wish we had SOME sort of clarification, or at least some timeframe for when that clarification might come! :slight_smile:


The same, I want them all too!

Except for generic agent on crack and Brute ape (rather have an original ape character, since it will factor into the Ki world, maybe another top secret Ultratech project)


@lago407 making ti a man with shark powewrs would not be any better, cause Sadira is also a thing : p

I’d much rather it be more shark than man, if it’s gonna be a human with sea powers than he goes in the trope with Sadira…not a true shark character, just a man with powers more in the human category. Just as Sadira isn’t a true spider character, just some lady with bug powers…fits more in the human category than bug. : p

I will agree that I think there should be more monsterous looking designs for the “shark-man” compared what we’re seeing so howabout instead make it a shark-demon? something that works in the same realm as Gargos? the devs can play with the deisgn and the retro can look like something off of Street Sharks?

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Forget taking TJ as a base for Sharkman, take Eyedoll :scream:

There is a joke in there about a split belly…just dont know in which half…


I was thinking more of a man with aquatic qualities and the powers of the sea. Perhaps a darker, more badass version of Rikuo from Darkstalkers. Not just shark powers like how Sadira has spider powers.

Just curious though. If a shark looking guy has shark powers like Sadira has spider powers, is it really any different if the shark guy looks more like a shark than a man? You seem to have more of an issue with a man having shark powers the way Sadira has spider powers. But why does that similarity suddenly become more tolerable just because that same shark guy looks more shark-like? Seems like a somewhat arbitrary distinction. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Personally, I just want a sea creature type character to be the Lovecraftian character. Give them a unique look with tentacles and other sea accoutrements, and give them more varied sea powers. This, to me, sounds more intriguing than having a man shark or a shark demon, but that’s just me. Who knows though, maybe a shark demon could be interesting if done right.