12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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That was MY quote; not @DEClimax. :wink:


Did you not see the numerous referrences I made earlier!?


bruh you dissin Street Sharks?

You can’t just go out somewhere and diss the Street Sharks my man


Oh you mean the TMNT ripoffs? :smirk:


I mean, can’t really fault them for that. TMMT knockoffs compose 90% of late 80’s early 90’s culture. Swat Cats, Extreme Dinosaurs, Biker Mice from Mars… Hell, that’s where Battletoads came from :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you and I are at a disagreement there. I want to go in more detail but that would derail the topic.


My apologies. It’s spelled Swat Kats with a k
I shall now perform seppuku

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Shite. I accidentally did Sudoku instead.
Guess I’ll just wait for the inevitable heat death of the universe…


You can’t run away from me

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There. I exploded.
wait, no I didn’t


Shart-man! that’s his name! It doesn’t get any better or more fitting lol


Ok, now speaking seriously:

Although I’m probably just nitpicking, I would like to note that this list only puts the order of the 1st places. This could mean that, for example, Shorchid got 500 1st places, and then 500 5th places, and Cinder got 499 1st places, and 501 2nd places, making him more voted overall. Hell, I know this is wrong, but I just wanna believe that other than Shorchid still got chances.

This makes me really sad. Kelvin, sharkman and Aganos ent could be, lore wise, totally new characters. A new alien, an Ultratech experiment, and a primordial ent, unrelated to Aganos. Ben Ferris and Shorchid ARE characters versions. I would prefer any reimaginated character but them. I despise characters versions, like Evil Ryu or Oni.

Again, I’m sad here. Two guests from the same franchise is IMO a bad idea. I can’t believe that Wendigo was to low. Happy to see Lovecraftian there, was my second choice after Eyedol(well played devs!). I could accept a new season with 4 characters being one JD, but not 2/4 guests. Overall, we have a small amount of guests, but the problem with that on S3 is having too many in so little time.

Extremelly happy here, since I wanted Costumes the most. [quote=“BlitzedKraig, post:1, topic:16738”]
Dayv0Will Shadow Lords receive more cinematics for characters who doesn’t have them?

Thanks for responding! You are the best. Nobody listen up like you devs. Seriously, I’m proud to be part of this community and have the chance to speak with you. We own you a lot.


This. IMO people failed to see that Sharkman was not a evolution of TJ, it was more inspiration for the moveset. He would get a lot of votes if placed into the other list.

I always figured sharkman as “man with shark attributes”, instead of “shark with man attributes”

I mean:

I could see this:

Instead of this:

Again, thanks for your time Devs, we really appreciate this textual streams


Dayvo, dude, you and I think a lot alike.
I definitely agree that I’d rather use character playstyles as blueprints for entirely new dudes rather than having redoes, I double definitely agree that a One Per Franchise limit on guests should be mandatory, and I triple dog definitely agree that @rukizzel (Glorious and Exalted is he~) would be the most splendid person to ever grace terra firmer if he’d start showing us those sexy Terror skins.


Would sharkman be able to summon a sharknado?

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Shadow Lord bless this post.

Yeah, I really want to see Sharkman in KI future, it’s my dream. But remember hater don’t want Eyedol return in KI Season 3 because his design, gamplay and other are lame bad. Blah blah blah. Until they reveal Eyedol’s trailer and he’s popular now… Some hater like him now. Right? That’s why I have faith in them and Sharkman for KI future. :slight_smile:


lol YESS exactly

just adding blue skin and a CHAIN BELT dead

Also isn’t shago just a nickname? In character select it says shadow Jago not shago. Same with shorchid. Who actually believes IG would put Shorchid on the official KI character select wow


I hope so. Just a quick swish of his tail and here comes a tornado.

Personally, I don’t want him to have a tail. In that instance, maybe they could give him a trident to use, like Aquaman from Injustice, and he can stab and make tornados with it, along with his bite attacks. I would also love to see him go underground Street Shark-style only to come up under his meal like a great white.

Heck, he could just be an Atlantean wearing a shark-skin, or better yet, a squid or octopus-skin for those Cthulu-lovin’ folks.


So this is what I’m getting from you guys, and please, honestly, correct me where I’m wrong:

Shadow Orchid, regardless of how they made her look or what moves they gave her, would be a faulty design because it’s origin makes it inherently not unique.

Man Shark, regardless of the fact that the pop culture idea stems at least in some part from a group of half man half sea creatures that ripped off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is okay, even though we have Rash, a half man half sea creature from a group that ripped off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This idea is still unique.

The argument here, essentially, is that we already have an Orchid. We don’t already have a man shark that this would be an alternate version of.

I dunno… Maybe it’s just my own bias (which is entirely possible), but to me, it seems like some of you guys are splitting hairs here on what’s unique and what’s not.

I mean, if your argument is that you just think it’s cool, that’s one thing. I disagree with that assessment, as every picture I’ve seen just looks like putting a shark head on a burly guy’s body. I mean, by that same token, how about a man lion then? Lion’s are badass. Or how about a man giraffe? They can reach tall trees and that’s pretty cool.

I mean, honestly, this is what I see when I hear “man shark” and I have yet to see a picture that differentiates itself in any real, meaningful way.

If they wanted to take the idea of a man shark, why not have him be a man, but with the powers of the sea? Maybe he could look similar to Michael Corvin?

But yeah, plunking a shark head on a dude’s body, to me at least, doesn’t make them a monster. I like monsters in KI. I guess I’d rather just have a full on sea creature like that first pic I posted above or a human with sea powers. Combining them seems less unique since we have Rash, plus it just looks off to me. Sorry!! I wish I could see what you guys see. I want to.

My final thought from before still stands though. If they go this route, I hope it’s awesome, and that we’re all happy for it! :slight_smile: