12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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Tell that to the ultras, besides once an ultimate happens the option to quit cannot be done since there is a cut scene going on. Not to mention it adds something fresh to the game without picking Shago if you have no experience with that character.

Accessories and Costumes are always welcomed of course, As long as its an accessory we have never seen before and not just another pallate swap of other accessories which is pretty cool if you don’t like the color of other accessories but we could get more.


It would also have me do something other than triple my foes, which I rarly do anyway considering how someone will rage quit if I kepe the ultra to long.

Also, this means now people can see that there are ways to get something like ultimates and still keep a T-rating.

It makes since doesn’t it? Cthulhu is the most iconic and most Familiar of these types of monsters, so why not go for it.


All you have to is just hit the home button or pull the plug to quit…

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All these people ragging on Rash and my current No. 1 pick Joanna makes me sad. That’s, what, 4 guests out of a 30-something character cast? And two of them originating from the same company that made KI?
s a d

Also for real Shadow Orchid being first is pretty underwhelming, Shark characters usually come out to be my favorites in things, and a rushdown fighter shark would probably be a main of mine. Sharkman TJ really should have been first.

RIP Wendigo, my second highest wanted. Doubt he’s comin unless S4 is here.

Community Fund for stages I’d still be all for, I really want Rash and RAAM just to see what creative thing the team can pull from their respective series to use.

guest from an IP not owned by microsoft? ayo fam lemme hit that Jotaro Kujo, I gotta moveset setup and everything.

Level cap would be welcomed if only to make me feel good at seeing my XP ACTUALLY GO TOWARDS SOMETHING.

3 shadow slots for my 3 mains would be great.

And last but not least… I didn’t get my question answered. How disappointing.


People are quitting because of an ultra, they could quit even if you canceled the ultra if you put it that way.

I still think Ultimartes as a good and new way to beat an opponent would be nice considering how stale ultras are getitng and anyone can do a 100 hit ultra and beyond now-a-days. Besides that, if this is following the system with shago, you need maintain a green life bar to pull it off anyway.

I still don’t see what @BblackorchidD means by rage quit city with ultimates


One or two bars?


As long as your first life bar si still there (meaning your still in the green, not red) I think it will make an Ultimate optional (assuming this is how the system works for Shadow Jago’s Ultimate)


What about ARIA?


Should work the same way. I don’t think you have anything to fear for her. Heck if your concerned you can always ask them how it can work for some like her.

So if you still have green on your life bats it would likely make an ultimate work.


Oh I’m not concerned in the slightest. I was just wondering what your thoughts would be on it. Since she can have all bodies on the magic pixel and still get a supreme victory.


That sounds fantastic to me. Just to sum up what I gleam from this, ultimates have a good chance of being possible for all characters, is less humiliating then sitting through a 1000 hit multi-ultra and no post match tea bagging, and the most probable lovecraftian creature would be cthulu. Am I correct?


I think that is what comes to most people’s mind when they think of Lovecraftian monsters. Unless they decide to go with some others. All we can do is wait at this point.

Also I do agree considering how T-bagging has soured the mood for some. Thats why I do 100 hit ultras on t-baggers. Not to mention the idea that I can fully immerse as a violent animal as Riptor with a triple ultra is starting to wear down abit.

I actually cannot see why people are against ultimates, it is a feature for gameplay not aesthetics (which are welcomed fo course) I wonder though, what are people hoping for with extra costumes?

If she keeps a supreme victory with just 2 bars I think she can still pull it off.


I would think for Aria they could adjust how her meter works to an extent where there is a visual cue when her overall health is over or under 50%…a glow, maybe all the meters stay green but when you hit 50% they turn red no matter how many are left…or maybe she has an exceptionally awesome Ultimate and they keep the first bar requirement…maybe she gets 2, a greater & lesser one, and which one you get depends on how many bodies she still has left.


Then everyone would complain she gets 2 while everyone else gets 1. Plus, TWO ultimate’s? The community is asking for just one getting two would be…well a miracle. Even getting the one isn’t even guaranteed.


Cool I just found a top 10 list of lovecraftian creatures (excluding cthulu).
I was bored and wondered what else lovecraft had to brag about.


I dont really care for Shadow Orchid one way or the other, since I barely play the original, but if they make her look like this:

And give her some awesome new moves, I wouldnt mind, we can even call her nightshade…

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Nightshade would actually be a pretty good name. Shadow orchid just seems to generic a name. Kinda like she was created but the time to name her came and everyone was just like “well she looks like orchid, so let’s just put shadow in front of her name and call it a day”


My first thought was Nightshade, but @DEClimax beat me too it. I’d say that’s the best option.

Other ideas include:

Corpse Lily (or C. Lilly, if you prefer)
Y. Jasmine (or Yellow Jasmine if you prefer)

I think that there are some cool options in there as well. I agree that simply calling her Shadow Orchid or Shorchid is a bit more on the “been there done that” side. Same goes for the idea of simply taking Orchid, giving her blue skin and a skull mask and maybe a chain belt or something. Redundant City, no doubt.

I get the feeling that this is what people are picturing though and I don’t really see that as a slam dunk. I’d like to think that they could come up with some creative ideas that give Orchid a similar concept, but also does it in an entirely unique way.

Personally, I’ll take any variation on Orchid here over a man shark hybrid. As much as I have faith in MS / IG, the idea just sounds fundamentally flawed to me. Totally down for a sea creature or Cthulhu or a gorgon, etc. Not a street shark.

To me, this looks insanely cool:

This would be amazing for a gorgon!

But this?

Granted… I can see why people would like it. But to me it looks like a mythical creature on a low tier Scyfy movie. I get that KI has many influences in pop culture. Not sure I feel like Sharknado needs to be one of them.

I mean, why not a half squid half man or a half wasp half man or a half corgi half man. I dunno, for all the people saying Shorchid isn’t unique, I’m surprised to hear people feel that this is. I mean… Just because it’s unique to KI doesn’t me it’s a unique (or compelling) idea. I’d also say the opposite can be true as well.

That’s not to say “unique” has to be the deciding factor. A monk, a spy, a Native American, a robot, s boxer… KI has plenty of ideas culled from other places, but that’s kinda the point, right? KI takes those things, those cool influences, and makes it insanely fun, fresh, and yes, unique.

My only feeling is, with a man shark, that’s just not a cool influence, so I don’t personally dig the starting point. I like Orchid. I like Shadow Jago or the idea of a corrupted hero. These are all things I can work with or envision with an open mind and for me, that’s the difference.

However, I will say this. If they do make a man shark, I’ll be happy for you awesome people that want him, and I’ll hope like heck that MS / IG does right by the idea, for your sake and mine, so I can learn to love the idea as much as you do. It’s not my choice, but here’s hoping most of us are happy with whatever they choose to do! :slight_smile:


I loved the gorgon ideas.


I should clarify: I’m sure something interesting could be done with Shorchid. I like the idea of using another flower as the name.
But like the guests, the concept alone is going to be a hurdle for me to overcome. They’ve turned out great, and I’m sure that Shorchid or whatever she winds up being has the potential for greatness. Hell, I’d probably like her visually more than I like Regular Orchid because I’m edgy like that.

There are just other things on the survey and off that are much cooler than adding either Another Orchid or Another Shago. In the event that it becomes reality, I’ll live. I’ll probably enjoy it, too. I just hope that we’ll get something more, like a Gorgon or a Witch or Sharkman or a Wendigo, and if Shorchid does happen that it’s handled with the same level of grace that the others have been shown.