12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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Fair enough, but if and when she becomes a real girl, you’ll only have yourself to blame for that name (well, you and everyone else that uses it). Just remember that when that happens, that I was the 1 who gave you an opportunity to change it and that you were the 1 that decided against it.

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To quote Draxx the Destroyer:

“Nothing would go over my head. I would catch it.”

Just a joke, man.


Ah dang, I thought I was gunna find out something big to get hyped over


Lmao, PD changes is old news. Literally months old. Not even just for Aria. It’s a nerf to her too of course.

However, these changes will make guess breaks not as strong, force the breaker to actually play a bit more defensive(aka having a neutral), and not rewarding the breaker too much.

SFV is doing the same. PD in that game has a much slower recovery time in season 2.

Fulgore deserves changes since he is top 3 next to Jago and Aria. Get your head out of your ■■■ and be reasonable.


While I don’t know how they can diversify Shadow Orchid from Orchid, I guess they could give her something to make her unique from her even if she might be a blue skinned orchid with some minor modifications.

The shark-man might be interesting, since I’ve been wanting an aquatic sea creature for the game. I might even main this one for the season as well.

A lovecraftian monster would aslo be intresting. I wonder if they will connect it with spinal.


Fear of religious criticisms from openly showing demonic/cultist themes? Riding the bio-engineered zombies wave the Resident Evil movies started?

But yeah, probably be best to get back on topic.


Could’ve done without this part…

As for Shadow Orchid, we already got her, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about. :wink:


How’s this look for lovecraftian?

That is the wailing host from darksiders 2

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All I can think of when I hear Shark-man is…

SHART-MAN!!! lol

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I’m sorry but this is perfect for a Ron Paul Doomsday meme

I’ll let the thread continue. :smile_cat:

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In all likelihood, that’s not what he’s going to be called, though.

…unless they make him some sort of super hero (and I certainly hope that they don’t).

What would be a good name for a shark man?

Fin, perhaps (which, interestingly enough, also happens to be the name of the protagonist from Sharknado)?

Mako, maybe?


How about a few of those?

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I really like Riptide. :slight_smile: :ocean:




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In honor of the obvious coorelation a shark man would have to the ninja turtles: Rasputin.

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Oh! Oh! I got one!


Nah cause unlike Ultras which go on way to long, Ultimates finish you off and it’s over. Nothing beyond that. plus no worry of t-bagging right after. Doesn’t offer any room to be a circle jerker. it isn’t nearly as humiliating as getting beatin with the punches and kicks you see in mid-match for everal minutes.

especially since I was more than willing to be paitent and let the devs knock the rest of that stuff out first.


Am I the only one who thinks the design of a Swamp Thing character would hold more weight in this IP than a shark man?

The swampy sea creature is a trope that fits I just don’t see what a ‘shark man’ contributed to pop culture

@developers don’t listen to the naysayers Shorchid doesn’t have to have blue skin to be a possessed goddess, nor has to have orchid goggles and old costume

She could just have the maleficent like costumes and glowing eyes like Kan ra or Sadira or Hisako

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You mean like Creature of the Black Lagoon?

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