12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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I get it. :slight_smile:

First person shooter scene is godlike!

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Mine was a joke, John Grim (Reaper) was the protagonist of the DOOM movie.


Exactly my point in my (edited) post above.


Yeah, honestly I initially thought more of the movie was going to be 1st person, and it would have been awesome if they kept flipping back to 1st person when the action ramped up. But sadly they just did the quick what?..3 min run at the end of the movie?

I’m glad the went fully 1st person with Hardcore Henry though…that movie is what the DOOM movie should have been.


Orchid is already dark. We need the innocent one. Call her Lolita.

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5 minutes. Not 3 min…

Yeah, I really want to watch that movie. But my parents don’t let me watch it. lol


Fixed for accuracy.

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Well we can give it a shot see how it looks. I can send you a DM with the pieces. The character is more easily described as an amalgamation of many character parts that combine to form something unique. The parts all have source images so they can be looked up.


Maybe she knows what happened to riptor.


That, and if the movie was actually about DOOM
Seriously, how do you mess up the simplest story in the history of games?
Portal to Hell on Mars+Angry Marine= Demon Massacre. How’d that get turned into Extra Chromosomes that sometimes mutate people but sometimes makes you really good at stuff and Snazzy Sisters and masturbation jokes?
Also, I don’t remember if they ever included a shotgun. If they forgot the shotgun in a Doom movie, that’s a crime against the arts.

On the plus side, the creature effects were pretty good (mostly practical too!) and they didn’t shy away from violence/gore.

More on topic: @GalacticGeek I’ll give Shorchid a cooler name when she becomes a cooler idea. :stuck_out_tongue: As it stands, it sounds like 2 kinds of clone character wrapped into one. Either she’s Edgelord Orchid or Genderbent Shago.

I’m sure if she does become a thing I’ll eventually warm up to her, but like with the guests it will take a lot to win me over.
Also, it kinda sounds like Short Kid. I’m sure I’ll find a joke for that eventually.


Riptor was created.


Shadow Orchid is a girl?


I don’t get the joke.


Shadow riptor is a man?






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Riptor is a girl, but is there talk of making a shadow riptor?


She is? What’s your source?


Shorchid is the source.


Oh I thought shorchid was the character. so what did he confirm? I was late to the conversation.