Zombie character

We got Spinal for a mad undead skeleton. But what if we had a zombie character since Lord Raptor of Darkstalkers?

We had like a LOT of zombie-based video games like Resident Evil. So how to bring that kind of thing to life?

We got…

  • Resident Evil
  • Dead Rising
  • Dead Space
  • iZombie
  • The House of the Dead
  • The Walking Dead


Well if given the proper KI treatment, then sure thing :wink:

My idea may not be the most popular but I think an sentient alien zombie virus would be a better idea. Something like venom and carnage from Spider-Man. An enormous plague spanning multiple solar systems that seeks to converts, assimilate and kill all life in the unuverse under the control of “patient zero” who controls the entire hive mind.

The “patient zero” could be the one to be in K.I. Possibly chaseing glacius eager to assimilate one of his species with their unique body structure.

With the god complex orochi from KoF and inspiration from venom psuedo body manipulation attacks from MvC origins.

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Sounds like a good idea for that.

An alien-like virus that travels from planet to planet destroying life. It can be one of Glacius’ enemies.

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for a zombie character i’ve been working on a design where it’s an actual zombie like how they do them in walking dead except he would have long chains attach to his wrist and ankles (of course with cuffs) he would be the season 3 grapple character. he would focus purely on defense and is as slow as hisako on the ground and his dash is as bad as Aganos’s however his grapples are long range and quick he pulls you in or slams you at a distant. As for combos his grapples are recaptures and his only linker is a flail-attack similar to Q from 3rd strike. he’s not going to a be a combo heavy character but a character that if he hits you it hurts bad like aganos. his instinct gives him a fast projectile safe dash that can cross up similar to thunder and sabrewulf but the huge difference when he grabs you with any of his chain grapple moves he adds extra potential damage. that’s just my idea though and i’m still working on it

Maybe just chains on the wrists.

What if the zombie character can be somewhere in Haiti. Perhaps a voodoo priestess would be involved bringing someone back under her control or something?

Or a virus?

…:soooo Zombie Lui Lang??

Rather it be a rockstar or something else.

No offense but Wats the point of a zombie rockstar if the rockstar doesn’t have his human conscience…and if he does isn’t that literally a character from darkstalkers?

My ideal zombie would be an alien zombie. Instead of a focus on the decaying undead part of zombies this one would focus on the virus/reproduction part. A biological virus that infects organisms transforming it into a drone version. Creating a giant hive mind system with the capability to infect multiple planets and solar system. Something like venom from Spider-Man. More notably the marvel vs capcom venom. The transforming goo aspect that his moveset has works amazingly.

of course each alien race converted would add to the hive minds intelligence creating an intelligent arrogant virus being that seeks to consume and convert lower species into the hive. Idk something like that would look cooler and easier than trying to justify a zombie fighting at the speed that most KI fighters fight.

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Guess then that’ll do.

This virus can be a mix the symbiotes and Resident Evil’s viruses. Right?

Yeah works fine. Especially the lickers. Some of the RE zombies have extra appendages burst out of their bodies too kinda like the picture of venom I found.

similar appearance but way different gameplay

I was designing him to be more Civil War Federalist or confederate haven’t really decided, very general looking but i haven’t worked on him in a while the only thing i have is some backstory with season 3 coming up but it reminds me too much of the stereotypical make a deal with the devil aka gargos and i want to kind of get away from that.

How about a zombie who used to be a military dictator?

I got that inspiration not only…

But also…

I can imagine his interest in the Shadow Lords. One of them probably zombified him.

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What if one of the Shadow Lords zombified a military dictator after WWII? A ghoul.

well the big question is why? when you can create beings like omen by simply thinking it animating a dead mortal doesnt sound like a productive use of your powers/. might as well create your very own monstrosity or ayour own dark twisted versions of monsters taken from the nightmares of the people you intend to conquer like a medusa, hydra, that hindu demon that can regen perfect clones of himself from his spilled blood, myriad of dragons and etc.

it seems to small to point to a shadow lord to do something like that

Does anyone have thoughts about bringing out a zombie character besides Lord Raptor?

There’s always Resident Evil.

Plus Haiti is involved with zombies & voodoo.

I’d like to see a zombie character, but how to do them properly would be tough. I wouldn’t want to copy Lord Raptor, even though it seems at this point like Darkstalkers may never come back.

Regardless though, I could think of a few things that I think could be pretty cool:

-Infection: Like how Kan Ra has his curse, I think it’d be cool to give a zombie character a move that temporarily infects the opponent. The question is, what should that infection be? How about a sort of roulette approach, where neither you, nor your opponent knows once the move’s been initiated? Some options could include:

-Confusion (reverse the opponents controls for five seconds)
-Self-Animation (computer takes over control for the infected character for five seconds)
-Preservation (attack buttons do nothing for five seconds)
-Fugue State (unable to block for five seconds)
-Rage (opponent’s damage output increased by 25%)

So you have four options that would help you as the zombie character and one option that definitely wouldn’t. The trick would then be for both you and your opponent to try and figure out what’s going on and react accordingly before the visual queue of the infection (let’s say it puts a red mist around them) wears off.

As far as other ideas… I could see a character like this summoning other zombies (which I suppose Jill can do in MvC2, but I’m sure they could make that new and unique), maybe having some sort of necromantic powers, or maybe he can throw an arm or two and have them function like Gargos’ minions, where they act independently, but you can direct them to do certain things like grab the opponent and hold them to the ground or a disembodied DP perhaps lol.

I also think this character should have something to do with acid or poison. Not sure how that would work, but perhaps the character could bleed himself and do light damage to himself, but that blood lands on the ground and stays there for a few moments and hurts the opponent if they land on it or walk over it.

Either way, I’d want this to be a darker character. Not humorous. They should be a walking pestilence. Maybe they wear a black cloak and their hands and face are just pure rot.

I think a character like that, a sort of “master of zombies” necromancer type could be really cool. I know I’m describing a necromancer, but I think that they could be a zombie as well and I think that could work in a cool and unique way.