Zelda Highlights thread *no plot spoilers please*

whats up guys, anybody else on here playing Breath of the Wild? have to say thus far its an amazing game. didnt look like much on the previews or what was shown, but after spending several hours on it i can see why its getting stellar reviews. so without further ado, i have some combat related highlights to share. what are yours?

-boko goblin came at me with a wood axe, i dodge, he chops a tree down by accident and squashes one of his bros with it

-blew up a 2 goblins sending them flying into a nearby lake screaming with their loot flying everywhere

-set a bokogoblin on fire, baseball swing with a 2h claymore over a cliff and his burning corpse rolled down the hill. is this zelda? cuz that sounds metal lol

-shot a bokogoblin off his horse, i steal it, he starts running, i stab him in the back with a spear on horseback. horse came with 100% bond, lucky me!

-dodged a tall moblin guy, shot him in the head and his 2h club fell from his hands. i picked it up and literally spanked him on his â– â– â– . he flew over a cliff and died lol. real looney tunes moment

alot of things can happen in a fight ive noticed in this game, it makes combat so much fun and playing with bombs makes for hilarity as well as setting them on fire lol

This guy…


2 pics aint showin lol


nope. think cuz of firewall

lol, found another gif then. :stuck_out_tongue:

i just got the nosebleed one lmao

No SPoilers please!

I just got the glider after the 4 shrines.

My shield caught fire after standing to close to the camp fire!
I have no idea how to cook the right recipes.

SO far a lot of fun. Basically this is exactly what horizon Zero Dawn is. Lots of crafting and scavenging takes up the majority of the game.

combat highlights only for this thread, no plot details lol. i find that this game has alot of things you can do in a fight that werent revealed. there are many ways to skin a cat (or a boko goblin lol)

Oh yeah, maybe a good idea to write “possible spoilers” in the thread title.

Is Ganondorf in the game?

(I played Super Smash Bros. a lot so please excuse me.)

Calamity Gannon…he is like shadow dragon ( at the beginning anyways)


  • reloading previous save if Wolf Link dies (auto save is good, saves often … saves in general is a huge leap compared to previous Zelda’s actually as far as restarting close to the save location)
  • can feed Wolf Link to replenish his hearts (even free-ass apples)
  • “Can only use your Amiibo once per day” becomes non-existant
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Some of the characters can give recipes but it’s mostly luck lol.
I love the look of this game can’t wait to play more

I made some hard chewing food mess that Link didnt like too much lol

I made something so bad the game pixelated it because of its grossness. I roared when the characters spoke about how bad it was

This game was basically my entire weekend… lol

  • Getting utterly wrecked by a centaur enemy despite throwing everything I had at it.
  • Using the updraft created by a Guardian’s laser to barely escape alive over a hill.
  • Gliding around a large field using cannons to get rid of a horde of arrow-wielding lizalfos and destroying the structures they’re using for high ground.
  • Using the ice platform rune to ground and reach lizalfos shooting at me from a river.
  • Attatching a octorok balloon to an explosive barrel, using a korok leaf to push it toward a group of enemies, then killing them all instantly by igniting it with a fire arrow once it reaches them.
  • Using a lightning rod to cheese a high-tier enemy capable of one-shotting me by cycling between stunning it and dealing damage with my other weapons.

I am incredibly, horribly bad at this game. I just don’t get the systems and what it takes to be successful yet. I will do better.

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Lmao, we got some chefs in here that would make Gordon Ramsey blush I see. I made nothing but awesome dishes so far with status bonus haha

Right now I feel like I’ve been running through areas I shouldn’t be going through with only 4 hearts. Right now I’ve made it all the way to the northernmost part of the Lanaryu (I think I spelled that right) area, and it seems like every enemy I run into kills me in 1to 2 hits. Thankfully you can keep a small resturant’s worth of food on hand.