Your Shadowlords Dream Team?

What’s your 3-man dream team for Shadowlords and why?

For me, it’ll be Aganos and Thunder + TJ Combo or Glacius (undecided on the latter). Aganos and Thunder are among the big bruisers of the game and are already best buds, according to the storyline, and I like TJ because he’s kind of the underdog/normal guy in the cast. Glacius is a choice I like because, like Aganos and Thunder, he has this air of noble righteousness that surrounds him.

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Arbiter, Orchid and Omen… No real reason, I just like that combo…my other team Sabrewulf, Jago & Thunder…

Tusk Kim Wu Maya or Thunder Cinder Riptor!!

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Kan ra, Spinal and Aganos because they’re old timers and connect to the same back stories

Tusk, TJ, and…uhh…maybe Aganos? …or Jago? …or Fulgore? …uhh…:disappointed_relieved::cry:IDON’T KNOW WHO MY THIRD IS!!!

ARIA, Sadira, Fulgore

ARIA by herself (because she can)

Noone else.

Hisako, Shadow Jago and Omen. Goth points aplenty.

Oh that’s a tough one!

I’m thinking probably…

Kan Ra

Though I could definitely see Tusk or Kim Wu making that list, but I need some more time in the lab with them. :slight_smile:

Riptor, Hisako, and Orchid. I love me them oki/corner game characters.

As is now, it’d be Orchid, Tusk… and something tells me that Mira would be my third choice. As for characters available now, it would be Sadira, but I think Mira could be a potential third instead.

Difficult, probably Aganos, Hisako and Tusk…Fulgore might stand in for one of them, also, Mira has a good chance of becoming a favourite.

Other potentials, since its supposedly infinitely replayable, are:
Maya (still have to check the new her out)
Thunder (for his Aganos bro-mance)
Rash (because it a toad!)
And maybe I’ll give Shago a shot

Riptor, Arbiter, and Aganos.
Jago, Shago, and Omen.

Good thing that team makes sense now :sunglasses:

Jago / Kim Wu / Arbiter & Jago / ARIA / Arbiter

If 2 man were an option:

Glacius / Arbiter

Cinder / Rash

Jago Kim Orchid or Jago Kim Tusk.

I imagine the Ultratech goon squad of Cinder, Fulgore, and Riptor would be pretty fun. :slight_smile:

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I was about to post just this

Can I just pick rash all 3 times and make them look like the battletoads

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Tusk, Maya and Mira.

Aria, cinder and Fulgore.