Your favourite and most disliked character?

Not only in terms of tier and gameplay formidability, but in terms of design and appeal too?

My favourite is Tusk, I love everything about him - badass looks, awesome sword animations, you feel like total badass who hits like a truck when you play him, he is so fun.

My least liked char is Riptor. Dont get me wrong, I love her, she is staple of KI and it good she is here, but she is a wasted opportunity. Her stage looks good, but theme is whack. Also she should look more intimidating and massive, she should be one of “big” chars, ones that camera zooms out for.

For me she looks and acts like dog and chicken mixed together, and I hate this. Altough she is well designed gameplay-wise.

Jago as my most favorite.

My most disliked is Aria, she’s not my playstyle and I’m not sold on her design.

Out of the KI cast if you’re talking design and appeal, Hisako, Spinal and Glacius are probably my favorites. Hisako being a really unique character out of the whole roster and i like what was done in bringing Spinal and Glacius with newer looks. Thumbs down for Sabrewulf, but honestly, its not because its a bad design. He just vibes with me the least. Meh.

Favorite: Jago. Hands down.

Most disliked: Eyedol. I always hated his cheap a** since the first game and still do. However I never hated the fans that wanted him so dang much. Heck I made a whole thread congratulating them when he was announced!

I’m stuck between omen and gargos for my favorite they’re both badass. My least favorite is hisako, I can’t stand her at times.

The CEO for GOAT. Dislike…hmmmm

■■■■■ wu and sucko. Oh and douchago.

Shadow Jago is my favorite by a mile. I love evil versions of good characters and Shadow Jago’s design is damn near perfect. His gameplay is the most enjoyable in my opinion because of just how crazy you can be. It allows you to be creative and when you throw everything you’ve got out there, your opponent doesn’t stand a chance. Very satisfying.

Least favorite? Mira…

First off I really had to think hard to decide between her and Kim Wu. Also this decision was NOT made because I struggle with both characters. Actually I can beat pretty much any Mira or Kim on ranked with no issue. But as far as Mira goes, her concept, design, voice, story, gimmick, moveset. All of them I hate.

I really don’t know what was going through the heads of the evidently EXTREMELY talented guys and gals at IG when this character was first conceived. They knew the fans had requested the long-lost vampire character from the first KI but they went with the WORST of the many vampire cliches out there. It’s a real shame.

I didn’t even list everything I hate about the character. But I’m not here to go on a rant lol.

Favorite… Not gonna say yet.

But My least favorite by far is fulgore.

I just want to tell everyone how proud I am of the fact that nobody has listed Sadira as their most hated character! :smiley:

Fav… Jago… NO… Sadira!

Most hated: Cinder and then Hisako…

I gotta honorably mention Gargos for that his playstyle complements his attitude.

He is deceptive cheap batard who prefers manipulating others to do dirty work for him, and his playstyle involving minions expresses this pretty much. Also its clever and is good addition to roster gameplay-wise.

My favorite is Riptor, hands down.

Least favorite is Cinder.

These are based completely on gameplay, intuitiveness, and “feel”. Those sound like the same thing, but I swear they’re all different.

Fav: Maya
Dis: riptor

I don’t think riptor is a bad design but their has ever been a time I contemplated playing riptor.

Don’t be mad because your Aria can’t win against him.


Shago? I enjoy crushing that husk into atoms.

Onl y one?

loved- Orchid

Most hated- Rash -seriously. So glad money wasn’t wasted on a stage for that thing

Shago? No, that was a moment in time where the desire for strength sought answers in the wrong places.

Jago, the one who, unbeknownst to him, became the true Tiger Spirit. Master of the ancient ways.

Favorite: Fulgore. He just plays so unbelievably smoothly.

Least: Eyedol.

Shago, that’s who is the douchajo.

Fave: Orchid, then Maya, then Kim Wu

Dis: Kan-ra (worst character for me to use), Fulgore (Never used, tried but lost), Spinal (Cheap), Eyedol (Nightmare with a split face who is Master Cheap infinity)

I like pretty much the entire cast. Except for Kan-Ra. The first day I considered liking him was nerf day, but no, still don’t. Leveled him to 50 for completion, and haven’t touched him since.

Fulgore makes it out as my favorite, but I like everyone else.