Your favorite game mechanic and other satisfying moves

EDIT: I have added a general poll on general KI mechanics. But feel free to discuss individual character moves not reflected in the poll.

Hi, we are moving into season 3 soon and I just want to give us a chance to look back at the good stuff in season 2. However, not the characters nor the game modes are the focus, but some of the moves and gameplay mechanics of KI.

Personally I play Aria and love juggles. But also landing a counter breaker against good players is satisfying to me. So here is the question…

Question: In season 2, what move is and has been your favorite? Or what is your most satisfying move to pull off? What moves define you and your character’s style of play?

You have three votes to pick up to three of the following:
(I left out a few generic moves so don’t hate me for that. Just add it to your post if you think it’s memorable enough)

  • Ultras
  • Recaptures
  • Combo Breakers
  • Counter Breakers
  • Manuals
  • Auto Doubles (Good 'ol ADs)
  • Shadow Counters
  • Breaking Shadow Linkers
  • Juggles
  • Level 4 Ender
  • Special moves and shadow moves
  • Shago’s Ultimate

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My #1 favorite is no doubt pulling off Shago’s ultimate. It’s kind of a hassle for me to stay on the green bar with him, but when I do I immediately attempt to do the ultimate. And it feels so good doing it.

My second fav is once again Counter Breakers. I love the satisfaction you get for being rewarded for making a good read on your opponent. Not to mention C-C-C-COUNTEEER BREAKEEEEEER!!!

Tie between Hisako counters (yeah, I know what you’re going to do, and when :smirk:) and command grab resets. Both are ridiculously satisfying.

Where is Omen’s Demonic Despair,Fulgore’s Hype Beam,and Cashing out these moves.

I went with recaptures, juggles and shadow counters. Sure, there are definitely some individual moves that give me satisfaction, but successfully landing these three is just guaranteed fun, no question.

To be honest though, I like all of those! :slightly_smiling:

Boy, do I hate recaptures. Playing Aria, the irony is that recaptures are the ultimate gimmick,

I love Juggles and recaptures. So I’m HYPE we get to do more in S3!

I have to defend ADs, landing a few Hard ADs after a lockout is really satisfying to me…

In general I love counter breakers, well timed manuals, well executed juggles (not cheap Shago ones), and hearing the 1-2- - -3 when breaking shadow linkers.

Really surprised by the Recapture love. As mentioned I loathe recaptures.I cannot explain my hate for them. Lol

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Quite a high percentage for shadow counters. I didn’t always appreciate shadow counters but seeing various tournament footage really opened my eyes as to the various moves and situations that are shadow counterable (nice word).

Counter breakers are satisfying but scores also quite high, imo.

A lot of the options in the survey aren’t even specifically from Season2…



Shadow moves etc

My favorite move in the game is Hisako’s down+mk. That little poke into rekka is too good.

True, they are general gameplay mechanics that survived season 2 or were introduced somewhere along the way. I just labelled them as season two, because who knows what else is coming…

I went with Combo Breakers, Counter Breakers and Shadow Counters. They have been there the whole time but they didn’t cease to satisfy me.
As for character specific things: Aganos’ wall crash, Hisako’s counter and to an extent Maya’s fully charged pip ender and of course Shago’s annihilation.

Shadow Ruin through a multi hitting shadow…through a wall!


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Heh. I can see that. I’m satisfied when that happens, and I don’t even play Aganos :laughing:

For me, it is Shago’s Ultimate.

Why? because it has potential for something that when fully realized will make this game feel even more complete and even more fun. The end of matches will actually have something I can look forward to. Ultra’s just don’t do it anymore.


SOOO Satisfying to do an epic Juggle, recapture into Ender, then reset. :slight_smile:

Where are character supers? Fug bot’s Hype Beam. Omen’s Demonic Despair. Sjago’s Annihilation.

All in one big bucket called special moves. Would need another poll for character specific satisfying supers. But feel free to discuss! Forgive a fellow KI player.