You should be able to earn characters like SF5

From a mind-set perspective, I think your reasoning is fair towards an “extend the engagement” goal. Generally people that spend more time doing something are more inclined to think about it for certain, and if they have goals in front of them that are “free” – it’s just time – then they may stick around to try and hit that goal, certainly. All depends on the time vs. the reward balance as to how many people could possibly stick around to hit one.

I don’t understand the passive insult in your last paragraph though. You were doing fine up until that point. Also, unless you’re pirating them, most non F2P games you bought before you actually played, so that part of your logic doesn’t support your argument well - didn’t really need it.

We continue to experiment and evolve how we deliver content in KI, as it’s a flexible platform.

Data doesn’t support this claim. Whales make up most of the revenue in just about every variable pay-in model.


When making a statement like this, you need to put some numbers on the table to back it up.
How much does Dota2 make?
How do they get those money, if it is an f2p game?
How much did Valve spend on making the game?
How much do they make on making new content?

Also, you need to realize, Valve also earn money on their other products. Steam might be a free product, but Valve gets a small percentage of every game bought through Steam, hence why they can continue making those sales.

Iron Galaxy doesn’t have that. Yes, Microsoft do, but they have decided how much money they are willing to put into certain projects, such as KI. Iron Galaxy is on a budget making Killer Instinct. And the game’s success decides whether or not we get more content.

Making KI all free will only prove counter-productive, as it won’t gain any profit then.

All this said… You do seem like you have your heart in the right place, unless you’re actually ■■■■■■■■■■■■ your way through this in order to get some free stuff, because you’re being cheap and stingy.

He doesnt know what he’s on about hes just pulling numbers of the all mighty and correct wikipedia, lets compare a fighting game with a small market to a huge game like dota, is like comparing people who buy a 960 or 970 vs who buys a titanX

They make 18 million dollars a month. League of Legends make about 137 million dollars a month.

How big is the market for those games?
How many plays the games on daily basis?
Compare that to how many plays Killer Instinct, and how the market is for KI.

My guess is that there’s a HUGE difference. Though fighting games have boomed in populary the later years, its still niche compared to Dota2 and LoL, I would imagine.

False, I’m saying this is a way to expand this so called “small market” game into the same league as other f2p games. You can look those numbers up.

Those 5 dollar purchases a couple times a year per gamer adds up quickly when a ton of people play the game. :slight_smile:

Not to rain down on your parade here but MS never invested into SFV for a good reason they wanted to invest in their own games and KI being their big fighting game they needed to make money off of this game. Yes I know MS already makes a lot of money but to continue making KI they need to see support from the community and from sales this game was meant to be free to play with one free rotating character weekly since day 1 they have been doing this.

If someone can play this game for free already why let people unlock everything for free? I mean then this game becomes a major loss for MS money wise which SFV from what the reports say didn’t do well at all sale wise and that means Sony and Capcom are eating the cost of not doing well sale wise. MS and IG are so nice including streamers give away free codes for different seasons all the time so it is not like you must pay to get characters.

If someone can’t afford to buy the game how did they afford to buy a computer or console to play games? I mean I am just lost at your opinion since you need one of the two to actually play games but at the end of the day the game is still free to play as a fighting game and at one point it was free to get season 1 and 2 through gold membership for a month so MS is actually super nice that they do all this.

but this is a fighting game, it doesn’t appeal to 80% of players, its like I have exactly one friend that likes sim racing car games, they all prefere arcade racers becauase they are easy.

I do find this more and more ironic.
You JUST complained about f2p games squeezing people for every nickel and dime.
Dota2 and LoL are clear examples of this. Yet you want KI to do the same?

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Outside of the US and Europe a lot of gamers go to places called internet cafes, really they have many names, in Brazil, Korea, China, etc… That’s where they go to play games either because they can’t afford to buy a PC, they love the social atmosphere, etc… They still spend of ton of money on games though. :slight_smile:

Where’s your evidence?

By this logic, the more profitable thing for KI would be to continue making costume/accessory/color/stage DLC to sell to the existing and expanding community of players, rather than endlessly giving away even the first full season’s worth of characters. Most existing players would likely purchase these small content packs at least once or twice in an entire year, and those who are extremely committed would probably spring for all of it.

Would allowing people to freely accumulate characters over time bring in more players? Theoretically. But if they can’t afford (or refuse to) support the game, there’s no added value past the free download.

Basically the free model for KI is the equivalent of a downloadable demo, which includes all game modes, but only a single character which changes from time to time. When you download a demo of a non-F2P-model game, it’s there to give you a taste of the game, so you can judge if it’s worth your money. You can’t download a demo of a full game and expect to start unlocking additional levels, cars, characters etc if you keep replaying the (much more limited than KI) canned demo level over and over again.


That’s the thing, you can’t say fighting games don’t appeal to 80% of gamers because the quality ones(AAA) have always costed 60 dollars or more. If MOBAs costed 60 bucks they would have far fewer players. Microsoft has a very good opportunity to get into the larger f2p market with KI with 0 risk involved on their part. They can lead the way or get left behind by games like sf5, once it recovers from its terrible launch.

Would you really care if there are more cosmetic items? lol Me personally, I don’t care. I don’t feel the need to buy that stuff. But, if that’s all you can afford and it makes the game feel more personal to you, then I’m all for it. I have no problem at all with it. There is a reason a lot of DLC is cosmetic in gaming, it is the most profitable type. It doesn’t cost much to make and a lot of people buy it.

You’re also missing what my logic is, the expanded player base, you don’t have to sell as much to each consumer to make a lot of money because there are more consumers buying.

no its fighting games in general, what even is the issue here, that you wont buy a full priced game?

The part of your own logic that you’re missing is that there’s just as much likelihood that someone playing and unlocking as much as possible for free is just as likely to never spend a dime on the game as they are to decide they have to own the other seasons, costumes or content.

Plus if the logic you’re working with is that you only need to sell tiny amounts to lots of people over time, then we’re absolutely golden! People are free to download the free version of the game, and spend a little bit of money to buy one character (even that same little bit paycheck to paycheck, let’s say, to buy multiple characters a la carte) or a little bit more to buy an entire season!

This has gone entirely full circle, bringing us right back to the state KI is already in.

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No, I don’t think it is. Again, fighting games have always costed 60 bucks. Of course a casual gamer isn’t going to drop 60 on a genre they’re unfamiliar with. What issue? No one said there was an issue. This is a suggestion.

your suggestion is to make it free and unlock everythign, or pay $60 and get everythign? your logic is flawed from the get go.

And, if that’s the case and they never spend a dime, we all still benefit if that player goes online to play. Searching for a match will be much faster. Searches will be able to find more players close to you.

MKX made 5 million dollars in 2015.