You should be able to earn characters like SF5

I agree about the part that the roster keeps getting bigger, I couldn’t tell if being able to get them for free would work or not, but I can say for sure that just having one free character when the roster is getting bigger is not enough. Maybe having 2 or 3 free ones each month so people can try them out before they buy it.

I meant the f2p games that actually make tens of millions of dollars. Not the cute ones that get some exposure for a few weeks and then driftwood off into the back of the catalog. Unfortunately, those tend to be the fairest ones, and they are nice, but you need to make enough money to live well and make future games, not barely make enough to recoup half the dev costs.

For a low budget gamer it’s $5 a character. How people went from appreciating that deal to demanding more for less is crazy.

It’s called saving up money. Once they’ve saved up will they even be thinking about KI anymore, with one free rotating character and being locked out of modes, most likely not. It’s more about getting new players to commit to the game more, then they’ll want to spend more. Right now, not so much. Right now it’s more or less, ok that was fun for a week or month, on to another game. There’s no reason to stick around. This would give them a reason to be more invested in the game for the long term future. A lot of people are goal oriented when they game, this would also give them a very real goal to reach to get them hooked on the game when otherwise they might get their butt kicked a few times online and say forget this game. If characters are unlockable they get their butt kicked by a Jago player and think wow he’s really good, I want to unlock him and learn him. The risk is minimized for them. By the time they unlock Jago they very well may be competent in the game with the free rotating character and instead unlock him, then the rest, then buy the rest.

The only reason I can think of not to use a strategy like this is if you don’t really feel your game is good or it won’t hook players to want to play it more. I have never in my life personally played a game a lot and not spent money on it.

KI wasn’t a full priced AAA title, it has always relied on purchases to succeed. If they gave out characters like that, nobody would bother spending a dime. They’d download the free version and unlock everything over time, the same thing that works in one game isn’t always able to work in another.

Na, only a set number of characters would be unlockable, the rest you would have to pay for.

saving up money XD, get a job! its like a days wage. hell even when i was a teenager I could afford a new game every week


Sure let’s tell that 10 year old Brazilian kid who games at the local cafe to just get a job! Please educate yourself.

I would also point out that I’m only saying to do this for the PC version, not the Xbox One. If you own an Xbox One, you’ve most likely got the money to buy characters. Maybe a scaled back version would still work wonders on the Xbone though.

When the last season has been launched and when they’ve earned enough money to pay every expense that’s been used to make the game, then I could see them doing something like this.

Thing is, making characters, making seasons, tweaking the gameplay etc, it’s all WORK. And those who work on these things need to be paid for the work they’ve done. So giving out everything for free means that IG basically does alot of unpaid work.

Making a product means you invest money into the making of the product. And then when you sell the product, it will hopefully end up covering the expenses used, and in most cases getting a surplus so you actually earn some income for future projects.

This isn’t a charity. If you can’t afford the product, well, that’s just too bad.


New seasons are off limits in my scenario meaning you have to pay real cash for them.

Like I said, when all current expenses are paid, then yeah, I could see something like that happen.
If Microsoft allows it, that is.

dude if you can’t afford to play video games then don’t ■■■■■■■ play video games. Do something like go outside and bring justice to Brazil. organize protests, sit-ins, labor strikes, be a real hero. I’m not ■■■■■■■ joking you heard of Malala building schools for girls, right? guess how much video games she probably plays. not ■■■■■■■ much.


Who are you to say they don’t already do such things? It doesn’t mean they can’t game in their recreational time.

Nah bruh! I’m gonna guilt you into agreeing with me tho! LMAO!

Think of the children!!!


Video games are luxury items.
And luxury costs money.

Priority wise, such material stuff doesn’t matter to poor people.
So it’s a poor arguement. Pun intended. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve never gotten the mentality that there’s something that can never effect me in a negative way, the only possible effect would be positive in relation to me and my experience, I hate that thing whatever it is, I’m totally against it, me, me, me, me, etc…

if it was a true leisurely activity you would have moved on a loooooooooooooooooong time ago

I saw you like links man so I found a link to post as a link so you can click the link and maybe even see more links (be a hero)

I’d be against this only because of the negative connotation of being labeled free to play has with the gaming community as a whole. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this conversation go down in comments sections:
“Game is free to play? Not interested.”
“Actually it’s not, the pricing model goes like this…”
“Oh, ok, I’ll check it out then.”

Relatively poor is different than poor. Relatively poor people have some money to spend on games. In 2016 gaming is not really a luxury anymore in most countries in the world. Technology is a necessity for every country now, thus every country has some level of tech/pc + internet access. When you decide to dip into the f2p market a large portion of your profits are going to come collectively from the bottom spenders and top spenders. This game doesn’t have any repeat purchases so top spenders are one and done. Bottom tier spenders are the gift that keeps on making profit. If MS knew how much money Dota2 makes they would cry. lol

From your own article, thanks, you’re only strengthening my many solid arguments.

While most Brazilian teenagers are interested in computer games, homework, football or baile funk…

oh here we go, “omg this country is poor and cant afford this” is how you instantly nullify your argument XD you think the target market for this game is brazil where the devs are more than likely fully aware of how crap it is there? also this game is rated 16+ any 16 year old or above can get a job in almost any country, who cares if some child cant buy a game not even suitable for them?

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