You can tell about person judging by their mains

For example, if they use Kanra or Gargos, they are probably a troll or doosh nuggets.

Jago- they like it easy or have played street fighter

Glacius- troll or really good player

Shadow jago - troll or really want to annoy their opponent

I have no idea how to continue this. Please give me
Your feedback of players and their mains. This is supposed to
Be a fun post. Don’t get offended or take this seriously. I love you.


Funny that you mention this since I instantly picked up Jago because I was a huge fan of Ryu.

My brother introduced me to Killer Instinct and he told me he knew who I would like, he wasn’t wrong as he said it was the Ryu character.

I picked up Thunder because his motions were easy and he was relatively straightforward in the launch of Season 2.


Aganos- Really likes to eat their vegetables.


I’ve noticed a lot of crossover. Like Aganos players also play Raam, Gargos players also play Glacius, Hisako players also play Orchid, Rash players also play Wulf. It’s not all of them but the amount that do is pretty high.


It’s kinda hard to when you picked pretty much every character in the game I’m the best with (except Kan-Ra) for your examples. :confused:


sabrewulf - someone who loves to bite ppl and bad manners at the dinner table

tusk - a drunk who loves moshing at amon amarth shows. loves to LARP

orchid - conspiracy theorist, loves alex jones, spends alot on tin foil. sees black helicopters

glacius - aliens.

fulgore - someone who just loves to irritate and confuse ppl. drives slow on the fast lane and doesnt tip at restaurants

hisako - a home body

cinder - someone who thinks hes funny and foolhardy. gets beaten up at parties

thunder - hey…did that…what? where am i? im lost in a forest and theres no ■■■■■■■ map and you cant go back…woah this some strong shitt man

gargos - someone who asks if metroid’s gun is part of his armor or is that his arm


OMG this made me LOL so hard! You sir win the internet today! LMAO!


youre welcome lmao

I’m an Orchid main.
I like kicking… a lot…


guilty as charged.


RASH- troll, wrecking ball spam, tea-bag incoming
shadow jago (low tier)- LOL
shadow jago (high tier)- ok, maybe he really likes shadow jago
GARGOS-troll or really good player, or both
THUNDER- the ■■■■■■■ grab, tea-bag incoming
KAN-RA- zoner but good player
RAAM- noob, thinks his instinct is going to beat me, or a really good player

lol fulgore is my main, my friends always tells me that i like him because is OP. i dont care i always loved fulgore’s design, he was my main reason to buy KI,

Shadow Jago - trying to imitate Boss Shadow Jago but with varying results
Spinal - Bone crazy
Jago - Light Laser Sword Reset Troll God King Omega.

So weird. I main Aganos but RAAM is my 2nd in command. I’ve noticed a trend…

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You hear that @ItzTymeToDul? You’re a doosh nugget :smirk:


Retro Tusk: Crushes his enemies, sees them driven before him, and listens to the lamentations of the women.


Sadira- Hyper, head in the clouds, likes spiders… yup that’s me!

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Omen players play Kan-ra @HWFREEKYJASON @VenomBuster

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this brightened up my day.

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I tend to find that if you play glacius you’re also maining rash as well, that’s usually the case for most of the people I’ve fought lately. As for my main Omen if you play him then you have good taste in characters.

mira - a socialite. has a gambling problem. was likely the person in that “smack my bitcchh up” music video by prodigy

riptor - writes philosoraptor memes. impersonates Wash doing dinosaur scene from Firefly. hates jurassic park