xSkeletalx - Gargos Early Access Plans

Good evening, KI Community!

I hope everyone has had a chance to catch up on the Gargos reveal, and that you found it as exciting and enlightening as I did.

As you may know, @rukizzel has been gracious enough to give early access to Gargos out to a limited number of people in the KI community; those of us who were chosen have free reign (and, I think, the responsibility) to stream, record videos, take screenshots, and otherwise create and share content from the Gargos patch with everyone!

For a full list of the players (and their Twitter links) who will have Early Access to Gargos, check out the following Blog post! Be sure to give us a follow to keep up to date on our activities for the next week!

  • This weekend happens to be a four-day weekend for me, so I will be sure to put in plenty of time in with Killer Instinct, and Gargos in particular. I have plans tomorrow in the early evening and Saturday afternoon, but I will certainly be playing late tomorrow night, and during the rest of the weekend!

  • I do not typically stream very often, although I may decide to do so during Gargos’ early access period!

  • I will be participating in the streams of the more prominent streamers who are also part of Early Access when possible, and although I am not as skilled as many of my fellow “Heralds” I will do my best to put on a good show for everyone! Starting tomorrow I will be unable to access Multiplayer against anyone except for those who have Access, but I will have access to all single-player content, and plan to play Exhibitions and Lobbies with the others whenever possible.

  • My most comfortable form of content creation is creating Youtube videos, which I upload to my channel. Check out the videos I have already posted, and Subscribe to see Gargos patch videos as I upload them this week!

I wanted to post this small update to give you an idea of what my plans are for sharing Gargos content with all of you, and to inform you that I will be posting updates to my brand-new Twitter channel when I know when my next live gameplay will be, or when my next videos will be uploaded. Keep up to date on my plans!


Questions? Suggestions? Want to rant at me? Let’s chat!


I am jelly right now. I don’t have the Ultra Edition so I have an extra long wait before I can try him. You a lucky dood man. On that note, can you play against anyone with him, or are you only able to play anyone who has a Gargos compatible update?

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I’m still going to chastise you for not trying to run away from Fate. Kim is the Demon ■■■ Kicker after all. Lol.


Once my console updates, there are some limitations to the game.

I will have full access to the single player content, Gargos, and his costumes.

I will only be able to play Exhibitions and Lobbies with those who have the update, including @CStyles45 and @FinchoMatic, Maximilian Dood, Brandon Alexander… these guys are going to put me in the ground, and it’s going to be amazing!

I’m going to completely lose access to Ranked Leagues and Shadow Lab for a week, and will only be able to play KI on my Xbox One, so I couldn’t play (and wouldn’t have access to Gargos) if I go over to a friends place, but that’s OK. It just means that my Mira Challenge is essentially done. It should be a lot of fun, and it will be great to create what content I can so that I can entertain you guys a little bit!

@TheNinjaOstrich I can’t wait to try out those Kim changes! I will definitely be playing some Kim matches, too, not just Gargos. I think my Kim is decent, let’s see how much better I can do! Really excited for the quicker walk speed.

Man, I’ve been trying to play a match against Max for years. I’ve followed him since he did Modern Warfare 2 videos, and I’ve always wanted to play against him just once. I’d love to also play against some of the other names on that list too.

I am so jelly of you, I would glady sacrifice the week of active ranked play if I could get in on that, sounds like a small price to pay really.

Post matches galore Skeletal, we wanna see all we can!

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Oh believe me, I’m not complaining in the slightest! It feels great, but it’s also humbling, because I’m a fair KI player, but I’m in the presence of several guys (probably all of them) who are way better than I am, and, really, more deserving.

I will post as many clips as I can, and hopefully they’re enough to sate everybody! I will probably be a part of some of the other guys’ streams, too, if they’ll have me. If you guys could check out my Twitter/Youtube (and my Twitch if I decide to stream) through the week, I would greatly appreciate it!

What is your overall opinion on Gargos, and your approach to a character with so many tools?

I’m planning to take him into Practice for a bit (OMG WHAT? ME, IN PRACTICE?) and experiment with some of his different specials and normals. I’m probably going to focus on one thing at a time against the computer for a little while, normals and a special or two, and work my way through from there.

I think what I’ll end up doing is working my way through various aspects in a rotation. Focus on aerial stuff for a bit. Focus on minion summoning and comboing with them for a bit. Focus on grabs, you know? He’s a bit intimidating simply because of how many things he can do, and how varied he can play, but that’s also a good part of what interests me, too.

Maybe I’ll find a way to play Gargos which really works for me, even if it isn’t optimal.

Are you going to focus on his grab setups first due to your experience with Thunder?

Maybe, it really depends on how everything flows once I have hands-on time.

Ok, Based on your current knowledge of Gargos, where do you think he stands as a character?

I think he’s going to be very dangerous - he’s going to be hard to fight against because he has so many options. A good Gargos player will be able to shut down almost any character if played right. He has elements of Cinder, Sadira, ARIA, Omen, Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder… Should be really interesting.

I think to be good with Gargos you’ll need to learn at least some of his various parts. You’ll need to learn to use the minions, play the air game, zone, and use grabs. I think without at least SOME understand of all of them, you’ll struggle against “purer” characters.

I think the minions aren’t that reliable, and while they are nice to have out on the field, because of their randomness at times, it’s more or less be ready to capitalize off them should they be in a position to be advantageous in any way. It’s similar to Cinder being prepared with a few pyrobombs stuck to the opponent, and when you see a good moment to punish them for a mistake, it’s a good opportunity to capitalize on. All you can do is just be ready to kind of take advantage of them being at the right place at the right time and doing the right thing in your favor. Otherwise it’s a bit of a run at your risk type thing. Given that they can feed your instinct though upon devouring them, the resource gain could be put to good use.

And how do you feel taking this daunting challenge knowing you will be one of the first to discover Gargos Tech?


(Interview style Questions FTW)

Can you get his theme for us? :smiley:


Congrats dude!!

Are you going to focus in one particular aspect of Gargos gameplay? Air superiority, grappling, zoning…

As a Thunder main you are I can see you taking advamtage of his grappling skills ^^

Ninja we just have more time to get Kim up to date and for me, parry practice and dash cancel practice

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@TheNinjaOstrich: I’m honored to get the chance to not only play around with Gargos early, but to be able to share the experience (as much as that’s possible) with the rest of the forum community, because it’s so much better that I’ll be able to talk about it and create videos or stream instead of having to be shadowy and cagey about what he feels like.

I’ve said before that I’m not a “lab rat” and I spend little time in Practice normally, so even though I will try to learn what I can of Gargos in practice, much of what I do come across will likely be organic, through trial and error!

@BHswordsman09: I can certainly try to plan out a clip with all sounds disabled except for the music. That’s one I’d do against the computer and then upload to my Youtube channel, for sure. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit various parts of the dynamic theme that way. Would you want an Ultra at the end of that, or a standard ending?

@Dayv0: It looks like Gargos has so much potential in each of those areas. Hopefully I can learn the timing on his grab follow-ups, I think there are some really interesting things he can do there, especially considering he can choose which “effect” he wants. I like the strategic aspects of stealing your opponent’s Shadow meter at the right time, I think Keits showed it off to great effect on the stream. Once I have played him for a few days, I hope to get an idea of exactly how I would like to play him.

If I like playing him enough, I will likely make Gargos one of the voting options for my June Challenge. It’s going to be hard to remember all his commends, though! I may have to print out the Command List and keep a physical reference sheet for this guy.

Side note, if I get good enough with Gargos, does that mean @FallofSeraphs76 works for me? :smiley:


he always works for Gargos!!

boss mode Gargos has shadow jago and omen as its minion set on Kyle difficulty confined! lol