Xbox One Fightstick Windows 10 Update

I rewired my stick on day 1. Dunno what u r talking about!?

Alot of people are unwilling to rewire or modify there stick in anyway. They are purposely made to be easyily modified well atleast the te2s and atroxs were designed with that in mind.

Im not tech suavy or have an extensive knowledge about electronics. Yet I’m able to completely take apart a fightstick and do everything.

My atrox had horrible quick disconnects on the buttons and were a pain to remove so i cut them all off and replaced them my self was a huuuuge issue for me as im always switching artwork and buttons to match

Yes it is Microsoft’s issue to get these sticks working but i want to say then less 10000 people use arcade sticks for xbox one

The worst part of it all is the generic “Soon” answer. When did microsoft become EA?

I have a MadCatz TE2 and I still waiting for some kind of drivers for it lol, by now I’m using xpader to remap keyboard “keys” to Stick Buttons

Yeah, forgive me but I’m not in the habit of going to Reddit, clicking a link to god knows what from God knows where and downloading a file because someone says “these are Microsoft drivers.” No matter how many people vouch for them. Similarly, telling people they shouldn’t own a fightstick if they don’t want to rewire it is useless. First, maybe people don’t want to switch wires every time they move between Xbox and PC. Second, the idea that because we can download (hopefully legit) old drivers then reengineer the hardware ourselves is missing the point. I have a 360 stick that I use in PC, and I could tell everybody to go buy a new stick (brah, do you even fightstick?) but that would be missing the point.

Why are we all MacGuyvering fightsticks that we purchased solely to play KI in order to play KI? I normally encourage people not to say something is an easy fix unless they know exactly what is involved, but does anyone believe a fightstick driver is that tough to make? I get an average of a new driver every day for something or other on my PC. They knew the game would come out on PC for close to a year, and the sticks have been out for 2.5 years. I know this isn’t constructive, but it’s mind boggling that we have the game sitting with a message on login saying “drivers for XOne fightsticks are coming soon.”


Then use a 360 stick and leave it at that.

If you can’t trust some the best places for fight sticks in the fgc then don’t whime about ■■■■ not working.

Those are the official mad catz drivers from the shoryuken forums

Madcatz have quick disconnects that take a second to re wire not why its such an inconvenience we gave you a solution accept it or go away

It’s not a solution. It’s certainly interesting information and a potential workaround. But it’s not a solution and it doesn’t answer the question posed in the OP.

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It gets your fightstick working with every punch and kick button fucntional and its not a 3rd party program… Exactly what the op was about

Dude chill. Some people want a proper native driver. That is not an unreasonable request.
I just use a different stick on PC, not everyone has that option…and not everyone wants to install an older version of a driver to get partial compatibility.

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I really hope Microsoft doesn’t forget about us, by the look of things this update will probably drop right around the time Capcom releases Super Street Fighter V: Complete Tournament Edition…

it’s been 2 months since they broke it, which probably means it’ll turn into 4… the fact that it’s been two months is absolutely ridiculous, especially when there was a gaming-related patch just released recently

This is one of the challenges of a large organization. You have the KI development team. They are in here, listening to feedback, working on the game and generally being all kinds of awesome sauce. But look at the thread on profile icons. That’s a “different department,” so the guys on the KI team put in a request but nothing happens. I’m sure whoever works in the “profile picture” department is a wonderful human being who loves children and dogs and all that - but doesn’t give two shakes about KI. So it gets stuck in the queue at best (or the circular file) and that’s that.

The drivers are the same. Whatever the “driver” group is probably has a workload a mile long and they have to work on more important stuff (like why my Win10 computer at work keeps telling me there are no printers installed). So the development/patching/fixing of a fightstick driver - even if it’s like a half day task, gets bumped off to “when we can get to it.” This is all understandable. But as a consumer it sucks.

Most likely the Redstone update coming this summer right?

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Pardon my stupidity guys. But yeah its strange they cant make the simpliest task - release drivers.
Unfortunatly for this situation i have TE2 X1 version. Could someone give me a hint what is rewire?
Then i would download drivers from reddit and start playing it on pc right away :slight_smile:

When we refer to rewiring it is a modding technique where we rewire the innards in the fightstick to alter what button does what. For example with my Razer Atrox Xbox One, with the older drivers installed the RT and LT buttons aren’t functional. So you would rewire the buttons to make the RT and LT buttons on the farthest side of the stick to have a proper 6 button layout.

From what I’ve been hearing that update drops next month, right?

Apparently it will do for Windows 10 what Windows 8.1 did to Windows 8.

Source pls?

uuummmm “The Redstone update contains a second part, named RS 2. It was previously believed that the update will arrive at the end of 2016, but recent information indicates that 2017 is a more realistic projection. This could mean that a part of RS1’s features and improvements will be delayed…”

so who definitely said the stick support was coming with the update?