Xbox One Fightstick Windows 10 Update

So any update on when support for Xbox One fightsticks will finally be available for Windows 10?

I have a Razer Atrox gathering dust.

Wondering the same thing.

I predict this is never going to happen.

“In a future Windows Update.”

This case still stands true.

You can get it to work now if your willing to rewire just two buttons

Wait so it went from “in a future Windows 10 update” to just simply “In a future Windows update”?? Does this mean it’s not even coming before Microsoft releases their next OS???

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Oh, my god… Let me correct that. Leave out one number and the world goes to hell.

In a future Windows 10 Update



SOLUTION! If you go to the Microsoft online store, and get this amazing little guy right here,

It has a compatibility switch to change from 360 to Xbox One, so just set it to 360 and it works fine!
I also had the madkatz te2 since launch, and prefer the Hori over it greatly, due to width, control, and comfort…

the people who are complaining already dropped $150+ on a non-x360 fightstick that works everywhere else, most aren’t likely buying another one. But yeah for newcomers just now buying sticks for KI that would be the one to get, got one of those myself.

Or if they’re going to main KI I guess they could sell the old one and swap to the Hori…

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Bump for interest…

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I know I’m in the minority, but I have 5 total fightsticks for both systems, so those serious about KI should have no problem picking up this stick!

We need drivers. Not new sticks.

No you can’t. I’m sitting here with the thing in my lap and it just doesn’t work. Not sure what oddity of your configuration allows you to do this, but it isn’t universally true.

Yes you can, you just have to have the old drivers which didn’t have working triggers, not the most recent one which made the sticks completely unusable.

I can get it to work with several different cheat devices too. But that’s not the same as saying it works. I wouldn’t know how to find the old drivers, and frankly I don’t care to start rolling back system updates.

This is simply not that hard. MS just doesn’t care enough to do it. And that’s disappointing. “Coming soon” is not really okay. It’s not like the launch was a surprise…


I literally just plugged it in and it installed the driver automatically…

This obviously isn’t a solution for everyone, but for anyone who wants or needs a stick that works. It’s literally plug and play, then hit the 360 switch.

And do u think people who has those kind of sticks with switch dont know that?!
People complaining in this thread are obviously people with Xbox1 and only Xbox1 fightsticks, or they have multiple sticks but they want to use the Xbox1 stick. So yeah we have a workaround with older driver and rewire but we only get 6 buttons to work. Sometimes its enough sometimes isnt.
Its MS job to support Xbox1 sticks since Xbox is MS property. I cant believe it is so hard to make a driver.
A ridiculous situation anyway.

If your unwilling to rewire to get atleast 6 buttons Working. Then owning a fs isnt for you.

It sucks but its a solution

Personally i modded my xbox atrox with a 30 dollar hori fighting commander 4 a switch and some sodder

So all i got to do is switch to ps4 mode

If your in pc thats an option too as ps4 sticks got a venom arcade stick for 100 usd