Xbox Game Pass

Apparently only on the XB1, you can now pay 9.99$ a month to get access to a large library of 100+ games. You can also purchase games from a discounted price. What are your opinions on this? Also why is pass not allowed in title because it contains as…s @moderators plz

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It’s an intriguing concept. If I didn’t already have an enormous library of games I might think about this. But I don’t want to be sitting around waiting for my game of choice to enter the que - I’m happy to just buy what I want.

But for people on a budget this might be a pretty good way to go.

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That great!. I dont really have to keep a game that i’ve finished or have completed 100% and its not going to be played again for years. Thank you microsoft. Nicely done :+1:

like it, similar to PS NOW I guess, but it will benefit me in cases where I can play games that I can’t afford right away without waiting

Sweet, something else to spend my bing rewards points on!

Without the streaming.

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So what do you thin about the news yesterday about Game pass to include all future Xbox 1st party releases same day as physical release?
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@TempusChaoti @TotalJimkata Hey guys, would that include KI too?

Check out the article…


I saw that the other day, and to be honest, I think it sold me on Game Pass. I hadn’t really felt like I was going to get enough use out of it, but being able to access and play some of the big MS titles I’ve been looking forward to even if I don’t have the spare cash to buy it on release day is awesome.

I expect I’ll be adding this and checking out the available games this weekend.


It’s definetively great news, and I will definetively get it when the next big non-forza MS game comes out

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sounds nifty! i dont have an xbox anymore though, sold it lol

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Works on PC too!

I tried Game Pass fro 14 days over the holidays. It was OK… just not enough games that I felt I had time to enjoy in 14 days. What I like about it over PSnow is that you actually down load the game and “own” it somewhat. Where as PSnow is a stream of the game from another server.

10$ a month is pretty expensive for the line up they have now. IMO if you are going to pay 10$ you damn well better be playing one of the game every other day. Also need to make sure you have an external HD, because you cant just press play on any random game just to try it out… you have to Down load the entire game as if you just bought it digitally.

Looks pretty neat if you ask me. Kinda turns the Xbox into a Netflix-like service device in a sense though.

There is one thing that really bothers me about the trend to keep moving more and more towards digital media like this, and it’s a matter of what happens to games like Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Afterburner Climax, and other games that are only available digitally that get pulled due to loss of licensing or other reasons. And I just feel like going further into a streaming service like this is going to take more and more control out of the hands of the players where if stuff gets pulled it’ll never come back. On the other hand I can fire up my NES and play Sunsoft’s Batman game even though the license on it ran out decades ago. I guess the point is the less and less we as players own copies of the game and more hold a temporary license instead, the less control we have when game companies decide to pull it because they can’t make money off of it anymore.

Ok, I’m done with my mini-rant now.

Just pointing out this inst a steaming service… you down load the digital game… you just have to have the GP to turn the key so to speak on turning the game on. PSnow is definitely a streaming service.
With game pass you can buy the games you down load if you so choose too and you data, game is already on your HDD

Even when licenses run out people that bought the games digitally can still download them. They’re simply not allowed to sell to any new people but people that bought them will always have access to them.

This is definitely an improvement to gamepass as a service. But frankly, it’s not a huge deal because MS has so few games coming out. I might sign up for a month or two just to try out Sea of Thieves. That game looks interesting but I still can’t tell what you actually DO in the game.

On the downside, it’s going to really make those games unattractive to buy. You can buy six months of game pass for the price of the game.

I know right? Thing is you down load the entire game to your hard drive…so if you do decide to buy it… its already there forever.

Yeah, I know. But it is a step towards streaming, and when they eventually figure out how to do it without lag It’s not hard to see it eventually becoming a straight-up streaming service.

But it all depends on how MS decides to handle things. They may be good stewards and run thing in a way that nobody can complain about anything about it aside from needing a good-sized HDD. They may make it to where games rotate, and unpolular ones get pulled to make room for more popular games. It really depends on how the “keys” work, so to speak.

This is exactly the reason I can’t play Afterburner Climax…unless I wanted to either A: buy a 360 or PS3 that had it pre-installed and hope that I can play it that way even though I don’t have a liscense for it on my account, or B: spend at minimum up to $1000 to get the Sega Lindburgh arcade components needed to run the arcade version. Either way it’s fairly ridiculous for what was a $10 game that I missed when it was available.

I’m not saying that Gamepass is a bad idea, or that I don’t want it. I just hope MS keeps this aspect of the drawbacks of an all-digital service in mind. I mean so far they have, to the point of being able to play a handful of original Xbox games even, but still…

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Did you notice that all the games that they are talking about are not even out yet? Also that 2 out of the 3 don’t even have release dates at all? Crackdown 3 is starting to be more of a bad joke than a video game. If they show it at E3 this year, then it will be the third year in a row that they have shown that game, but are no closer at finishing it.

Maybe it is taking so long because MS is trying to figure out how to load it up with MTX like the rest of their exclusives.

I will give MS credit that at least you download the game. With Sony you stream, and that is a complete mess. You need so much bandwidth to even start the game, so forget it if anyone in the house is using the internet.

yes , but All of the Gears of War, Halo, and others are available on Game pass right now. And Sea of Thieves should be on it this week is it?

Hey guys.Xbox Game pass is currently only $1 for 30 days! You can cancel after that! But there are tons of free games you can play for the next month! Tomb raider…Sea of thieves…NIGHT SHIFT (Trust me!) Old Xbox 360 games…SF4, Tecmo Bowl! Injustice 1, NBA playgrounds, Halo…tons and tons of games for $1 freaking dollar!

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