Xbox Arena (Tournaments) live in preview

Hey there everyone, it’s Dragonglove from the Xbox Live team. I just wanted to let you know we re-enabled Arena for our users in preview. These automated tournaments have you facing off in a bracket against other players, with registration and matchmaking handled by Xbox Live. The first tournaments start tonight and are available in North America (7:00 PST), Brazil (7:00 BRT), and Western Europe (7:00 GMT). We’re excited to have you all try it out so here’s what you need to do.

Win 10 Players (available to all users):
Download the Xbox (Beta) app from the Windows Store.

Xbox One Players (available only to Insider users):
Check if you’re in the Alpha or Beta rings using the Xbox Insider App.

All Users:
Navigate to the Killer Instinct Game Hub.
Click the Tournaments tab.
Select the Monday Preview Tournament for 7:00pm tonight and Register.
You’ll receive a notification 15 minutes before the tournament starts to Check In.

The best place to leave feedback or if you encounter an issue is to let us know through feedback in the Xbox Insider App or Xbox (beta) App, though I’ll be in the Killer Instinct club and unofficial Discord channel tonight during the tournament. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

Good Luck!


I was beginning to wonder what happened to this. Glad to see these are coming back.

Awesome feature!!

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Already signed up for tomorrow’s UK/EU tournament. Really impressed with how its implemented. Participated In a few of these in the past.

In case you missed it in DragonGlove’s post - please be aware that you’ll need to check in the 15 minutes before the tournament starts in order to ensure your place in the bracket, which is a change from the previous preview. You should get a toast when check-in starts, or you can get to the tournament page from your profile, tournaments twist. Don’t want you to get caught off guard! Thanks!

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Got an auto lost while my opponent & I tried to connect. He got an error & I couldn’t get in.

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Thanks for the report. We’re seeing a similar issue on our end and we’re currently looking into it.


Thanks for hosting & creating an awesome tool for the future! I’ll give it another shot tomorrow. My opponent, Wisgary, said he got an error & he got the win after I reset the app & game to see if that could be the answer. Sometimes players in KI have to hard reset their game/console in order to connect. Other thing is that the lobby system in KI can be a bit messy. Random disconnects, players in the lobby but can’t see each other(then you disconnect after or game crash). It’s usually best to do matches in Exhibition because it is much more reliable & the matches go quicker (don’t have to go back to the lobby, character select, & load screen again). I was using the Xbox App to do this & it seemed quick to end my match. Since the players check in before the game, Possibly have a timer for the player to set up/connect or allow them to record the score & have an admin/mod in case things get a bit messy between players. I’m not sure what would happen to your score if both players joined & a disconnect happened.

I assume this is a difficult thing to implement. After playing in many tournaments, it can always be a bit difficult. Players not showing up, players leaving, players lying, players disconnecting. has check in an hour before the tournament. The host can make it so only he can input scores or have it so the players can input their own scores(this could lead to lying on the score). has a check in before the tournament & you have to check-in for every single match you do to make sure you’re always there & ready. There’s a timer to auto DQ someone who hasn’t checked in & move the bracket forward. During the match, you can choose who won/lost & the opponent has to agree that what they chose is correct.

Can someone explain to me how this works?

Great. Now if I can only be part of the preview program.

After registering for a tournament (and checking in), you’re placed into a single-elimination bracket against other players in the tournament. You can register for the tournament well ahead of time, but you will need to be ready to play when the tournament is scheduled to start. Whenever a match is ready, the tournament page (accessible from the game hub) will update and you’ll receive a notification that your next match is ready. Acting on the notification or selecting the play button from the tournament info page automatically connects you with your opponent to play your match. Each match you win will place you against a new opponent in the bracket, but once you lose once you’re out. At the end of the tournament, we crown a winner. Currently, this is just worth bragging rights, but we plan to add more features including qualifying tournaments and prizes.

In yesterday’s tournaments, we noticed a large number of issues where users could not connect to matches. We’re trying to narrow the cases down and see if we can mitigate these issues. If you are playing tonight and get an error trying to join a match, please let us know here along with the device you were using (Xbox One or PC), round, your opponent, NAT Type, and any other information you think may be useful.

Also, if you haven’t done so, please check your NAT type and follow the instructions here to set it to OPEN.

As always, best of luck in the tournament!

1st match ran smoothly, 2nd match I can’t connect to the player, killerinstinct94. I was running KI on PC with NAT type set to strict(just switched internet & will have this resolved)

Is there a double elimination setting in the works?

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I think that was my case i got top 4 and couldn’t get into the match

I have had issues with connecting with my opponent in every tournament, in one tournament I was in the lobby by myself in every match the whole tournament and ended up wining the whole tournament without playing 1 player and also in another tournament I made it to the final again but luckily my opponent connected at the last min and we played In the finals of the tournament. Out of 7 tournaments I have registered for I have only faced 1 actual opponent, all my loses have been from not being able to connect with the match and all my wins have been from my opponent not be able to connect!!!

Thanks for letting us know! First, are you playing on PC or Xbox One? Second, could you run the Network Status tool and tell us what you see? On PC in the Xbox App you can get to it from the Settings button on the left, then the Network Tab. On Console go to Settings - Network - Network Settings (our naming is great isn’t it?).


This is easily fixed in WIN10 buy Refreshing the Teredo adapter via the Termnial.
I made I little patcher for this but the mods asked me not to post it.

Refreshing the adapter works no matter what, though its needs to
be re applied every once a couple of reboots. You guys should add
this option within the Xbox app networking section.

(When I say refreshing, I mean setting it as default adapter.)

This thing doesn’t work. I register to the tournament and i don’t receive any notification. (today tournament)