X Box One X not as good as expected

Sounds like it will already be outdated and can’t handle 4k properly…

I think Rich from ReviewTechUSA said it best, and I’m paraphrasing here, but while it is impressive for a console (And I do mean console here…obviously PCs can get better performance), the marketing is screwing it all up. If they said it was 4K CAPABLE it wouldn’t be an issue, but they’re marketing it as having UNCOMPROMISED 4K, and devs are simply not being able to boost their games to meet that claim.

I mean it is still without question more powerful than a PS4 Pro, but now the average person (well, the average person that cares about specs) will likely think it’s just a PS4 Pro clone with a healthy dose of snake oil added in.

Edit: Yeah, it’s shaping up to be the Digiorno pizza of game consoles. It’s better than average for frozen pizza, but to claim it’s as good as delivery is just plain wrong.


But he said its a PORT…not built for the X from the start.

Im getting one regardless. It cant be worde than the 1 or the S. It just cant be… so why not?

You can trade an Xbox in at game stop and prob get 200$ plus a few games adn walk aout with an X for 200$.

i also getting one. KI in 4K !! Good enough for me. And forza 7. i am a huge racing fan too.
But 4K or not, its better than the base xbox one we have with the same friends, games and features we love so…
Its like when you have a PC, you upgrade the graphics card. Still gonna be the same games but they run better and have better graphics.

Now the real question here is:

If they would make one, count me in !!!

Except you buy an entirely new machine JUST for the upgraded graphics card…

Saving money anyway. I’m not buying any new consoles.

At least… for now.

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Might as well, if you want a GOOD card it’s 400-500+

That’s a lot of money for something that does not reach the high standard of modern 4k PC’s.
But I guess that’s typical consoles, isn’t it? Outdated even on release. Always a step behind.
As a console player, I don’t mind that much, but it’s still a shame.

But does that really matter when the entire system is the equivalent cost of a comparable graphics card?

When the machine can’t handle it, then yeah, it kinda is. That’s what I took from the video at least.

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Should have an SSD.


Too much reliance on graphics and not enough on performance.

I’m better off with the Xbox One S and/or the Xbox One.

With all that money, that s.hit should’ve gone to making more Killer Instinct content.


A new console will never be able to compare to a PC as most “new” consoles become outdated (by PC standards) usually within months of their release.

The benefit of the console is that everything is game ready and game centric with no additional mods or add ons.

In short, it is common sense that a $500 console will not be able to out perform a $2500 PC with the latest graphics card. Nobody should be surprised that it won’t be able to support uncompressed 4K.

The reality is 90% of the populace wouldn’t see the difference between compressed 4K and uncompressed 4K. My goodness most people I talk to don’t even know what HDR is nor what it does.

The Xbox One X is fine and a value for its price, for most people.


This is exactly why I am a console player.

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Same here. I tried PC gaming for a few years, and while I loved what I could do, it became a chore when I had to constantly update this… update that… replace this… replace that. At the end of the day, I was spending more money just to play a new game, than I would on a console.

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The only thing I’m missing is mods. If I could get some mods for SFV on PS4 I’d most likely play it more.

I’ve actually gotten over the past couple of years that I’ve started using PC more, but it’s more a matter of how my house operates than anything. It’s kinda hard to enjoy doing anything on the TV when the kids are constantly nagging to do their own thing or join in when you want to do anything solo.

…I’m soo ready for school to start up again…


The theory I have is this. MS isn’t helping IG at all with KI due to investing more money into Xbox One X which has been reported for poor performance before release.

Which means we’re pretty much screwed as far as any new KI content, besides the Steam Sales.

I thinking KI is essentially done, seasons were done and they were just adding extra stuff.

I think the Definitive Edition is the cause of things coming to a halt, the PR/marketing issue of the Definitive edition not being “definitive”.

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ACTUALLY… If MS is run like any other company, they have funds allocated for different divisions, so in short, Xbox One X costs wouldn’t impact KI or any other MS IP in the slightest.

I’m sure what funds MS is providing to IG is being invested into the 4K graphics enhancements as well as Steam changes.

Also Xbox One X is still going to be the most powerful console created thus far, so while in may not compare to a $1000 + PC rig, it’s still going to make games look fantastic.