X Box One X not as good as expected

The kind of graphics board you would upgrade to costs more than the Xbox one X. So it’s not such a big deal.

I’m not sold on the X. To be honest I’m not that interested in 4K. If it offers big quality of life improvements then I might think about it.

A comparable graphics card would cost a bit more than the X though.

If you ask me if the XBOX causes the same decrease in load times you see in the PC version of KI on even a current mid-range PC (gtx 970 is kinda mid-range anymore isn’t it?) across all current XB1 games I’d say that would be a major quality of life improvement. But that’s just me.

Yeah, so I’ve come to understand.
Must be why the XBOX can’t actually handle 4k graphics…

Always amusing to see people with zero insight into a company do deep-dive speculations on where money is being pulled from to pay for what… :smile:

I’m toying with buying a 1X. Don’t really care about 4K (and suspect the processing for it probably introduces additional input and/or display lag), but if the extra horsepower speeds the system up then it may be worth it to me. When does it come out?


Nov. 7th

It’s just a theory dude.

What are people expecting from it?
The graphics are not really going to get much
better then they are now until Virtual Reality
becomes mainstream.

The only thing to really do here is buy a 90 foot
monitor with the new xbox–

MS should have added SLI and raid support for it or even
better a 1.5 terabyte ssd.

The SSD would give by far the biggest boost in speed.

To be true 4k graphics without any issues to go with.
Which was essentially what they promised when they announced it.
But as said above, the hardware just can’t support it.

Well this is what happens when you invest in a closed system.
I can build you a rig that will blow the pants off the Xbox for less
money, and have it be future proof.

But for real, can you people really tell the difference
between un-compressed and compressed 4K?
Can you really see past 120FPS?

Is mine bigger then yours?

For some people, the specs are more important than the actual performance.

Everyone always says this. But you simply can’t. It’s not true and never js been true. An equivalent Pc will cost more. There’s no way an individual buying individual parts will be able to buy them as cheaply as Microsoft ordering hundreds of thousands of those same parts. It’s nonsense. Whenever I challenge someone to do this they build me an $800 rig with no operating system that is almost as powerful as my console.

@anon39655210 I’m not sure why you are so heavy into this. It’s like you’re a professional downer. Anyway, all systems can run in 4k. Hitting the resolution is not the issue - it’s maintaining all the graphical bells and whistles than an optimized Xbox one game (which may well be running in 900p on Xbox one) has at 4k that’s the trick.

Edit: if you actually listen to the video, they ported the game over in four hours from Xbox One to Xbox One X and achieved a higher frame rate but lowered the resolution to avoid frame rate drops. So it’s running at higher frame rate than regular Xbox One. I wouldn’t go all cry baby because one developer chose to be lazy with the hardware and chose a higher frame rate over a higher resolution.


There’s no reason to get personal about this. If you feel targetted by anything I’ve said, that’s on you, as I’ve in no way tried to call anyone specific out.

So move along, thanks.

I would order used parts.

You can’t just say, I will buy used parts for a cheaper price that matches the power of the One X. It can easily be countered by saying I would buy a One X used at a lower price. Comparing prices of used vs new isn’t really fair.


The way I see it, these are not car parts, unless
overclocked the parts are still good.

The only reason I see for consoles are
that its a level playing field for everybody.

Xbox app on windows has proven to be completely
unstable, even worse then KI.

The windows 10 KI experience is horrible, keep your

No frame rate issues.

Odd, aside from a couple of negligible hiccups I haven’t had any major issues with the Win10 KI. I don’t really ever play on console anymore.

Using Windows 10 Creators update.
Nothing else installed except bit defender.
and portable apps.

Simply right clicking or even clicking xbox app
before it’s done loading couse crash, or
it will crash anyway.

KI crash, and networking is spotty to
be nice. for me its really bad.

And if you really try to build a cheaper PC just to match or be under the price of a console you’re really going to just get what you pay for IMO. And that’s not a good thing.

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