Wulf skins and retros

After finishing Okami I had a thought about “how Sabrewulf would look with a skin like that”. So I I took screenshots of the game and started playing around. Then I did other stuff, like doing some concepts (working on
existing images) of the character. It was fun.

I changed the model a bit, I think it looked better with the simple adjustments. Oh yeah, I added a tail XD

Some other skins to fool around, a tiger and a husky

And the retro from KI 1 and KI 2

I’m working on a new concept. But this time 100% drawing. It’s a mix between KI 2 and the new design of this last KI. Once it’s finished I’ll post it.


Okami Sabrewulf… It would be great if Sabrewulf has that skin in the game!


Those look great!!! Awesome job!

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Huskie Wulf is best Wulf.

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All we need is something that looks like a natural grey wolf and we’ll be golden. Great work Maru!

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tiger wulf ! great ! work

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These are all incredible! :star_struck: My personal favorites are the tiger and KI2-inspired skins, and I’d love to see one based on a spotted hyena’s fur & ear shape.

Urgh- As a Sabrewulf main, there’s no way that I’d resist buying additional skins as cool as these. Ace job, @MaruMDQ! :wolf::blue_heart:



I actually think she created Jon Talbian. :smile:


Thanks guys! =D

That’s a tough one! I got something like this:

I thought about one like that too :grin: I like Hyenas. But yeah, the design may change a bit regarding ears and face. Or, just the skin. If I do another one I’ll consider that one over the jaguar one.

That would be also cool, with the ears and tail too!


It’s perfect!


Great minds think alike! Funnily enough, my second-choice idea of a skin that I think would’ve looked cool would be a jaguar pattern too! (I didn’t mention it because I thought that it might be weird to put cat-patterns on the werewolf, but the tiger worked out so well, why not a jaguar?!) :leopard:

I’d still slap a pair of scientist goggles on hyena-Wulf, but that’s just how I roll. :wink::+1:t2: Keep up the ultra-cool work!


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The hyena concept: Ears should be bigger and rounded, maybe more dark and greyish. Mane could be darker, but depends on the fur. Couldn’t get the lighting like I wanted on the hands and feet, but the idea is they should be darker, similar to the snout. Couldn’t find a nice pattern for the skin so I did it by hand, kind of fast. But I like the result.

it was fun indeed :smiley:


YYEEES! I always want Hyena skin for Sabrewulf. :smiley:

I was gonna ask you about Hyena skin before you post it. Lol


HOLY CRAP that hyena concept looks amazing! They all do, for sure. Man… I had a feeling that I’d be sad when I looked in this thread and I wasn’t wrong lol. I really wish Wulf had these designs, especially the retros.

Great stuff!!


These are alllll awesome! Great job!

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Wow never noticed these omg :facepunch::+1:

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These designs are sick. Awesome work!

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How do you do this?? Looks great! Can you do an Omen one? lol

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How do you do this??

Screenshot in Steam, copy-paste into Photoshop. Then…Patience XD But I did it in little time (using clone stamp tool, transforming with warps/changing sizes and positions, also redrawing/adding new things with brushes)

Can you do an Omen one? lol

Lol, I wanted to do a Riptor (more Primal Rage ref, not just some black stripes, Talon is more than that).
No idea about Omen. Maybe masks and something else?. The thing with Omen is the effects he has by default could make him harder to edit? nah, dunno. But cool things could be done no doubt =)

I wanted to do a Griffin Gargos, but I had to redraw stuff and other details. It would take longer than I expected.

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