Wrestler Outfit Discussion

I am sure screenshots are bound to pop up (please add em if you can). Personally I don’t understand how this fits the character. All of his other stuff is awesome in my opinion, but this feels out of place. He has a lucha libre mask, tights, champion belt, and a turnbuckle post as a weapon. I understand KI always had some humor and silliness.

Should I just close the thread right now? You answered your own question. =)


Somewhat unrelated: I notice the jawbone on Rash’s Toad’em set “mask” icon isn’t actually on the mask. Is it going to be added?

Yes but does it “fit”? I guess that’s subjective. He’s an ancient barbarian, so, did he come into modern times and say “Hey, I could totally kill it in the wrestling biz.”

It’s not supposed to fit. Like cheerleader Riptor or Voltron Jago.


Did the old Riptor units say “Y’know, I don’t think I’d mind be a cheerleader”?

Did Cinder in his original body say “I’m gonna dress up like a World of Warcraft character for no real reason”?

It’s a possibility, but the real reason is that…well, why not?

Suplexes though

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Okay I need to see screen shots please.

Yo, KI is a 90’s trope/ sarcastic type of fighter. Why does every character have one silly costume? Cause it’s a video game with ghosts, werewolves, ninjas, and dudes on fire. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.


Did I miss a stream or something? When was this outfit shown?

Stream was today.
Here’s video of the accessories.

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Thanks dude

German. Suplex.

ki was never serious to begin with, do i need to pull up riptor farting or orchid flashing her…personality?


Kim Woo’s fishnet stalkings and thong do not match her character yet we do not get them because “we do not want to over sexualize our FEMALE cast” but we will oversexualize all the human male characters with big muscles with no shirt and a thong lol.

The point is when it comes to the accessories and retros, all sense leaves the room.

Please show said thong.

Nope not wasting my time when you have access to the internet, Rash has a thong.

This post of yours was a waste of time.

Well, I understand the point of each character receiving some wild options here and there. I just thought the wrestler set for Tusk was off-base for me.

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You’re right, it is. Tusk is nothing like a Luchador. However, his big build and wild hair could make him compared to a Wrestler, and he has the German Suplex which is a wrestler move.

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