Wrath of the Tiger Fury

I have only seen MrGrimmmz pull this off, not to say that others couldn’t, just less likely now since it is less practical… But, still! I have done it and figured it could be a move in itself, so I dubbed it “Wrath of the Tiger Fury”. The objective is to land 5 or more Tiger Furies in one combo.

Anyone want to try this and post your results? Heck, you might even set a record! …just keep in mind no infinite meter and although I cannot rule against corner combos, they are easier to pull-off, so make it challenging.

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Cool, neat, and awesome work on being able to pulled off consecutive rounds of Tiger Furies/consecutive Tiger Furies :clap:


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I think nobody does that now, because you can break the Tiger Furies. It kinda sucks…


I’ll try and beat your score! Challenge Accepted @oTigerSpirit !

Yeah, not to mention you don’t gain health back from damage so it’s more beneficial to use endokekens and whatnot. Still, thought it was rather neat! I sort of whiffed the ending there but yeah, I’m sure you can beat me.

Hey @oTigerSpirit, I got something better than Tiger furies in The Dojo… TIGER FURIES IN A MATCH. Do I win? Lol.


You can get 5 DPs with instinct + 1 bar of meter – and without any other attacks – by doing

light DP xx instinct, dash forward light DP, light DP, medium DP xx shadow DP.

It doesn’t exhaust KV, and I can’t really vouch for my timing, so maybe a 6th DP is possible.

Finally, obviously off an anti-air you could get this number up around 7 or 8.

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I think it is possible to get a 6th dp before you trigger instinct, but the timing is super tight. Also assuming you have two meters you can possible dp cancel and go for another. I have tried but it almost seems beyond human, i suppose if I could count frame times our quest for the amount of dp’s possible will be answered.