Would you pay into a community fund for the 5 missing character stages?

With the way they handled that “Shadow Jago is the only character with an ultimate in the game” nonsense I don’t believe it, they said that then people freaked and they came out and said something, I don’t even know. Their mind games are strong, I still believe that ultimates could be in season 3.

While I voted no it’s not because I don’t want the lvls but because I’m not happy with MS and the prices/price games they have been playing the last week.

Ive bougt all ultra bundles but it will be a hard sale for me to put any further money into this game after this last week.

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I can’t vote because while I would pitch in if that was what we were getting and no other choice, I would prefer to put down money for Eyedol.

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H3ll yes

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I am just waiting for that to happen.

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Yessssssss i 100% would!!! Every character not having their own stage is the most devastating thing they could of done in this game for me :frowning:


You’ll need to at least buy me dinner first.

On topic, no community fund should be for something cosmetic, its not worth it IMO.

Out, not up. lol

Honestly to me the worth is all dependent on what we want in-game. If we want five stages its worth it, if we wanted more costumes for example, still worth it. Even the season 3 lighting overhaul would have been worth funding if that’s what it took to get it done.

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I know, just couldn’t pass up the opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right. value and worth are subjective. Which is why I’d rather pay for something like a character or an additional mode, something I could use instead of a stage that I’ll stop looking at after about 5 fights. In my mind, that is a better spend of money.

Depends on which characters

for Mira the vampire I think that stage would look cool.

for others im not to sure.

Stayed tuned

If this is speculation on “would you pay money for more stages” then I agree.
If this is an actual suggesion for the next comunity fund then keep reading:
OK stages cost money, 5 stages cost 5 times the money. You cant just community fund 5x money
To clarify how community funds work, (or how it appeared last time), all the money raised goes to the KI tournament scene. If the fund is successful; MS coughs up a little extra money and IG does what they can with it. If the community was paying IG’s wages so KI could get new content it would be really bad for Microsoft’s PR.

I would rather have a community fund for just a sky stage anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll donate to any KI fund honestly, even if it was an Eyedol fund and i FVCKING hate Eyedol, but its showing support for the game and helping it grow and expand the community

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Not a ■■■■■■■ chance, not after the way season 3 was priced, I know that was microsoft, but I have a feeling my support of this game stops with season 3, unless they really knock it out of the park.

The last community fund goal was reach in less than two days, the bundle stayed up for like a week after that selling every day. They made plenty of profits to pay for the development of Shago I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t take this thread off topic

I said I wouldn’t, the question is if you would, I said no, thus on topic. :slight_smile:

we know people would fund it, the real question is would the developers be on board. having the community pay for “Missing” content is bad press in the making.

theres also the question of rather or not some one would rather fund stages over: Eyedol, alt.Orchid, tweaking/fixing season one retros, stage ultras on every existing stage…etc

I’d pay for any community fund, just to be a part of the game’s growth

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Yes, I would. But not because I really need the stages; I would just want to contribute to the scene, even if I don’t have one locally. The stages would be the icing on the cake.

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