Would you pay into a community fund for the 5 missing character stages?

Just trying to feel people out on this one, obviously the money would help to fund tournament pots for the next season but would you feel compelled to “donate” your cash to help get the other five character stages put in season 3? I don’t know what bonus they would have to offer us to buy such as Shadow Jago was for the last fund but I’m sure he’ll go on sale again.

Personally I feel that leaving out stages was a colossal misdirection in season 3, one that should be corrected eventually. All of the season 3 stages have looked better than anything we’ve seen before and its a downright shame that Rash, Mira and whomever else hits the roster won’t be able to have a stage to call their own. Not to mention problems like “Where do stageless characters go for survival mode” and “How are the season 3 UltimateSource toys going to stand without stages” being asked already. I feel that stages are a huge part of what makes KI characters whole, their stage is “a lot of work” and it shows, it helps to portray the character’s personality and back story in game as well.

Would you pay to fund additional season 3 stages?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would rather pay for something which would make more people happy like Ultimates…although if they look like Shadow Jagos new one then it would be a waste

only if they are on the level of S1 Boss Shadow Jagos ultimate then I would pay (although they should be in the game already…me thinks)

I hear you, I just hope ultimates come as a feature and not something we have to fund ourselves. The reason I’m sticking with the stage thing is because they’re actually being taken away from us, its something we’re accustomed to that is no longer the norm and its upsetting to a lot of us.

Ultimates are awesome but aside from Shago we really haven’t had them just yet so it’s hard to miss them as much as character stages. Think of it this way, say DH had added ultimates in season one and in season two everyone had an ultimate as well but in season three only some characters had ultimates. People would be outraged and understandably so, I feel that taking away stages has devalued the a la carte character packages as well. Why is Sabrewulf $5 and comes with a stage while Mira will be $5 and doesn’t? Stages + characters needs to stay the standard.

I’m not the type of dude who like to pay for cosmetics but in that case, yeah, I would.

Because KI has stages, characters and musics which work together. I mean, I can’t see myself playing with TJ’s or Rash’s theme on Hisako’s stage.

I know, that may not be the best reason but that’s how I feel :grinning:


Yeah, personally I’m a little miffed that their solution to lacking stages is adding a feature that allows you to separate the music tracks from the stages they were made for. It kind of screws up the entire flow of the character/stage/music thing that is a huge part of what makes KI so beautiful. I mean why would I choose Kan-Ra’s stage when playing online so I can hear that awesome ultra track I love so much when I can just pick his music on any level? It takes away from the personality of the stages and the characters they’re tied to.


Yes. KI stages are very important for character individuality. I also do not like the upcoming situation where characters will have a theme but not a proper home for it. I don’t like the idea of switching stage themes at all.


Me either, its a pretty distasteful proposition right?

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Depends on the characters released. I maybe would for Mira’s stage, but if I didn’t like any of the other characters released, I wouldn’t pay for their stages.

Honestly if they were going to leave out stages, the only ones I’d agree to omitting would be guests. Why would someone like Arbiter get a stage when a returning character like Gargos or a new character with a lot of potential like Mira doesn’t? If you HAVE to cut corners and leave out stages cut guest stages, not characters who have lore and belong in KI.


That I am all for. I am miffed about Arbiter getting a stage, since he is a guest character.

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I would rather pay for something that we can actually enjoy like characters instead of backgrounds that you’ll only really bother to pay attention to your first few matches.

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No. I don’t feel compelled to pick up the slack from their financial decision making. They made the new season with 3 stages only and felt that was good enough to mass release for mass consumption, meaning it met their “KI standards”.

I’m nobody to change their standards and how they perceive their game, I’m just going with the flow and lowering my standards to their standards.

It would seem that a great deal of people would enjoy having more character stages but I see where you’re coming from, though I’d rather not fund another half-hearted character like Omen however. A community fund seemed the perfect place to get back what was taken, that so many care about.

I agree with this whole heartedly. I too was a little disappointed by the stage announcement and would gladly chip in if we were given the opportunity to have stages for all of the season 3 roster. Still hoping that they’ll have them for the KI gold we received, but I think this is a great alternative.


I’d much rather put to Ultimates, since I think there’s enough stages

I still think they’ll add ultimates in without having to fund them.

I would contribute to this and anything else that has the potential to improve the KI experience. Speaking of which, I’m really curious about what we’re going to be able to spend our Bonus KI Gold on (for those of us that preordered). @rukizzel is there any chance that we’ll find out this info before launch??

I don’t think they will. Because they were pretty ■■■■ sure about Shago bein the only one to have one, thus Ultimates are not in the game.

I feel the same way, I’ve dumped a ton of cash into supporting this game and I’ll fund whatever I can to help see it turn into more than it is now.

As far as the KI gold, I have a feeling that they’ll add in more costumes down the line. One of the biggest requests was for more season one costumes and Adam basically said we would have to buy them for additional cash outside the ultra pack, entitled people got mad thinking they should get them for free and it kinda never went anywhere after that. I have a feeling that the gold is given to us so we ultra owners can still get all the content while allowing them to add in new content for others to buy. So everyone is happy.


I would pay into a community funds for pretty much anything.