Would anything make this game feel more like "Killer Instinct" to you?

This game has evolved a ton out of the original concepts of the 90’s classics, and the results have been outstanding. But do you think that there’s anything that the devs could do, from a real, practical standpoint, to make the game feel more in line with the original KI games?

Yeah, ultimates, of course. But what else? Would you change anything about the UI or anything else really to help foster that original connection to the classic games, or do you think the game is right where it should be in terms of balancing nostalgia and modernity?

Put Eyedol in it … oh wait nm :stuck_out_tongue:


Make it a game where people win by button mashing and the controls are too strict?

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Sorry, maybe I’m not framing the question well. I guess I’m just wondering if there’s anything that you’d want to see, that could maybe help put this iteration of KI more in touch with its roots, and would you want to see that particular thing?

I’m only asking because this KI is an awesome game, no doubt, but it’s also evolved so far above and beyond what the original games where, that I was curious if people think there’s anything else that they could add to this game to give the more nostalgic fans more of a place to hang their hat on, I guess?

Am I making any sense here? Stuff like the UI, any of the music, any of the gameplay mechanics like… I’ll just throw out this example… What if doing all of our enders in one match gave you a one time access additional ender? Stuff like that.

I also think that the original KI had more of a penchant for dark hues mixed with more neon lights. Would people like to see fonts and colors that connect more with the past games or would they like to see something new and different?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Ultratech hexagons and the purple / green color palette on the current UI. I’d also like to see the fonts streamlined in to a sort of theme. Just not sure what that theme should look like, but I feel like it should maybe harken back to, or pay tribute to the original KI in some way.

Change the color scheme from Hulk Instinct to Killer Instinct would be nice.

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Yesterday I played son old KI in arcade mode. After 20 years I feel the base of the game is ok. I didn’t play S1 though, I started when IG took the game, with Maya and the rest. I don’t mind the lack of Ultimates, specially when ppl get so salty with other stuff as taunts xD (btw the old KIs didn’t have taunts in the old days, I really like how some taunts came out). The main thing I miss from the old days is that I got less frustrated. This KI is too fast and crazy and has other elements from other games so it helps if you played a more variety than just original KIs (I played KI, MK and Primal Rage). It feels and plays different in some way. I expected the characters to be similar in it’s base, but when I saw Glacius I said “my Gosh he is too tall!” . Imagine when I saw Aganos. I’m not much into character variety because I find it game breaking in some way. And the juggles and air game, I’m not into that…juggles look cool though, but I find them annoying in combos. So ,air game in KI? Just not. When playing KoF I had to understand the grapplers and it was really new and frustrating. Now we have command grabs, air game and some crazyness happening too fast. So yeah, the game is different but has some cool things, but I miss my better performance and readings, and it looks like I can’t perform the same with the current gamestyle even though I’ve put an important ammount of time I get beaten by guessbreaking, some desperate mashing and counterbreakers even when my reads and gameplan is better.

More Explosions and Fire! Lol


You mean you want Michael Bay join KI? : D


Buttcheek Orchid

I’m sick of the insistence that KI remain slavishly devoted to our childhoods. This game has taken a decidedly different creative and marketing direction from the originals, that has turned away a lot of the original games’ devotees, and I think that is for the best. More than enough has been done for the sake of nostalgic callbacks, let the better game be more like itself.


2 things I would like to see:
1: 1 stage per character, then a few extra just for multiplayer.
2: an Arcade ladder. Not much, just a 8-10 character run, a boss fight at the end, and a brief 1 to 2 paragraph “what happens when this character wins” exposition afterwards. Full CG animation would be nice, but a quick couple of still images would be fine as well.


This. We need a classic ladder for all characters with story endings for each. Maybe go back to the red color theme. Maybe a return to the side scroll character select screen?

The side scroll was a good idea when the roster was limited to 8 characters. Now that we have 26 that would be a huge mess. I loved the throwback to the old style in season 1, but now it wouldn’t be a good idea.

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No, that’s not what I’m “insisting” upon. I was asking the question. It wasn’t rhetorical. Is there anything else that they could do on the nostalgia front? I didn’t mean to argue that they haven’t done enough by any stretch.

I was just seeing if anyone wanted to have a conversation about it. To see if people had any ideas on stuff they’d want to see in this vain or if people simply thought that we have enough nostalgia and its fine as is and if that’s the case, that’s a perfectly valid and respectable opinion too.

I didn’t rant and rave about the “soul” of KI or anything that suggested KI must remain a slave to its past. Are there a few things I’d like to see them push on as far as season 4 goes? Sure. I’d love to see my stylized and consistent fonts. A “Fight On” screen that’s darker and more stylish (won’t fully explain here as I don’t want to sidetrack myself) would also be a nice plus to me.

But again, I’m not demanding anything and I’m not suggesting that everything must be like it was.

Sorry dude, I may’ve been still blowing of some steam from suffering through some toxicity elsewhere in our lovely community when I wrote my last post, and so worded my thoughts a little too aggressively. You certainly don’t deserve my ire. The topic is one which normally does get raised by relentless nostalgics who do tend to get tedious, and I would use the phrase “slavish devotion” to describe the game if it leaned too much further in the direction of the originals, but the way I put those words together was excessively abrasive.

I still don’t think this game should spend another second looking back at its roots. It has more-or-less harvested every truly great idea from those games as is, at least as far as I can tell.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing really.

They can make it work, three sets, one for each season, press rb to skip to next set, or scroll through all manually.

If they did that picking your character would be similar to unlocking a combination padlock, which being a security officer I can assure you isn’t very intuitive. The way it is now you see the characrer you want, you move the cursor over to it, Done. No “which wheel is that one guy in again?” No “Crap, wrong wheel again”.

I fully understand your reasoning for wanting the side scrolling back. Up until season 2 every iteration of KI had it, bit the roster grew too big to make it work in a way that wouldn’t be cumbersome. But hey, what we lost there we gained a pretty good diverse cast, not to mention all returning characters. So I call that a win.

I personally would like to be able to toggle between the musical ultras and the KI 2 ultras. I really love the way those characters repeated the same move towards the end of the combo but it got faster and faster. Extremely satisfying. Musical ultras just don’t do anything for me, I really can’t stand them.

Make it for snes. :smile: