Worst 3D Mortal Kombat characters

Has anyone thought about how Killer Instinct can use the 3D Mortal Kombat characters and remake them as their own? Like their designs? Including storywise?

And I’m talking about those claimed to be the worst in Mortal Kombat.

Jarek: Jarek was nothing but a copy of Kano. His moveset was bad. But how will Jarek’s design fit in KI? Would you go for Klaw?

Kai: If someone based on Kai, I’d imagine a Night Guard order in Africa.

Hsu Hao: Before that name, this character was named “Kublai Khan”. But due to “Shao Kahn” it was scrapped. With MK having a “Kahn”, how about a Mongolian based on “Genghis Khan”?

How about IG come up with their own original characters rather than try to rip off characters from Mortal Kombat? Seriously, doing something like this in a commercial game when the intent isn’t parody is extremely unprofessional.



While KI is based on parody, I’d rather the characters are unique in the context of Fighting game. And I want them to be unique among the cast.

NB4 “lets flat rip off every anime fighter character trope ever!” please stop it. :laughing:

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Well, Blaze, Nitara, and Onaga are kind already covered (Cinder, Mira, Gargos) :joy: The rest mostly seem to fall under the category of “dudes” and occasionally “slightly more Asian dudes”, so I think most of these old MK characters can stay back in 2004 where they belong.

On a semi-related note, however, I’d be über stoked if Nitara came back to MK. Though admittedly I’m kinda weird.

I don’t want any ripoff-styled MK characters to go in KI.

Uhm, Stryker, Khameleon/Chameleon, Motaro, Sheeva and Kintaro aren’t from the 3D era… Kintaro was the subboss in MK2, the rest were in MK3-MKT which were all 2D games.

As for the 3D characters, I like Tanya, Reiko, Kai, Nitara, Havik and Hotaru. I semi-like Bo’Rai Cho and Ashrah. I liked Kira’s look, but obviously her moveset should be completely revamped, as she just had moves from Kano/Sonya.

The rest I don’t care about.

NONE of them should be reworked as KI characters though. Would rather have ORIGINAL characters than rip-offs. Kamenrider, you seem really opposed having something good and new in KI and would rather just have Iron Galaxy copy/paste already existing designs into the game… smh.

I’ve always liked the weird characters, such as Drahmin - I wouldn’t mind seeing something in KI along his concept.

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Dairou and Hotaru are the worst lol I have hated them ever since I was a kid.

Drahmin though, he is probably my favorite character introduced in the 3D era (alongside Havik) but based on what I have heard Boon and friends aren’t too fond of Drahmin, so he likley won’t ever get a shot at redemption :confused:

Can any of their designs & concepts be used for Killer Instinct?

Originality is tough these days.

Ehhhhhh… I don’t know… Kan-Ra Was pretty original for a FG.

[quote=“MandrillManiac, post:12, topic:10914”]
Kan-Ra Was pretty original for a FG.
[/quote]There were at least 1 or 2 mummified characters that preceeded him in other FGs - 1 from Darkstalkers/Marvel vs. Capcom, and 1 from Shaq-Fu. So, no, not original in the slightest.

Does Shaq fu really count though? XD

But he plays so differently then anything I have ever seen. So I think he is very original.

Hisako is another example.

Not really. All 3 mummies I’ve mentioned ALL fight with their bandages.

…and yes, @darkfoxinvid, Shaq Fu does count - I actually recall it being pretty good as a kid (the characters were awesome, along with their animations, IMO, except for Shaq of course - he was still bad).

This tidbit implies that Kan-Rah adds absolutely nothing new.

If you take him apart, he really doesn’t. It was the combination of things that made him new. For example, we’ve had mummified characters before, we’ve had sand-based characters before, we’ve had zoners before, and we’ve had trap-characters before. We’ve just never seen all of those put into a single character, and not only that, but in a way that works.

This could be done with darn near everything… I see what your saying though.

Well sure, there’s millions of people in this world. Is that a proper excuse for not trying?