World of Tanks

As a WoT enthusiast, in addition to Killer Instinct, I have decided to make this thread for any and all discussion regarding the game, World of Tanks.

So, if you’d like to discuss meet up times, strategy, specific tanks, have questions regarding how to play the game, etc. - then feel free to post here.

If you’ve never heard of or played the game, I’d recommend you look into it (a Google search should find it rather easily - it’s an awful lot of fun. Even better than that though - it’s absolutely free to play! It’s available on the PC and the XB1 (and I think maybe even the PS4, although I’ll have to double-check that).

If you’d like a preview of how the game looks, either use the aforementioned Google search (mind you, the PC and console versions of the game looke rather different) or you can take a look at 2 clips under my Xbox Live profile called Cannon Fodder and You Can’t Tank It!. They’re both really good, I promise. :slight_smile:

I for 1, can’t wait to join you for some fun cannon fodder. :wink:

I actually enjoy the slower strategic pace of this game. I have never put any money or serious hours into it, but I have spent some time playing it with my kids.

Edit: the fact that when you die its game over. It prevents this sort of suicidal lemming (as long as I get to take you with me) kind of run and gun stuff you see in FPS games.

I have some friends playing later tonight; you should join us! :slight_smile:

Had a lot of fun yesterday finally getting someone else from this community into WoT. Thanks, @Sasuke99I!

@RGLOfficial, @BigBadAndy - we should get together soon and play this! A squad of 4 is not to be tricked with! Mwahahaha!!!

Also, I’m fee for the day thanks to the MLK Jr. holiday.

Tagging random names for potential interest:
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@lewisthewizard @LetalisVenator @MandrillManiac @MBABanemobius @MaruMDQ @NitricZenith @oTigerSpirit @PVT1AORyanBay @PVXenoraptor @REYNOSOFUA11

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Thanks for the random tag… I guess.
At one point in my life I was big into turn-based boardgames, multiple time champion in the warhammer games, did well in 15mm historics as well. More recently I was #1 in the ranked leaderboard for the Chaos Reborn videogame, although that wasn’t for long.

WoT, however, doesn’t look like its my cup of tea.

I have tried this game early on when it realized considerin my attachment to tanks as a kid.

I grew up play BattleTanx on N64 so I was excited about this game, seemed interesting and like a refreshing pvp shooter.

Ultimately, I couldn’t get into it. Maybe the microtransactions or just the initial appeal. Not a bad game by any means, it was nice but I just didn’t enjoy it.

Thanks for the random tag though.

I tried it once but lagged so bad I couldn’t move so I went back to playing KI just fine. Seemed like a fun game though aside from the micro transactions. Thanks for the tag though.

My fella played this years ago on PC, but it’s not really my bag, he played for quite some time but doesn’t play anymore.

Also @GalacticGeek stop pretending to sleep and sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not turn-based though…

Also, the game has improved significantly since you guys last played, @REYNOSOFUA11 and @oTigerSpirit. Also, it’s 1 of the least laggiest games I’ve ever experienced. You must’ve had a bad fluke.

Also, while micro-transactions are still a thing, much if it, like ammo, is mow available vis silver. Any idea that this game is pay-to-win is simply flat-out wrong.

@NitricZenith Yeah, never did go back to sleep, but I did get a good breakfast!

…and released my aggression via KI aagainst 6 qualifiers in a row. Poor guys…

I played a decent amount of this for a while (my daughter loved watching “the tank game”), but I haven’t played in a while. I actually enjoy it a lot and think it would be fun to play with a group and clearly coordination is effective. EDIT: I wouldn’t say I was good at it.

But, just to be clear, I’m not down to be snarled at, bossed around and have my headset filled with salty screaming. So, provided the above criteria can be met I would certainly give it a try sometime.

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I don’t get salty in WoT, because I already go in with the expectation that I’m probably most likely going to die. :smile:

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WoT Mid Tier tnak battles are so much fun. Get’s boring after mid tier though.

Well, my highest tier is VII, so no worries there! :wink:

Sounds like you would enjoy Warframe.

Played this. Not my cup of tea. Thanks though!

I haven’t played Warframe in ages.

I’ve played World Of Tanks on iPad, but it’s not something I’d play on the Xbox.