Working SLI profile for Killer Instinct PC Ver

HI guys.
I am just curious if anyone has figured out a working SLI custom profile for Killer Instinct PC.
I have tried a few random settings imitating the profiles of other games, but no success so far.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but a while back I was having an issue where KI would crash back to desktop everytime it had to load an in game asset. It would crash when loading the benchmark or when entering the character select screen. Only way I could play was to disable my SLI setup. A fellow forum member finally found a fix for this. I’ll link the URL of the thread here:

Thanks ArokhX,

I did hear about that - but I never had that problem.
This might get a bit long-winded but I will try to explain my best:

What I meant was, has anyone figured out a working SLI profile ( custom nvidia .nip profile), or a way to force KI to use both GPUs when SLI is enabled - from what i have read, most people say that KI only uses one GFX card when SLI is enabled.

From what I have read, KI doesn’t support SLI because of something called UWP and the microsoft windows store game platform. There are threads about it in detail here:

But some people have claimed to find work arounds to this by modifying the profiles manually in the nvidia inspector.
I do this quite often with some chinese/Japanese/Korean games that Nvidia Geforce experience doesn’t recognize.

Also, I think it could be possible for KI also because of what happened with the Rise of the Tomb Raider at the start of the year - some german guy Dled the windows store version, and figured out custom DX11 SLI profiles that are even better quality/performance at max settings than the recommended nvidia Geforce experience DX12 SLI settings.

Anyway I get quite bad frame drop (45-60fps) at 4K max settings, but only because Ki only uses one of my cards - so it would be cool to hear if anyone figured out a cusom profile for nvidia inspector that works.

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