Graphic Enhancement tricks / SLI Crossfre for PC version / 4k Gamers

Hi guys

I game alot in 4K@60fps using 2 x previous Generation GTX 780ti in SLI with good overall performance.

I made a similar topic to this previously entitled: Working SLI profile for Killer Instinct PC Ver Here:

From what I now understand, there is no official existing SLI/crossfire support for Killer Instinct PC version because apparently windows 10 store applications/games do not have support for SLI/crossfire.

Also it seems that nobody has yet discovered a working nvidia inspector custom SLI profile for the game.
( For example steam community users often discover that custom modifying the nvidia inspector profile for certain games can provide up to 95% SLI scaling support far surpassing even the recommended SLI settings from Nvidia themselves…)

I can run the game at 3840x2160p but it only uses one GFX card and I cant always get a full 60fps which is frustrating as It would surely work if SLI was enabled.

My only other option is to upgrade to GTX 1080s which I may do in the future but nevertheless for the sake of longevity I think it would be awesome if the developers could investigate adding the extra SLI support/profiles for this wonderful game.

Mike Ybarra got out there and debunked this myth a long time ago. If there’s no SLI support, it’s likely because it’s not a high priority to IG or Microsoft for KI to support it.

Oh I see, I didn’t know that.
I wasn’t sure if it was just a rumor or not regarding the windows store applications.

You are probably right that it is likely not a priority for Iron Galaxy/Microsoft to implement SLI/Crossfire compatibility, but I think it is definitely something they should seriously consider for the 4K gamers / SLI gaming community

From a marketing point of view, adding SLI compatibility is an extra feather in the hat for KI and IG, also it adds to the longevity of the title by keeping it an ongoing contender for the 2017 4k ready line up of Steam Fighters already announced like Tekken 7 / UMVC3 / Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite )

Thing is, KI is a niche game in a niche genre that’s been kept simmering on the stove in terms of dev support for three years now. Maybe they’ll get around to proper SLI support at some point, but if they don’t it’s most likely because they simply don’t have the spare dev talent, because the amount of games that get any kind of support at all 3 years in is a rounding error off from 0%, and by all rights KI probably shouldn’t be one of them. We’re pretty fortunate to have a port that runs respectably on a toaster, really.

I found a way to experiment with using a second GPU to enhance the antialiasing by playing with the profile here in Nvidia inspector.

As most Nvidia Geforce GPU owners/Geforce experience users will be aware, Nvidia Geforce Experience doesnt offer profiles for killer instinct as I asume the dont think it needs it as the GFX options for antialiasing/shadow etc in -game are very basic. however it would be cool to have som texture packs and other things in the future that could enhance the PC version, especially if the release a graphically enhanced native 4K version for XboxScorpio