Won't let me do combo breaker SOLVED

Edit. Well I found out the problem I need practice.

Everytime I get hit everyone is allowed to do a 50% damage combo on me that takes forever with some stupid block out thing that mind you I can’t do but the opponent can somehow do./

I often have to Alt Tab and let them finish their combo and come back for the next rounds. Ow and lets not forget the next match can take up to 1 hour to find on the PC and here I thought this game was good too bad the netcode in this game is worse than MKX and thats saying a lot.

Seem like I lost my $40 on yet another broken fighter

There is a combo breaker training in the Dojo and a specific training mode for Combo Breaking.

Here is a short run down on combo breaking and the combo system. This is mostly relevant if you don’t use Combo Assist.

Opener-linker-auto double-ender

In a combo an opener and ender are not combo breakable. The middle parts of a combo is breakable. A linker is the special move part of the combo and the auto double is the part where you just press a single button. The auto double has a unique animation. Each of the three animations are either heavy, medium, or light. You can break them by the animation or by th speed. Slower attacks are heavy moves, light attacks are fast. The characters also make unique hurt sounds so you could figure it out that way as well,

Edit:I suggest you go to the dojo and do half of those lessons to understand combo breaking. Try to do it without assist on in the character select. Assisst usually adds extra hits making it hard to pass some of the lessons.

Do you even know how to combo break?

ki.infil.net - it will become your best friend. :wink:

Not even a word from these **** devs about the broken Match Making on the PC that takes up to an hour to find a match.

You would think they would atleast give a ■■■■ to admit they are looking into it or something. Either this is one of the most broken fighter ports in history or the online is dead in this game

Alright man you posting a lot of negative topics. I get it, you’re new to this game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go look at the thread titled “Killer Instinct Academy”. There are ppl willing to help and teach you in how to learn the game. People are here to support, but if you just make a title on a forum that points out negative aspects of the game that can be answered by just talking to one of us then maybe you’ll feel better about playing KI.

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Netcode is worse? I think this explains it. Lets move on here folks. Nothing to see. Calling a lock out a block out. You don’t lock out the opponent. They do it to themselves by not doing the right breaker. They aren’t locking you out. You are doig it to yourselves by pressing the wrong buttons when they are comboing you. Might want to learn the game.

MKX might be broken garbage on the PC but atleast I don’t have to wait an entire HOUR to find a match.

Plus you don’t have to wait an hour. That is a problem on your end,not the games. Don’t make a new thread for this when they are already some that exists.

If it takes longer than a minute, exit and queue again. The Devs have addressed this… A couple times. They’re working on this.

You know what,add my alt and I want to see if you even have a neutral. Gt: RainbowMoth1212
PS:You should also work on your neutral before learning how to break. Much more important.

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Seriously man. You’re making frequent negative posts that have simple answers and solutions. Please make Better titles for your topics.

Right, CS GO, DOTA 2, Skull Girls, SF4, and everyother game on the planet works just fine online even MKX apparently finds matches faster

But the problem is on my end yeah sure, yeah sure.

Good suggestion.

what is a neutral? does the dojo explain this?

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Do you actually want to learn how the combo breaker mechanic works?

We’ll tell you if you want to know.

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I put an entire page together about it, complete with video examples, here:


If you have questions after reading that page, feel free to ask me and I will explain more.

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The problem is your end. The problem is that the solution is handed to you and you didn’t even try to look and instead made a new thread about it. A neutral is the game before the combos and set ups. You start at the neutral. The match starts. Both players are in neutral. No one has the advantage. Once one person starts attcking,you are no longer in neutral because one player has an advantage. Neutral is when you are there and no one has an edge. To combo break,I will let infil handle this.

ok thanks I will have a look at the link.

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