Women (and men but mostly...) in KI

2 things… 1) this can be for any fighting game in general but people complained about it more here on this forum, 2) mods feel free to move this to off topic now to the topic at hand:

i have seen NUMEROUS post about the women here in ki. where all women here wield a weapon of some sort, but kinda debunked since mira seems empty handed while sadira dont seem to have an object of her own…but thats not what im talking about how they are portayed. like orchid/maya/kim wu/ aren’t revealing as they were in their original classic games… i don’t find this important, its purley asthetics and eye candy. but let me know what you guys think, im surprised this hasn’t been addressed and asked as i am very curious.

Edit: i dont think showing excessive skin like ki2 orchid or most of DoA women is a must, BUT! if it’s there that’s fine, as long as the game is good… so im in the middle ground but leaning towards not needed

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Wait you don’t find it important that they’re not dressed in revealing clothing or you don’t find the portrayal of women in video games important? It’s a little confusing reading that post.

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Never really occurred to me that the current female characters are all wielders, but I can’t say I really care either.

sorry bout that ill fix it for better understanding but yea… I dont think its a neccessity to give women (and men) to have revealing clothing, although rash’s frog thong is pretty hilarious when it was revealed

Personally, I have nothing against sexualization of characters, as long it is equal between male and female characters. However, sex is seen with stricter eyes than violence these days. Nudity is being condemned as worse than bloodsplatter and beating eachother senseless in games. And so many overzealous spokespeople have crusaded against sexualization of female characters, seeing it as degrading towards the female gender.

I believe in equality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “cover up everything on both sides”. And though I don’t mind sexualization, it doesn’t mean that I want everyone only wearing thongs. What I want first and foremost is good character design. That is alot more important to me than to show skin or cover it up.

Let’s take Kim Wu’s retro vs her original design. There are people who would like for ALL the retro costumes to be 100% true to their original designs, and that’s only fair. However, then there are those who wants a character like Kim Wu’s retro to be true to her original design for that one thing - the thong. Because they like to see her show skin, and they feel like covering her up with shorts is against their sexual preference.

I personally prefer her wearing shorts, because I thought her wearing a thong was a tasteless decision and not good character design. She’s a kung fu monk and a chosen one of the Dragon Spirit. And other than that, she was a bad Chun Li knock-off, just another bad Asian kung fu girl design, in my opinion. It didn’t make sense to me for her to wear a thong in the first place and it was clearly a decision to appeal to the straight male part of the community, as it was clear with Orchid and Maya as well. Because that was the 90’s! A much simpler time.

I like to think we’re a more progressive community today. The majority might still be that of straight male players, but there’s alot more diversity amongst gamers today, and so the game developers have had to change their strategies. Context sensitivity… If you’re an old Rare fan, you’d know the reference. What I mean with this is that giving female characters big breasts and putting them in a thong is no longer viable character design decisions, because it simply isn’t that easy anymore.

Yes… I like sex, I like nudity, and I enjoy fanservice in games and other media. But there’s a time and place for these things. When it comes to videogames, it can so easily be tasteless and tacky. And I would first and foremost want good character design in a fighting game! And I find it kinda sad that there are people who don’t put that higher than the fanservice.


Did you get in trouble with the wife for playing retro Orchid/Maya? Sex appeal, Sex sells!



im 19, single… and im using coherent thinking

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For me all the ladies default costumes look really good though orchid needs a face lift, but retros for orchid and kim can use the KI2 variants, they looked straight to me and on each outfit its only showing cheeks… booty cheeks.

Amica from street fighter5 is a perfect example of this " over sexualized character " argument, Kim and Orchid from KI2 at least had there upper bodies covered.

With a subjective view i believe both kim and orchid should have there KI2 outfits especially if Tusk is one pair of underwear away from winning the worlds sexiest stripper award then why not.

Do you mean R. Mika? The female wrestler?

Yes thats who im talking about

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“where all women here wield a weapon of some sort”

Riptor doesn’t wield a weapon


I agree about Orchid though, her KI2 appearance was the better of her two original looks. When I saw that concept art of her KI2 retro, I was ecstatic! And I was so disappointed to see they went with her KI1 outfit. It’s basically just green paint on her body, it’s not good character design, imo. And it looks so bad in the new KI’s graphics, even after they tried to make it look more detailed in its shiny, latex-like texture.

I’m a fan of leotards. Cammy is my fave Street Fighter character. Psylocke is my favourite X-man.
Lucky for me though, Orchid’s main outfit is absolutely awesome! Again, imo… I know some people disagree, but I truly love it. The corset-like vest, the short shorts, the boots, the goggles… awesome!

A sexy design doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be naked. As I’ve said in several alt-outfit threads, I would love for Orchid to get a full spysuit like Black Widow. Classic and sexy design for femme fatales without being tacke and tasteless. <3

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:joy: but forreal tho, why do you think that way?

bro riptor is a weapon!!!

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Orchid’s retro looks like crap because they didn’t just pick one retro and run with it. If they were going for KI1 Orchid they should have just did that and maybe added the KI2 stuff as an accessory pack.

On the subject of what the OP mentioned I really think it’s based on context of the character, if they were so concerned with censoring, sadira wouldn’t exist and Maya’s jungle girl alt wouldn’t be a thing.

I think they did a good job with all males/females/golems in terms of the sex appeal (except for that last one, Aganos is waaaaaay to over sexualised)

With females, yes, we have characters people find sexy, and ones that are are supposed to look sexy (sadira). But we also have others that aren’t sexually appealing at all. (hisako, aria and riptor.). Mind you, I don’t know what you like, dead people, robots, dinosaurs, you do you ok (except that first one, don’t do that). But most characters are not going out of their way to looks sexy.

Males on the other hand is a different tale. They are either quite muscular, or they are on fire, decaying, a frog or an alien. They go to the extremes of ‘sexy’ to 'not sexy (for the average person). They aren’t aswell balanced as the females, regardless of whether they were supposed to look sexy or not.

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Aganos is literally naked. You can see his boulders dangling.

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[quote=“DintheAbary, post:17, topic:6828”]
If they were going for KI1 Orchid they should have just did that and maybe added the KI2 stuff as an accessory pack.
[/quote]The truth is, They were going for KI2 Orchid, But unfortunately MS stepped in and made them basically censor it at the last minute.