Woah ... ethernet makes such a difference

trust me, got a $5 walmart etherwire and there’s SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

previous connection was cable to modem to Xbox via WiFi, now it’s cable to modem to Xbox via ethernet

trust me, if you play KI online and use wifi, you should switch@


Hardline will always be faster and more consistent.


I can certainly say that I’ve had far fewer drops as a result of this, since I got every room in my whole house hard-wired for ethernet. I went from dropping 1 out of every 5 matches with wireless to maybe 1 in 10 with a wired connection (and I’m fairly certain it’s no longer because of the connection, but rather because of my opponent leaving early).

There is no replacement for a wired connection, even if your console is right next to your modem, wireless just doesn’t compare to a hardline.

I been saying that on here forever! I have mine running across the floor and I dont ever plan on taking it up! I wouldnt play Xbone or PS4 without it!

yeah my xbone was right next to my modem and still such a huge difference!

recommended to all!

The modem is in the other side of my place:( Wireless is my only choice.

That’s what I thought, and then I found out you can hire a professional electrician to setup cable throughout the house (inside the walls, through the attic, etc.) and that way it just works like an outlet that you plug your cable into that goes from the wall to your console or other online device. It only cost a few hundred dollars for my family to do the ENTIRE house. For you, from 1 room to another, it should be a good deal cheaper. In my house the modem is in the den. It has cable wiring going through the attic, through the walls, through the kitchen, hallway, dining room, even outside, and then into the various bedrooms and living room (and virtually none of it can be seen)! So no - distance is NOT a factor; it is only if you let it be.

I live in apartment so I can’t:(

Well then, touché.

In that case, I would take that request to your landlord. Tell them it’s something that you want, it’s something you’re willing to pay for yourself, and once you move out, it can be used to increase the overall value (and monthly rent) to any new tenants, which will profit them in the long-run and at no cost to them (other than future potential maintenance, which is practically nil). :wink:

You could do what we did and just get a really long cable and tape it along the walls/ceilings. No damage to the building, but still gets the job done.

…or that. Many stores sell 100+ ft. long ethernet cable so you can do this - I would recommend electrical tape, for safety reasons.

I could but the only way to my room has a door and you know what happens when a door closes along a wire:( Good thing for Ki’s awesome netcode.

That’s why you put it UNDER the door (there are flat ethernet cables you can buy). :wink:

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And people will step on them all day:)

Won’t matter if it goes under the rug or is flat (or both).

What rug? I don’t have a rug. So if it is flat and people step on it,nothing will happen?

I live with 3 dogs that love running around the house and getting into things. If my cable can live through that, I think you should be good :smiley:
Besides, cables are generally made of copper wiring and hard yet flexible plastic, so in my experience you generally have to be trying to cut it in order to do too much damage.

I’m trying this tomorrow or Tuesday

Whenever I get my cable…

such a huge difference, literally felt like the game itself was sped up