Woah ... ethernet makes such a difference

Wired is definitely always better.

Even right next to my router I can ping it and I’ll get occasional spikes to 15 or even 30ms.

Yep, its pretty great. I used to not play online much so I always played on wifi when I did but before MKX came out I decided to get an Ethernet cable since I decided I wanted to start playing fighters seriously and it makes a huge difference.

I have yet to play KI online yet but I have heard its netcode is the best of all fighters, so I am pumped for that lol I am used to derpy NRS netcode

I hate how this isn’t common knowledge amongst all gamers of the world. Imagine a world where everyone used wired connections… it could be heaven, it could be heaven for everyone…

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The netcode is the best. Why? It was made by aliens that is why.


Thank you Glacius! You’re awesome! May the force be with you and may you live long and prosper! :smiley:


run the ether net cable across the floor…thats what i do. when your done unhook and store it away.
Its worth it…especially when you say you cant stay in lobbies, ect

LOL…i totally agree. for 15$ you can have the Ultimate connection for the price of running the cable across the floor. not a big deal IMO
And if your really handy run it through the ceiling and down to where you need it

re-emphasising how much a difference an Ethernet cable makes for new comers to Killer Instinct with Season 3.

get your Ethernet cables, peoples! HUGE DIFFERENCE!

It is true.

Got that too, and the S3 download/update only took about an hour for me. :3

I’m good here now, but thanks. :wink:

God like difference Ethernet cable makes


Yes, it does. :slight_smile:

Yep, been using one since the Xbox one released.

Agreed. Always hard line your consoles. Faster, no interference, etc.