With Tusk trailer, insight as to a possible custom entrances?

Good day everyone,

I was watching Tusk’s trailer for the 100th time and then it struck me.

When he fights Omen, he has a custom caption.
Same for Riptor
Same for Spinal
And now for Vampire Lady.

I know it’s just a trailer but I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about maybe IG dropping hints that custom captions are in the works.

What’s everyone’s take?

It’s just for the trailer, we’ve gotten no indication that stuff like that will be put in the game.

Some people have tossed around the idea that Gargos might have unique voice quips for each fighter, which would be cool, but even doing that for 1 character probably won’t happen :frowning:

Maybe custom lines is something they’re planning for paid DLC. In my interview with Adam back in early January this is something we discussed which is that if the community wants it they may sell them. Also keep in mind that Season 3 Ultra Edtion of the games comes with a ton of bonus KI Gold which MS has hinted that can be used to buy unannounced things coming later in the season.


It IS possible, definitely hope it comes this season. I would like to use

for Mira and Hisako :joy:

This game has a lot of potential in regards to custom captions due to cast variety.

I gotta admit though it would be a huge challenge as every character would have 28 different captions

That’s a lot of recording and creative thinking, but it would be awesome nonetheless.