Wishlist for Darkstalkers 4


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Will there be any hope in bringing Darkstalkers back?

Plus what would your wishlist be if Darkstalkers was brought back into Darkstalkers 4? Look at the modes Street Fighter V got!

If they did make one I sort of want it to look really anime. Make it look like the last KOF. An alternative and budget realistic version would be the same art style of SFV. I hope its super stylized.

Will it happen? No. Especially since SFV didn’t meet expectations. Darkstalkers is more obscure than SFV so it would probably do lower in sales and compete with SFV. I’ve never played Darkstalkers before and my only relation to the game is SNK v Capcom and MVC but the combat of Darkstalkers would need to differentiate itself from SFV.

Also, Darkstalkers will be a direct competitor to SFV because they both share monster themed characters. If they go for a realistic looking game it would be most compared to KI.

Crapcom dont give a fck about many IPs they own like Darkstalkers, Megaman, Devil May Cry, even Resident Evil.

Microsoft/Rare should buy some ones. If they waste millions in that sh it called Minecraft… why not with serious IPs like those?.

Just imagine a Killer Instinct vs Darkstalkers…

Anyone got a character wishlist in mind for Darkstalkers 4?

Because Minecraft sales. Even to this day Minecraft shows up on the list of most sold game of the month. Meanwhile all of those IP’s struggle to even get on that list on launch.

But yeah, I agree. It would be cool if they bought Capcom or the IP’s. There was a rumor a few years back that Capcom was tanking and that it would be sold and Phil Spencer said cleared it up that they weren’t going to buy Capcom.

Lots of those IP’s are Iconic like Rare’s IP’s and even if the bought Capcom I doubt they would resurrect them all in 5 years because they have yet to even do that with Rare IP’s.

Instead of making a KI v Darkstalkers I think it would be a better idea to just roll them into KI. They both share the same monster theme so single games of both the franchises would be copying their own theme. Microsoft would need to give value back into those games like Nintendo does by putting Smash games. Each character placed in Smash grows in popularity exponentially.

My favourites were Morrigan and Jedah.
However, the Morrigan I like the most is not the one from any Darkstalker game, but from the very first Marvel VS Capcom. In that, we see in her intro that she merges with Lilith, and I think that’s absolutely AWESOME! Instead of just making a shadow image of herself in her supers and such, it would be Lilith teaming up with Morrigan.

And it is canon lore that Lilith is indeed a part of Morrigan’s soul which she merges with once more.

And of course I love Jedah as he weaponizes his blood and even makes a scythe from it! <3
Also, he can do fun stuff like this:

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My only wish is that we get the game lol

It will never happen especially not this gen. SFV did so bad I doubt Sony/capcom wants to take another loss in DS4. My real wish is that MS could buy DS’s right or something and make a game but that will never happen either.

Sad since I used to absolutely love DS on my old playstation it was my favorite game as a kid tied with SF Alpha

Darkstalkers 3 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 were definitely the best fighting games on the PS1! <3

No doubt!

Well, Morrigan was and always will be my fav char from DS. Lucky me, She is in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I really hope theyll make it Backwards for the XOne sooner, and play her again when i get tired of KI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, DS will be an old story if Capcom or another giant doesnt give it life.

My character wishlist would be:

John Talbain
Lord Raptor
BB Hood

Oh who am I kidding… I’d want all of them lol.

Honestly, there wasn’t a single character design in that game that I disliked. Sure, there were characters that I played a bit more than others, but even then, I still liked the designs and still used them every now and then.

It would be nice for a new Darkstalkers to join the new SF system.

And they need finishers like the Critical Arts & Vs!

And a LOT of folklores & fairy tales!

That’d be awesome. I do tend to wonder though how SFV’s struggles might affect the chances of them ever going back to the well on Darkstalkers. Wasn’t there some rerelease a few years ago that didn’t go so well, and based on that, they said they probably wouldn’t do another Darkstalkers for a while?

Sorry, I know that sounds super vague. If anything, it’d be nice to see MS come in and help make that happen. I know I’m in the minority, but I honestly prefer Darkstalkers to SF and always have. A sequel that’s XB exclusive would be pretty amazing (to me, at least).

A new protagonist would be nice.

Since Donovan is a Buddhist, its time for a Darkstalker fueled by Christianity to take over. A new hero.


One found adopted by a Christian church, this Darkstalker was taught to believe in Christ. And learns that there are Darkstalkers that are good & evil. He’s the new hunter.

This is probably the least thought out and dumbest idea I have ever seen/heard of.

I say that bluntly in the nicest way possible.

Okay then. If u all watched the show Grimm, what if there is a new hunter representing as the new protagonist, is based on true Brothers Grimm.

He’d be a detective and cop learning about his heritage and follows Christianity since Donovan took up Buddhism.

As long as Morrigan is in im game lol

I think the thing I would like to see most is that they ditch the sprites and make the game on w.e engine SFV uses. Bring Darskstalkers into the modern day, still 2D, but 3D models.

Here’s my list of characters:


  • Morrigan (succubus) - Lilith & her fused
  • Demitri (vampire)
  • Felicia (catwoman)
  • Jon Talbain (werewolf/lycan)
  • Rikuo (merman)
  • Victor (Frankenstein’s creature)
  • Anakaris (mummy)
  • Bishamon (cursed samurai)
  • Sasquatch
  • Hsien-Ko (jiangshi)
  • B.B. Hood (human - dark hunter)
  • Q-Bee (demon bee)
  • Jedah Dohma (demon)
  • Pyron (alien)


  • New dark hunter (Human - Donovan’s replacement. Based on Brothers Grimm and Christianity)
  • Anita (psychic)
  • Huitzil II (robot)
  • Wizard (and I’m not talking about the one in the cartoon)
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Slasher villain (from various horror slashers)
  • Wendigo
  • Ghost

u mean unreal 4.

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I think he means like with KI, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, where the game is made in 3D graphics, but plays in a 2D plane. It’s also called 2.5D.

I personally think Guilty Gear Xrd does it best, as it looks 2D and can make some really crazy things, something that would fit Darkstalkers style as well, but the whole thing is actually made in 3D.

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