Wireless mic help

I’m disappointed the Microsoft hasn’t released their own official wireless headset/earpiece mic.Unlike the Xbox 360 era, they had one of their own launched approximately a year after the launch of the console. I waited and still nothing, Xbox.com also has people asking the same question with no answers. My wired mic doesn’t work well and I want to be able to chat with a solid wireless mic.

If someone can help me because the people at Bestbuy are fools and know nothing about these things.

I’m looking for:

  • wireless headset

  • that isn’t too expensive

  • if possible not stereo or head set for both ears because I want to hear sound from my sound system not through the head set

  • headset strictly for chatter not game music/sound included in the ear piece

Thank you for your help/advice !!

Best wireless head set that I know of is the Turtle Beach 420X.

Its awesome and Ive even referred another member of the forum this head set and they bought one as well.

Its $149 at Game stop and other retailers. Its very simple to use, just plug in teh USB stick and go! THere is a woman that talks to you int he head set for option, ect… and it charges via USB into the Xbox. Its a little tight on my head so I stretch it out on something while not playing.

I guarantee you will not be dissapointed in this one. Now if you want something cheaper I believe you can get a Karma or something like that for $80 but I dont know how well it works. BUt I m pretty sure thats your only 2 options…80$ or 149$… there arent many to choose from.

But I’m looking for something similar to bluetooth, like the mic we are given with our Xbox One only difference is that I want it wireless. The headset covers both ears and I don’t want all my audio going through the headset cutting out chatter. I want the game sound come from my sound system and just chat through mic

I dont think they make what your looking for that is compatible with Xbox.

Not 100% sure, but you can go into the mixing options under settings to toggle off/on features. So you can use any mic you’d like and be able to listen to chat on the headset while having game audio through external speakers.

Wireless is always a bad idea. For everything.

Using anything wireless adds input delay and a drop in quality to whatever you are doing. (Even if it is just a little). And they are always more expensive. Why would you pay MORE for a drop in quality?

But if you still want wireless, look for “Turtle beach”. Everyone says “Astros” are better, but i have used Turtle Beach headsets for a while, and they are always great. They have never broken or worn out. I have only ever had to replace them because of an accident.

Thanks for the responses, I will look into those recommended head sets. Hopefully you’re right about that @duhgerman1. Thanks for the suggestions @ZDhome, I was looking at those models but wasn’t sure also with price point but if they last and generational too then they are worth the investment. I know they say wireless is never better than ethernet or plugged-in scenario but some of us like the flexibility. If you have very good internet, lag is non-existent. With my old wireless Xbox 360 mic, I had no issues.

Fidelity be damned! I’d gladly suffer some quality issues to never have to deal with my headset being yanked off my head ever again. On my old 360, i had a little wireless Bluetooth earpiece. It served me very well and also worked my phone. I was so disappointed when i tried to mate it with my, then new, xb1. The hell, Microsoft?

I know how you feel.

I’ve been looking on the net, I’m finding wireless head sets that aren’t really wireless because they are still connecting to the Xbox One controller, what the hell? BestBuy are really screwed up with their explanations.

You didnt specify what is too expensive? Some ppl might find $10 too expensive while other may feel ok spending $300.

Also, why do you need to use your sound system?

The reason I say this is that Ive been using the AstroA40 xbox one version. They are awesome. Comfortable, sound quality is great. 3 EQ settings if you want neutral sound, heavy bass, or setting that help with FPS for directional sounds. They also have a balance on the remote so I can add as much or little of game or chat sound that I please.

personally I prefer headset over sound system for the following reasons.

  1. You dont disrupt any neighbors or family
  2. You are interupted by anyone.
  3. IMO easier to locate sound location in games like FPS.

my only complaint about sound over the controller is there is a bit (approx 20-30ms ) of audio lag that M$ hasnt figured out yet. So that may impact games if you rely heavily on audio sync.

As for what you are looking for, Im not sure that has been developed yet. Not sure there is much public request for something like this either.

I don’t want to use my sound system because I must blast the audio - I’m not that type of gamer. It is simply because I find it distracting to have chatter and audio cues/music all in the headset at once. I need to hear my doorbell, phone, if someone is breaking into my house (not that I live in a ghetto neighborhood) just because I like knowing that I can be reached in case of emergency.

For me my price range is not more than $ 200, I just want something that is wireless and doesn’t plug into my controller draining my controller battery in the process.

The A40 are open cup, meaning that I can hear my surroundings almost as though Im not wearing headphones. So I can hear my phone, kids, wife, or any other sounds in my house without issue. I find I can listen to the headphone at a lower volume than I would be able to use a sound system and still hear all the detail (or better) than an external source at the equivalent volume.

And for hearing chat vs hearing game audio, these are high quality speakers so I have no issues with chat and other audio all at once, plus if one gamer is being obnoxious and I didnt have an opportunity to mute them, I simply use the mixer built in to mute or nearly mute the chat volume. Problem solved.

For battery, yes they use up controller battery life, but they are not crazy power drain. You may want to read up on how much xbox controller last for just gaming vs connected to a gaming headset.

Good luck in your search.

Which models/brands don’t plug into the controller. I just need a wireless mic, meaning no wire to my controller - wireless like a wireless Xbox One controller

I’ve searched this topic several times over the passed couple years. There is nothing like this on the market! If you want wireless, you must use stereo headphones. It’s a joke really. I also like to be in tune with my real life surroundings. A simple Bluetooth earpiece is all i want… just like on the 360. Rumor has it that xbone has bluetooth capability. It’s just not currently enabled, for who knows why.

The PDP Afterglow AG7/AG9 headsets both operate without plugging into the controller. i’ve used both and they both work well for me though they might not be your thing. But they go with your condition of being just wireless at least.

Thanks for the suggestions, The AG7 and AG9 both look appealing for what I need. I read a review for the AG7 and apparently there is no disable feature for Talkback or voice monitoring. That is something that would really annoy me because it is like talking on a phone with feedback. I now only have to find out if the AG9 has the feature with a disable function so that I can make the purchase. If anyone has the AG9 can you confirm?

Very few headsets at that price range have the ability to disable Mic monitoring as far as I know and you’re out of luck with both the AG7 and AG9. I have both so can confirm. Sorry to burst your bubble as it were on that one.

I placed my order on Amazon since no stores in my city had it. I decided on AG9 and from the research I did, I saw that there is a disable function for Mic Monitoring on the AG9

I believe you’re actually refering to the mute feature of the microphone, unfortunately. There is no way to disable the automatic microphone monitoring, unless it’s in a corner of the manual that Ihappened to have missed.