Windows 10 Version Sales?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been toying with the free-to-play version of Killer Instinct on my PC recently and I’m enjoying it and would like to buy the game down the road.

I’d prefer to pick up the Windows 10 version over the Steam version for proper crossplay options, but how often does the Windows 10 version go on sale? Any notifications with the Microsoft Store as an option, or do I need to manually check all the time?

There also seems to be two priced versions of the “Definitive Edition” right now, found here and here. Can someone please tell me what the difference is, as that’s a fair price difference for what appears to be the same product. The $39.99 one was actually listed as $31.99 yesterday…


I own the Windows/Xbox and Steam version and I definitely recommend buying the Windows 10 version over the Steam version for multiple reasons (I can more into detail if you want).

I bought KI shortly after Season 3 came out and haven’t bothered to look when the game goes on sale because of that, so I can’t help you there.

As to the different Definitive Edition, I noticed that the more expensive one includes the Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Hub. But I don’t know if it works on PC.

You see, the way I bought KI is very complicated.
First I bought Shadow Jago when he was still exclusive before I could even play the game, then season 3 dropped with the Supreme Edition.
The thing is, the Supreme Edition wasn’t available in Germany because of the 2 classic games (which I couldn’t even play because I didn’t have an Xbox One at that time.
So I bought the Ultra Edition of Season 3 + the Season 1 and 2 bundle.
Then after a while, the Definitive Edition dropped and at that time I also had an Xbox One, so I bought the Definitive Edition as a disc.
That means I can play KI (the reboot) on both Windows 10 and Xbox One and have all the content, but when I want to play KI 1 or 2 Classic or the Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Hub I need the disc.
The Xbox One disc obviously doesn’t work on PC. So I don’t know how it works on PC.
Since you get KI 1 and 2 Classic when you buy it on PC even though you can only play them on Xbox it could be possible that the Hub is also only available on Xbox One.

In short: It’s probably not worth the higher price.

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Thank you kindly for replying, @Cry3sis, much appreciated! I’d certainly be interested in more details about the Windows 10 vs Steam versions of the game.

For the Killer Instinct Definitive Edition Hub, exactly what is that; what does it do? I currently do not own an Xbox One console, so any Xbox One only content would be rather inconsequential to me.

The Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Hub is an app in which you can read through bios of the characters and stages, you can listen to all the songs from KI Season 1-3, KI1 and 2 Classic, and some Behind the Scenes stuff that you can also watch on Youtube. It’s pretty cool but since you can find almost anything online it isn’t that special.

As for the differences between the Windows and Steam version:

  • It’s a lot easier to just tab out of the Windows version since it’s always in a borderless window mode. Normally I prefer real fullscreen but the steam version is a bit weird.
  • The Steam version won’t recognize your controller if you accidentally disconnected it, so you have to restart the game. The Windows version recognizes your controller and works flawlessly even when you put it in after you started the game.
  • When you buy the Definitive Edition on Windows all characters will have a permanent XP boost (I don’t know if you still get it if you buy the game now) on Steam you don’t get the XP boost so you have to grind more to unlock all the accessories and colors for the characters.
  • The only thing that the steam version has that isn’t possible with the windows version is modding, but there aren’t a lot of mods for KI. The only thing I found useful is a mod that makes the game run on a 21:9 monitor, and since I have one, it’s interesting for me. But the mod isn’t perfect and not the ideal way to play the game. And if you don’t have an ultrawide monitor, well then it’s useless for you.
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Thanks again for the reply, @Cry3sis! Okay, I understand what the Hub is now, though it’s independent from the actual game itself; a completely separate App? And was it on PC or was it Xbox One only?

Those are some good differences to know. Modding isn’t my thing so that’s a non-issue for me, and I’m playing in 1920x1080 anyway. I do use a Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox One though, so proper controller support is definitely a must for me.

I’m actually going to ask a friend of mine who’s in the same region with an Xbox One to check how much the Definitive Edition is via the in-console store. I checked the Windows 10 Store direct, and it takes me to the second link I posted, the $51.99 version. I wonder if the $39.99 version is the Xbox One version, despite that fact that they’re each Xbox Play Anywhere Apps.

I will also add that if you intend to play online, then the Win10 version is definitely the way to go, as it is fully crossplay enabled with the X1 ecosystem. On Steam you can play Exhibition and Lobby sets with X1/Win10 players, but that system isn’t great for finding specific people. Additionally, the Steam Ranked ecosystem is completely separate, and empty for the most part. For ease of finding games online, Win10 is infinitely better. Steam does have a bit of extra stability going for it, but for the most part I’ve found Win10 KI to run almost perfectly anyway.

There’s apparently some kind of really jacked up bug with using Games Pass to get/play the Win10 version (where only a single character is unlocked for some reason), but as far as I know that issue is tied specifically to the title’s Games Pass integration. May be worth doing the research to confirm that however - wouldn’t want you to pay money for a title that doesn’t work the way it should.

I bought my versions through the X1 itself at each season’s launch, so cannot speak to your broader questions around the Definitive Edition and sales and such.

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@STORM179 Thanks for replying! I do intend to play Online, but mostly with a friend or two. Having the option to go further if I wish is quite appealing though, and another reason I was leaning towards the Windows 10 version of the game.

I read about that bug in another thread, though I was unaware it was tied to the PC Games Pass. I saw to that some people only have one character unlocked, some people have all but Season 3, and other variations in-between.

I’m really enjoying the game, and I definitely want it. My September is going to be crazy busy at work, so what I’ve decided to do is come mid-October when things quiet down, I’m going to buy the game, sale or not.

A few quick questions:

  • If I buy the digital Xbox One version, that will allow me to play the full PC version, correct? I don’t own an Xbox One, but that version of the game is $39.99 standard, as opposed to the PC version’s $51.99 price tag.
  • An Xbox LIVE Gold membership is not required for the PC version’s multiplayer, correct?
  • In case I do find that many characters are locked, despite owning the Definitive Edition, what’s the support contact info for the game? Is it basic Xbox Support? If that happens I’ll reach out to them and troubleshoot (I assume a basic uninstall/re-install like I’ve seen others post), and if that doesn’t work, I’d want to request a refund and I’d buy the Steam version instead.


Yep. KI is cross-buy, so once you have it for X1 you have it in the Win10 store as well. The account you download it to does need to be the same as your Win10 account though (if there was any question about that).

I’ve had XBL for the past 10+ years (man I’m getting old :sweat_smile:), but I’m 99% sure this is correct. Win10 lets you play in the XBL ecosystem, but isn’t itself tied to XBox Live. @TheMikeRobles should hopefully be able to confirm that though.

On your support question, I don’t know think there is a dedicated KI support channel, so you just contact generic XB support. I do know that you can usually refund even a digital title so long as you do it quick enough/haven’t played a certain number of hours though, so if you have any issues with characters not unlocking definitely be really proactive in talking to them.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks man. So if I do buy without a sale price, I’d snag the Xbox One version via the online store then to save a little cash.

If I find characters are not unlocked, my plan is to immediately uninstall/reinstall and if that still does not resolve the issue, reach out to Xbox Support to troubleshoot and if that fails, request the refund. Hopeful that won’t be needed though!

One more question: in the Store, I noticed there’s Ultimates (finishers) for much of the cast, and that their $0.00. So I take it these moves do not come with the game and you need to download them post-purchase at no charge?

Yeah, the ultimates are a free download addendum to the main title.

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Note you’re likley seeing the 31.99 price because with the xbox pc game pass you can buy the game outright at a 20% discount. Though you have to hit the Microsoft store directly to see that discounted price (you can see it thorugh the xbox app but its extremely convoluted to make that show up)

on pc you don’t need xbox gold for MP

if you buy the game, you’d go to xbox support for issues. though as people have noted, even if you run into the issue, you’d just have to manually ‘unlock’ each fighter by going into the game and selecting each fighter manually which basically unlocks them.

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For the pricing, it’s the pricing without Game Pass, as I’m looking on the website. It’s currently $39.99 Canadian for the Xbox One version, and $51.99 for the PC version.

In terms of manually unlocking characters you own that are locked, do you mean going to character select, selecting them, and then buying them?

Seems peculiar the pricing is so disparate but I dont have a canadian xbox account to compare so maybe that’s why

My understanding from some xbox users is that you go in and ‘buy’ the characters again but its more of a fake buy as it somehow then triggers the game to actually know you own the character and unlocks it.

Yeah, I’m not sure either and also find it rather odd.

Ah, I understand what you mean. I’ve read that works on Xbox One, but not for those with locked characters on PC. Of course, I can only say what I’ve read and can not confirm if it’s true or not. I’ll potentially find out when I buy the game.

Hey Everyone.

Yesterday I bought Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, from the Microsoft Store for Wins 10.

It’s all installed, but the problem is when I want to launch or start the game, it won’t let me play, because when I clicked on the Killer Instinct Icon, a Window Opened, showing the Killer Instinct Logo, then the Window Closes.

Does anyone in the forum have any advice or help on how can I solve this issue?

BTW My Windows 10 is Version 1903

Firstly, welcome to the community!

That’s a rather frustrating issue. When you say you click the icon to launch the game, where is said icon located? When the game simply crashes on you, is there any error message or anything? Can you list your system specs?

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Thank you for the Welcoming Message.

Here are my System Specs:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz
Display Adaptors:
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Intel® HD Graphics 4600
BaseBoard Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
BaseBoard Product: H87-HD3
BasBoard Version: x.x
Installed RAM: 16.0GB (15.9GB Usable)

Also no I did not receive Error Messages when trying to Launch Killer Instinct on my PC. The Window of Killer Instinct just opens and closes like for 0.5 Second, really fast

I tried launching Killer Instinct from the Start Menu and Microsoft Store, but it did not work unfortunately

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Your system can certainly handle the game, so the problem shouldn’t be there. Some general troubleshooting steps to try, if you haven’t already:

  • Perform Windows Update to make sure you have all the latest updates for the OS.
  • Confirm you’re using the latest video drivers for your AMD card, and update them if you are not.
  • Try resetting the App. Go to Start Menu>Settings>Apps and Click on “Killer Instinct.” Select “Advanced Settings.” Scroll down and Click “Reset.”

If the reset doesn’t work, I’d reboot and try again.

If that still doesn’t work, I’d suggest uninstalling the game, and then re-installing it.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to reach out to Xbox Support.

Hope the above helps!


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