Will we expect more big bad villains (antagonists) in future KIs?

With ARIA & Gargos, wonder if we’ll expect more big bad villains in future sequels of Killer Instinct.

In MK, we got: Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi & Onaga

SF: M. Bison, Seth & Gill

TK: Heihachi Mishima, Devil, Ogre, Jinpachi Mishima & Azazel

KoF: Rugal Bernstein, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, Jivatma, etc.

DS: Pyron & Jedah Dohma

What kind of major villains will we expect KI to have?


Well, Eyedol in Killer Instinct is sort of inevitable, for every one person who hates him their is three who love him. As for additional main villains though, I would love to see something futuristic and technological become a villain. ARIA is now, Eyedol and Gargos are the distant past, so the only place to go is the future.

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Perhaps we’ll get to see other corporations rise up against Ultratech.

Even aliens out of our solar system to join in the fight. More magical enemies? Even things technological. Or another dimension or another time.

Eyedol still has to show up, and unless they decide to make a twist and turn him into a hero, he will be a big bad.

Since ARIA hasn’t been defeated or killed, she could still be up to some devious plot to unleash more inter-dimensional baddies.

Well I’m sure ARIA will continue her plan to evolve humanity somehow. I mean, look here.

Plus… has anyone watched the Fatal Fury Motion Picture? What if KI had an antagonist who desired to become a god?

Check out this movie!

But Aria isn’t “now”. She is the future and alien if you read her back story. Her design looks really dated though and not very advanced. She is more Steampunk than futuristic.

I think the guys at Epic did a better job at making the Aria concept come to life.

The KI doods should think about doing Character break downs like this. Pretty much all the mobas and new shooter mobas do it. If they really want to sell characters they should probably try to convince them why with trailers like this.

That’s why Eyedol has to be in this KI, so we can have an all new big bad in the next game :slight_smile:

Like MK, the KI universe seems to be set up in a way where you can have an endless amount of different characters of all shapes, sizes. origins etc. so it would be extremely easy for them to make a new big bad IMO

As for what to expect? Something monstrous hopefully. ARIA is a good antagonist (If you consider her one) but I think KI needs more big, monster like characters as bosses. They don’t have to be mindless monsters though, just something menacing and intimidating.

Eyedol and Gargos were both like that back in the day, and if Omen/Shago’s instinct activation animation and that one Shago Icon are any indication as to what Gargos is going to look like, he is going to look even more “monster” than he used to, and it looks f****** awesome lol

But what about evil overlords like Shao Kahn? Or even gods like Shinnok or Raiden? Even those mutants like Bison?

I mean check out the comics!


  • Magneto
  • Mister Sinister
  • Apocalypse
  • Mandarin
  • Thanos
  • Ultron (ARIA’s got him)
  • Galactus
  • Dormammu


  • Doomsday
  • Darkseid
  • Hugo Strange

This is weird because the way the lore in killer instinct is set up. There’s no limit or bounds to what you can do with it. With the hope of season 3 coming and introducing “original” characters, you can go into other fiction mythos. I know the fanbase had been requesting a vampire. Perhaps maybe a certain two headed cyclops? Regardless, with the over arching plot of gargos influence on earth PLUS the out of this world characters now (immortal skeleton, werewulf, native american shaman-like powers, onryu, golem, etc.) The possibilities are limitless. I personally would like a small-in-size-but-cunning antagonist. Not a main villian, but a side villian like sadira and kan ra.

A rabbit with an ancient time machine of course

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That’s interesting. Perhaps a blue hedgehog with a fascination for chill dogs?

Your late

[quote=“DulXboxOne, post:12, topic:6490”]
blue hedgehog with a fascination for chill dogs?
[/quote] porcupines have better poke game though

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Well… here’s an idea…

Season 3 will be all about Gargos escaping Limbo and attacking Earth.
Well, KI1 was about UltraTech summoning Eyedol from Limbo through portal technology.
Maybe in this new KI, after Gargos has wrought havoc throughout Season 3, ARIA (representing UltraTech) will push the big red button which calls upon Eyedol who will then defeat Gargos… and then turn his eyes on world domination.

Which could make Eyedol the next big baddy of Season 4.
Just an idea though.

Anybody trolling this thread must delete their posts now and leave!


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Anyone else got anything for future villains besides Eyedol? Please!?

You asked about future villains for KI, and alot of people find Eyedol to be the logical choice.
It’s not trolling, it’s discussing the future of KI.

Why, do you hate the rabbits. Why have an angry kneejerk reaction instead of actually being considerate of peoples ideas?

HAHAHAHA oh my gosh xD