Will we ever see a sequel someday?

It would be nice for Killer Instinct’s franchise to continue. I hate to see it wasted.

There are a lot of things KI can explore for future stories & characters.


Possibly IG will pull a Rockstar and release a KI game a few years after this one and have updates rolled out for another few years (hopefully I’m correct on this).

I would like to see a sequel also, current one is looking a tad dated, especially against the current fighters out there.

Mainly after new awesome graphics, nice animating characters, wicked designs, good offline game modes and a solid story line, Maybe corrupted guardians or one evil guardian?.

Anywho it really depends on how much money Microsoft are willing to throw at the sequel if there ever
is one.

Considering how much support KI is getting, I think that a sequel will be inevitable. However for now I will be happy with this I tilla sequel is made.

All I can say to anyone reading this is do not expect them to take the original KI-1 and KI-2 cast back to their old designs ect.


We need a new Ki made by ArcSytemWorks!!


So far I like that idea. If well executed, this could work.

I’ve always said a developer like Arcsystemwoks, would be ideal for a new game of KI. You only have to see the hype that is doing dbz, there are many dbz games, but they have never caused the impact of this game, and that is only because it is developed by Arcsystemwoks. Guaranteed success

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I’d like to see a sequel someday, certainly. I’m very happy getting more content for this game though, and they could honestly support it for another five years and I’d love that, but if they decided to pivot to a new game, that’d be cool by me.

As for the developer, I think that Arc System Works makes a great fighting game, no question. But I think a lot of the hype they’re getting right now is because they’re getting DBZ right, as in they’re doing right by the brand; making a great, fun to play game that’s chocked full of fan service and love for the source material.

Now, I’m sure we all have an opinion on how much MS / IG love the source material, how faithful they are to it, how well they capture the “essence” of it (or some other vague word for "they made it the way I think it should be made), but for me, this current KI game has a much lower execution barrier than the old KI games, it has a lot of story, you can tell research went in to the characters (language study, custom study, etc) and beyond that, the game is just a blast to play.

The character designs are fantastic, the gameplay is amazing, the netcode is super smooth and the gameplay modes are unique and compelling. I’d like to see them improve a bit as far as the UI style and consistency as well as a few other small nitpicks like mismatched fonts and the pre-match load screen, so yeah, perhaps presentation could be improved. It’d also be nice if they had the budget to make more cut scenes and to do them without having to reuse assets, but again, to me, that’s a small nitpick.

If we get a KI sequel, I’d love it if Iron Galaxy were at the helm again. I’d just like to see them get more money and manpower (and time, if needed) to realize their vision as fully and thoroughly as possible.

Would be nice to see more new characters from pop culture.

we may see more KI, overall its done quite well. for now, just enjoy the game and keep fightin


I really Hope so.

No it doesn’t. A developers name doesnt equal a game success.


I bet Arcsystemwoks would do much better than IG.

Net code?
Art style?

I disagree. KI has a art style that heavily contrast the art style of most arcsystems games. The reason dragon ball fighter looks so good is because the art style of the guilty gear engine works so well with how dragon ball anime looks.

KI art style have always been darker yet stylized. Trying to force arc system to make this is just like what happened to marvel vs capcom With its completely different art style than what it was known for.

And no one would ever wish what MvCI is going through on any other fighting game franchise

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Wrong! dbfz does not run on the guilty gear engine.

That depends on an individuals taste.

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i assume you have a source to back that up?

first Let me ask you what engine do you think runs xrd? Dbfz uses unreal 4. I was gonna say the answer after but i said might aswell say it now and not later. Who knows when i will look at this again.