Will they make a sequel for KI for the future?

When season 3 is done, I just hope they’ll think about making a new sequel for the future.

I’d rather see more seasons, or at least more costume/accessory/color DLCs for a bit, I don’t think I want another KI game for a few years. There needs to be enough time to build or learn a really powerful engine and have a significant upgrade in graphics and animation to make it worth going for a full new game.

Plus, I enjoy the current KI, and adding more content to a game I like is always preferable to getting an entirely new game without several years having passed.


I think a sequel will come, especially considering KI was successful enough to garner two additional seasons and a port to PC. But it’ll probably be a few years off so they can make the changes, tweaks and additions needed to differentiate that game from this one.

It’s not a business model that implies sequel making. There won’t be one at least until the next gen of consoles.


very important point. Street Fighter did the same thing with 4, they made it last the whole console generation, didn’t change the core number until a new console hit. Probably MK too, though I haven’t kept track of MK9.

I don’t know, I could see KI garnering at least one sequel on the Xbox One, but not for several years. So far we are almost 2 years into the Xbox One’s life cycle, and it’s just now seeing more mass adoption of it. Both Sony and MS are really dedicated to making the new consoles around a 10 life cycle, and given 8 years (possibly, hypothetical) there may be room to develop a true full-fledged sequel. But it would still be YEARS off. If we could squeeze at least 4 more years out of KI without adding to the roster and making it 40+ (I can’t stand the size of SF4 now), that would be fantastic. But 8 years (again, estimating here) is a long time without at least one major sequel.

I will say this though, hopefully we can at least continue the seasonal model for a while to come. Also hope there are a few periods of stability and no major updates or changes to give the game a little breathing room and let the dust settle from the major update time frames.

yeah SF4 was released in 2009, so that’s about a 5-6 year cycle. And, as you said KI has already been out for 2 years, whereas SF is just now coming out. So I can certainly see the point of coming out with a new KI2 for X1/PC, but we have at least 2 or 3 years or so before that happens.

Besides, we’d all want a brand new game to be noticeably, obviously, prettier and way more advanced than this one. That’s gonna take time to wait for new technology and graphics to be ‘discovered’ and developed.

Then again, MKX is blowing every other fighting game away graphically and I’m pretty sure it’s just Unreal 4 that it’s on so… maybe all those upgrades can happen easily in 2 years or so.

If there is a sequel, I hope it’s a full blown game and not season based. With this KI, it always feels like you’re forever waiting for things. It never feels complete.

Which is kind of my point, MK 9 came out in 2011 and it was around 4 years before a sequel was released, but that game went through far less updating and content additions, so a sequel was a more logical choice.

With KI, we have a LONG time to consider before ever needing a sequel given how the game updates via the seasonal method. Years to say the least, and maybe we may not need a full sequel in this console cycle.

All I’m saying is: Don’t close your minds to it all together, but don’t be so quick to it. We have a REALLY good KI now, let’s enjoy it for as long as it can last, and not worry about these things until they need to happen, should they arise.

I’m gonna keep KI going however I can for as long as I can. I just don’t want the cast to grow so large, it becomes a balance nightmare. I feel that’s one of SF4’s major drawbacks. That huge roster makes learning the entire game so difficult.

I’m open for a full sequel (new character models, new mechanics, reset to 8-16 characters again) after about Season 5. I would say before then, but I’m hoping that MS gives KI that extra push for S3 development-wise.

If KI evolves graphically between now and Season 5, then there would be no reason to start from scratch again.

KI will have to get a sequel at some point. I can’t imagine we’ll see season 8 and a 72 character roster for this game. That’d be insane. I mean sure, MK Armageddon had that number, if I’m not mistaken, but there IS such thing as too much of a good thing.

That said, I think a number of people just kind of assume that season 3 should be the last. Like once we have all of the old KI characters remade, that they have everything they need and the game can come to and end.

I don’t quite understand that logic. I’m not in a rush to leave any of these characters on the cutting room floor the next time a new KI is released. I’m also not dying to ditch this game’s fighting system in favor of something new that may or may not be superior to what we have and love already.

This KI is phenomenal. Why would you want to see it end? What, for some graphical upgrades? Big deal. The game is fun as all get out and I absolutely love IG’s character designs. A full season of those would be awesome. Maybe even two full seasons. So yeah, I’d be down for five seasons of this game. Maybe even six if they were somehow able to optimize the graphics a bit.

After that, I’d say start planning ahead for the next KI, but again, I’m in no hurry to see that happen any time soon.

I think it’s time for a sequel when they’ve fully explored everything they can with the current mechanics. At some point I’m sure they’ll come up with some mechanics that are a natural evolution of the game, but would be too disruptive or hard to implement with the current engine.

Season 3 in my opinion should be the end of the traditional character seasons. After Season 3 I think Iron Galaxy should focus on things like Ultimates (which I made a whole thread about here), Stage Ultras, No Mercies, Humiliations, Classic Stages, a full physical release, collectors edition basically all the things people want. Then they should begin work on Killer Instinct 4 as a launch title for the next Xbox.

If they make KI4, I hope they get someone else to work on it.

Maybe so, maybe

I don’t expect a sequel for a long time, though it is inevitable given this series’ ability to come back from the grave.
I think that they’re going to keep the game going until they feel they’ve run out of stuff to add or a new console generation starts. Several games keep going long after their release, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Im with you on that one. I think if they can’t get Ultimates this season (which seriously they really really should try)

Then I guess they can focus on that after this season.

As for te sequal of KI, I only expect to see a sequel at the next gen of consoles. Personally, I’m going to take my time and enjoy this game. Why want a sequal so soon when we just got the rest of the old KI cast?

They did say this multiple times.

they plan to have the games content update through out the Xbox One’s life span.

I still hope for season 3 to be the last and KI will have a sequel.

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That may not happen till after the Xbox one passes.