Will there still be weekly textual streams?

Hi KI team,

Are you folks still going to be doing the weekly textual streams leading up to the release of season 3? I know there probably isn’t a lot you could share with us right now since March is a long ways away and things are probably in the conceptual stages right now but I thought the streams were a nice way of bringing the community together to get excited every 7 days. Maybe you could do the streams every two weeks and then return to a weekly schedule when you had more to talk about. I’d love to see that happen and I’m sure there are a bunch of folks on here that would as well.

Right ultra-combo forum users?


P.S. Sorry if there was already a thread about this. I searched for one in a few different ways and found nothing.


I really hope so and I need one soon. So many questions right now.

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Yeah the lack of recent textual streams has been disappointing but understandable. A Q&A should happen at least in my opinion.


I think that part in bold is key, and great post overall btw, DarkMadrigal. Couldn’t agree more.

I mentioned back in the season 2 forums that while I understand that there isn’t news or information or even tease-like stuff to share each week when we’re this far away from season 3, it’d still be cool if there was some type of developer-led topic of some sort.

Maybe it’s as simple as asking a question like “what kind of weapon would you like to see a character use in KI and why?”

You combine something like that with an update on how the game’s coming along. Doesn’t have to be horribly specific or reveal too much, but maybe just a vague idea of some aspect of the game that you’re working on. Perhaps a few areas where you guys are listening to the fans and looking to update, with more info to follow.

You combine all of that with some smaller updates on info that you can provide, like a pic or two of Shadow Jago or a tease of something else and I think it could be a really nice place for fans to come together each Friday and be in more direct communication with the devs.

Just my 2 cents. I really enjoy the textual streams, so it’d be cool to have something that’s relatively compelling even in the absence of big info, reveals etc.




This was always 1 of my favorite parts about this community. Nowhere else in my experience have I seen devs seem so passionate and kind and open towards their fans. Even for small or off-the-wall things, I think this should continue to be a thing. Please keep it up, IG - don’t let us down! :wink:


I’m sure they won’t let us down! Every season we get a new forum. And every season they give us some kind of weekly news lol really excited to see what’s coming!

Looks like it won’t be that regular for the next little bit. With so much time before the launch of S3 I guess they don’t want to spoil all the surprises that are coming up. I understand but it’s a bit sad not having each Friday deliver a little morsel of information for us to obsess over.

Hopefully it will come back in some form soon.

Yea I hope so too. At least for now rukkizel does free stuff Friday, which is pretty cool.

P.S. I lost my sh*t at your profile pic :laughing: so funny