Will there be a new Killer Instinct for the Scorpio?

wink wink A bigger and better Killer Instinct with more characters and what not.

Given that everything coming to Scorpio is also coming to Xbox One, I tend to doubt it. I mean, maybe KI will look better on Scorpio? I’d have to assume so. Maybe it’ll run better, with better load times. Who knows. But as far as a unique KI game made specifically for Scorpio, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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No, games require a lot time and effort.(a couple years worth)

I’d expect a graphical upgrade at most.

I’m with the other two above me. I doubt it. Also: there’s a good chance your favorite character won’t come back the next game, so don’t jump so far ahead about it.

Didn’t Phil Spencer say that there will be no Scorpio exclusive games?


But It’s very likely going to be games that are optimized for Scorpio…

Except for vr games.

But that’s vr. That’s a totally different beast

Still counts.

Scorpio is just an advanced version of the Xbox one, so I doubt there’ll be a new KI for it. There could be a version with better graphics or higher resolution but I’m sure 99% of the content will be the exact same.

All Microsoft games will support Scorpio but a new KI won’t be made specifically for it. Just to get KI in 1080p on the Scorpio would be nice let alone 4K.

They will most likely do SOMETHING … but a whole new game? Id bet against it

Most likely Just a 4k version of what we have

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Yeah 4K KI seems like the most obvious thing for them to do. It gives them a game that they can tout as 4K for launch without having to put in too much effort.

I would assume there’d be a better looking version of current KI on Scorpio… Cooler lighting, load times, textures, etc…

I feel like the current KI still has a few years left in it. Fighting games tend to have longer legs than most other genres. As long as new characters continue to trickle out, features continue to be added, and tournaments are held fans will keep playing.

No they said there will be no exclusive titles.
My bet it’s geared towards VR, and Ultra HD, though they denied this.

Loading will be faster if it has SSD.

Vr games will be the only exclusives rhat scorpio will have.

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Microsoft is known to change their policy and plans a lot so hang tight!