Will the new DLC fighters cost $10 for now on?

And even if they are $10, will some of the costs go to charity, tournaments, more characters/stages and etc.

More than likely they’ll be $5 unless IG/MS decide to do another community fund or other similar initiative.


Pretty much what Galactic said. We don’t really have anything to back that assumption but seeing how funding is going towards this year’s events, it’s not unreasonable to expect that price.

If you’re iffy on $10, you can choose to wait it out like a few others.

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I doubt it. I assume Kilgore’s the only one you’ll likely pay 10 bucks for.

Kilgore fund has no money cap. Only a set date the fund will end at that we don’t know. With a setup like that there is no reason to make the other 2 characters another fund. And so soon too

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Unfortunately, people claiming the next two characters will be $5 are just speculating. There has been no announcement and although you can make a seemingly logical case, you can also make a seemingly logical case for $10. So, don’t confuse wishful thinking with reality.

There has been no announcement in the pricing of future characters.


Characters have always been 5 dollars with the exception of Shadow Jago and Kilgore who were both community funders. In the Kilgore stream Keits said 5 for the character 5 for the tourney fund. I don’t forsee them changing the pricing model as it has worked so well so far. Anything beyond the original $5 has always gone towards something to make the game bigger and better.


Rukari mentioned, I don’t remember where, that they were aware about the pricing issue but reminded us that it was for community funding. Then he said the next 2 character releases would be “different”. He didn’t say they were gonna cost less or cost more, he literally just said different lol but to me that means they’re not gonna be 10 bucks.

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Carefully crafted, ambiguous wording for the win!

Long and short, we will have details on pricing of future characters as we get closer to their release.


Guess we’ll have to stay tuned lol

How bout if the next character is 10, the community fund 5 bucks goes to more stages for Eyedol, Mira, etc…


I wish they did something similar to SFV fight money. Killer money to buy characters, although the amount of killer dollars would be ridiculous, ensuring that purchasing is the much easier route.

As of now shadow currency is for skins, and KI gold costs real money.

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You get KI Gold in Daily Rewards now. Adds up over a few weeks.


I’ve accumulated over 1500 KI Gold since they introduced daily rewards (50 days ago?).


Now that’s a fund I could get behind, I’d donate EXTRA for that. Expanding the game is worth my pocket change, not expanding a stranger’s wallet.


Lol. As frustrated as I am with the lack of info, you deserve a like for being both self aware and amusing.


Don’t hold your breath. I can see this becoming a trend in this game.
Shadow Kim Wu: $10
Shadow Orchid: $10
Shadow Maya: $10

It won’t shock me. Half of the proceeds go to tournaments only.

Ok. Don’t disappoint. :wink:

Daily rewards? That is a start! Do I have to be online?

I doubt that. I will say this though; I’m tired of this trend of peole posing whole new topics about their grievances(albeit understandable to a degree) over this and not posting it a topic that already blabbed everyting that can be said and keep this stuff minimized.

Only trend I see here is people spitting the same stuff as everyone else and everyone else in turn having tot ry to explain it yet again.

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