Will S3 be Enough? Or Will People Quit Again

s3 is around the corner but i have one question will it be enough to save this community will the changes bring more hate or will it grow it. This community is pretty solid so i say it will grow a bigger fanbase and will prob hit a average of 90-110 east coast maybe 30-50 west coast. we’ll just have to wait and see


Most of the “hate” i have seen for the changes in this game has disappeared after about 5 seconds after they are revealed.

Fighting game communities can NEVER make up their mind about anything. Even now, people are saying “Sadira is the worst, buff her” But she has made amazing comebacks in top 16s and top 8s in recent events.

What i’m basically trying to say is that almost none of KI’s hate is justified. If anyone leaves over some changes, they probably weren’t ever going to be satisfied no matter what. They were going to leave soon anyway.


What do your numbers mean? 90 people playing, going to events, or what? You should qualify what you mean by those numbers.

Aside from that, I plan on trying my hand at EVO this year. I hardly ever have the chance to enter tournaments, because of when I work, but I’m making the 7 hour drive this year for sure.

I’m pretty sure the number is in the 2000s or 4000s already…I’m actually expecting higher numbers now…

There is not a doubt in my mind that the community will grow in some way but by how much is still yet to be determined. Just like going from S1 to S2 there will be players that drop the game and that’s fine but people will always be there to replace them. To answer the topic of your thread I don’y really think there is anything we can do to keep people playing if they don’t like it, they just play and enjoy the games they want to and if KI isn’t one of them then so be it.

All MS and IG can do is to impress people with great character designs, regular content updates and ensure that PC and Xbox One players have a great cross play experience.


im speaking in terms of tournament numbers

events tournaments etc

I’d figure that simply increasing the total number of players in the game at any given time would be the most logical way to increase turnouts at tournaments. More people playing = More potential competitors, right?
So really anything that brings in new dudes will have a positive effect on the pro scene. Plus, as the game’s life span continues, people who drop the game in favor of something else can and will eventually be replaced with new blood. It’s the circle of life for any game that’s played at a competitive level.

no one knows how the turnout of the pc port will be, if the port comes out bad that would def not bring in more competitors, If it comes out good great i dont expect the pc to bring in a massive amount to the pro scene, i say about 12% increase at the highest depending on how well the pro scene is advertised

Same answer. You have to think about it like this:
New Players < Casuals < Pros < Continue to Play < Online Events < Offline Events

As you continue to narrow it down the pool of players that will pick up the game, like the game, stick with the game, decide if they are casual or hardcore, and traveling vs online events gets smaller and smaller. There will be new players who go to offline events for sure but that number will be a lot lower than someone who just tries out the game and plays it casually online exclusively right. It’s really hard to find that type of player who travels to offline majors unless they are already committed and delved into the FGC.

I’m not talking about a massive increase overnight. I mean that making the game available to more people will bring in people couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have joined the player base otherwise. While the number of people waiting for a PC port of Killer Instinct probably isn’t going to make headlines, it’s still a group of people that want to play the game. Then you have the people who jump on and off seasonally, sticking around for the frequent updates and new characters. They aren’t leaving the game forever, they’re just waiting for more stuff.

Now there will certainly be people who stop playing Killer Instinct. It has happens and will happen with literally every game in the history of ever. But as long as there’s a community behind a property who wants to go out and play it, and as long as there are venues willing to host tournaments, the scene will continue to exist. Based on the recent Games with Gold deal , the upcoming PC port, and new Season 3 content, I’m fairly certain we’ll get more players than we would with only Season 2 content on One console. I mean, I know that I’ll be playing a lot more KI than I do now when we finally get Kim Wu and Tusk. It’s not impossible to assume there are people who are waiting to jump back in based on those sentiments alone.

TL;DR- I’m not suggesting that Season 3/PC Port will make Killer Instinct outsell Call of Duty or even Street Fighter. I’m just saying that a multiplatform release with a stream of new content has a much better chance of bringing in a bigger audience than a Console exclusive game that’s received only one or two major updates in the several months. Plus, the more players we bring in for regular online play, the bigger the potential pool of people looking to get competitive.

Yeah MK flopping on PC gives me no real hope on the KI PC port. I mean the Kombat Pack 2 isn’t even coming to PC.

As far as making people stop quitting KI, they should invest in something other than ranked play. Casuals don’t stick around just for ranked. Maybe they should add something silly/crazy fun and not something that requires insane focus and dexterity.

my suggestion is to have parameters on the matchmaking. I only started playing this game on sunday and in my first day of playing ranked i was against killer ranked players. And im still facing killer ranked players nearly every match.

It’s not fun at all versing the same 3 killer ranked players who are in the top 32. Despite being put into bronze (and now climbed into silver) it still happens. It’s not fun getting molested by the same people. I want to be playing people around my own skill level. When i am put against people my level, the game is very fun and some of the best fighting game matches i’ve had in a long time. But there comes moments with KI where i have to stop playing for half an hour before playing again just to avoid the killer players. This kind of imbalanced matchmaking is what drives people away from competitive games.

Play exhibition…

Pretty much this

As far as I am concerned @sICK_DEM0NS I have no plans of quitting for KI :stuck_out_tongue:

since the games will be playable on PC there’s a good chance we can expect bigger numbers.

I dont see many people picking up tje game seriously on pc. Most of the portbeggers are just casual players. Will be funny to see almost no improvements in the competitive offline scene.


people simply dont see ki as a good time investment. no matter how much money theres in. no need to get upset

If IG delivers the massive upgrades and improvements Adam Isgreen has hinted at then I really think the 3rd times the charm for KI. I can see it taking off HUGE w the simultaneous release on both platforms. I’m pretty ■■■■■■■ excited…2 more months!!

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Not really sure how MK has any bearing on the success of a KI to Windows 10 port. The good thing is that Microsoft owns KI and is using their own platform to make it, so the odds are way better that KI on Windows 10 will be successful in terms of quality. KI being exclusive to Windows 10 makes it more proprietary and better quality can be achieved.