Will Omen become KI's Akuma/Gouki?

In Street Fighter, Gouki became Akuma when succumbed to the Satsui no Hadou.

With Jago now free from Omen, how would you all picture Gargos’ herald become a full-fledged character? As KI’s Akuma?

Would you picture him possessing a new body or something?


I think that even though Omen is free of Jago’s body, he is slightly weakened since he has to be on his own. In Jago’s body, he had the full power of the Tiger Spirit, which we all know is Gargos pretending to be the Tiger Spirit. Which in turn is Something really bad. So all that power was surging through Omen, allowing him to access supernatural potential. So while Omen should be the Akuma/Gouki of KI, I think it goes to Shadow Jago.

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Well for Shadow Jago, I see him as KI’s Evil Ryu and Devil JIn.

So Omen will probably gain a more physical form or possess someone with an evil heart or ambition to do so.

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i dont think he will be the akuma on KI the one that will be is shadow Jago

I think Omen will be the Oni of KI

I also think that if he had his own design, he would have been a hit outside of KI. Wish I could have given devs more time.

He could be the Akuma. He’s got one of the hypest and most devastating moves. The Dreaded Demonic Despair. :smile:

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Omen looks too retarded and moves too retardly to be compared to someone like Akuma or Oni.

It’s better for Omen to return either gaining physical form or possess a new fighter. Maybe gain a human form of his own.

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Still think Omen’s a bonus character? Expanding Omen can be goose him to be KI’s Akuma.

If not, then a new character can continue Gargos’ reign. Someone who fights like Gouki and Kazuya.

I think that still belongs to Shadow Jago in some way, Omen doesn’t have too many different moves to or is even that similar to Jago.

New character it is!

Omen is omen and I wanna keep it that way. He’s too much fun

That’s not a very good reason whatsoever.

Of course it is. Omen looks like a joke character to me.

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That’s the reason why Omen is the Akuma/Gouki of KI. People be like, Omen sucks! Then when they get blown up, there like,

“Oh…Well, He’s a very good character…” :laughing:

Have people ever thought Akuma and Gouki suck?