Will Mira have her own stage?

Will Mira have her own level at some point in the future?

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No. As of now, there are, and will be, only 3 stages in season 3. Also, there is a history of not going back and changing things like this from past seasons.

Nope, only Kim, Tusk, and Arby are getting new stages this season.

We hope we will get the missing stages later



Maaaaaybe if we complain enough, or pay into a community fund but unfortunately as it is they don’t plan to make ANY additional stages beyond what we have.

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I feel like they plan to do that. Not only because there are so many people asking for that, but because i think the devs love their game and want to do that. I think they didn t make them because of time, and will try them in future

I would pay a solid 10-15$ in order to get a stage for each remaining character. No question.


Maybe in Season 4?

Who knows. I’m sure she’ll get her own stage at some point.

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i agree with this. Ig are a bunch of fighting game/KI nerds like us. (i use nerds and passionate fans interchangeably). Of course they want the other stages as much as we do, and of course theyre going to do everything they can to make that happen, right now it was probably a question of time and priority.

were acting as if IG watches a chicken with its head cut off run around a stage with game design decisions on the floor until it dies.

“Oh chicken, how many stages doth season 3 necessitate for a good harvest?”


1 minute later dies

Kev Lobb: "oh look at that keits, only 3 this year. What do we do if they ask why?"
Keits: We dont question the gaming gods or their insatiable chicken violence fetish. We say nothing. Now ask it if we should change level 4 enders…


After playing her and hearing her theme (at Sabrewulf stage, seemed best fitting to me), I feel she really lacks her own stage. I mean even that silly Protoss with gun has his own stage.

Ken Lobb: "Oh my word, it appears as though the chicken requires level 4 enders to be drastically changed"
Keits:"But sir, we are stretching the budget as it…"
Ken Lobb: "Just DO IT! We don’t want to upset the gods… not again."
Keits:"Very well, we can easily spruce it up. We can send the characters to the shadow realm…"
Keits:"Add a fog machine…"
Keits:"Make it a part of the lore, they’ll go crazy for it and think it’s crucial for it to look like that."
Lobb:"Keits PLZ! You are getting me too excited"
Keits:“Now prepare another chicken, surely other areas that were perfectly fine could be rushed out to look better for the incoming wave of new players. Oh mighty chicken, tell us about Shadow Moves…”

Someone close this thread. How many times have this been answered . its annoying

Very very very sadly no, she will not be getting her own stage. Some people have theorized that there is an empty spot in the stage select that will be filled by a simple boss stage but even that is wishful thinking.

This will be a debate forever. Also, I find myself not giving much thought about music selections before matches. This whole thing kinda fell flat.

fingers crossed for a Community fund!!! Come on IG.

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I really wouldn’t mind “alternate” stages as a work around for this ala Shadow Tigers Lair. When you hover over a stage, you could press up or down and get some other version. It was suggested that Mira get’s Maya’s stage with a red sky or some kind of evil vibe. Doesn’t it logically seem like altering an existing stage would shortcut a whole new stage?


Yeah i never even think to pick the music before each match so the sad news is i’ll barely hear any of the new music without it’s stage. heh i kinda want less things to chose before each fight so i mash the button until it goes to the vs screen, stopping to pick music is meh.

We need to start a petition to get IG to make the missing 5 stages and hopefully they’ll pay attention, even if they ask us to contribute to a tournament fund I’ll be on board instantly.

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A guest character like arbiter has his own stage and a full brand new character from ki universe doesnt have. That really bothers me but it is what it is. I hope we see it someday

Alternate stages would be fine by me. For mira they could use the maya stage by night, put some storm in a dark red skybox, some candles and skulls in the ground and some bats flying in the background. They can go nuts creatively speaking.

I’m hoping the fanbase’s overwhelming desire for some of the missing stages convinces MS and IG to add them. Like I’ve said before, i they don’t put one in for Rash I honestly don’t care. But Mira, Gargos, and whoever else is an actual KI character should get them. I don’t mind if the other potential guest coming doesn’t have a stage. Just give us 3 more!