Will Mira have her own stage?

That’s not cool at all. I was hoping we’d get new character levels this season as well… Hopefully I.G. changes can make it happen one day

One thing I was thinking would be cool, and perhaps a neat workaround for being able to pull out multiple stages with minimal effort (maybe)…make a KI equivalent to Nintendo’s Wuhu Island.
…or in other words, make one large asset, like perhaps a castle…interior, exterior, castle walls, drawbridge, the works. And then just plot out different points of said assett, & boom! There’s a stage. On the drawbridge, say that’s Mira’s…on top of the castle walls…Gargos. Maybe in another area a portal with the ability to superimpose an image over it…that could be for Rash and…him…

I dunno…it’s an idea.

Since Arbi gets a stage then I predict a certain general will be getting one as well.

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If they don’t have enough money to make one more stage, will they have money to make a fourth season?

Moreover, I don’t think we need more characters, that’s enough IMO.

We don’t need more characters or stages but I sure do WANT them. I want more of everything! I am never satisfied!

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I love this game as much as you do :slight_smile:
I totally agree.

Gotta love those military tropes kappa

Indeed, if everybody was ever satisified with rudimentary graphics, graphics, music, & character, we’d all be playing Karate Champ instead of the plethora of various fighting games and varities contained therein that have come after it.