Will KI 2013 reach the cult classic levels of KI 1 and 2

I’m wondering if in 20 or so years, Ki 2013 will be looked upon as a fighting game classic that is timeless and lives on for decades to come as a cult classic, and beloved game like the original games are. I think it will although it’s really a different situation with it not being a complete package, and it requiring to be peiced together by seasons and all that. I still think as a whole game that someone 20 years from now has the ability to play in total, it will live on very very fond light.

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Have the past 2 years meant anything?


Reaching a week long $100,000 goal in the first day or so of the community fund should say enough.

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After 20 years we are going to be on season 23… :blush:

Now… the game is already legendary

What it needs to have for an after-20year-absolute game-perspective is to be a complete game. All stages, all characters colours, accesories, story mode, everything☺

It would be the only fighting game with like playable 300+ characters lol.

I am ok with 50 :smiley:
50 characters
50 stages
2 ultras
3 instincts
Story modes for all
3 books of novela
Color generator for endless SL accomplishments.
mods official share
and more

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Killer Instinct wasn’t a cult classic in the 90s. It was a blockbuster. I was there. Were you?

It’s a cult classic now… 20 years later…which is exactly what I was asking if ki 2013 would be. I never said anything about ki and ki 2 not being blockbusters when they were originally out in 94’ and 96’. Those games could be considered now in 2016 as somewhat cult classic games because they never achieved the level of success as say a street fighter or a mortal Kombat. Not to mention that the series was dead for two decades… Even back then they weren’t as big as some of the other franchises. To answer your question yeah I was there.

Having said that though I shouldn’t Maybee have said cult classic, but more or less timeless I guess I should say.

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It depends if the game will actually be available when the Xbox one cycle and support ends~

I would not say KI1 and 2 are timeless. They aged really badly. Also, Cinder is broken which makes it kinda pointless to play.

KI 1 is a mainstream success of a level that the rest of the games never reached. The black cartridge, the “C-C-C-Comb Breaker”, the CD that came with it, and graphics were all defining things of the game that makes it stand the test of time in the memories of gamers. Heck I never played KI1 but I remember how cool that black cartridge looked and was jealous of everyone who owned it.

While we enjoy the new KI game, I don’t think it will ever reach that level of success. There isn’t really anything in the new KI that is ground breaking, that will leave a mark in gaming history like the original game did. Maybe in an obscure magazine recalling fighting game history they may bring up this current KI as the first game to do the season sell by parts approach. But am sure there will be a bigger named fighting game that will take the F2P model to where it really needs to be and take the credit instead of this fake F2P model.

It would be cool if they did go with a mindset of “Lets build something that will revolutionize or leave a mark in the fighting game genre” when they make the next game. Put something Iconic like the C-C-C-Combo Breaker.


It could but MS has to make it happen .

KI 1 was a real success , I like ki 2 more than ki 1 , but inow that ki 1 was way more popular than ki1 , and this ki is way batter than both . But , and this but is really important.

KI 1 was a game present on the most popular platform for fighting games and the most popular consoles back then , Arcades and the SNES. And this helped KI1 a lot to be played for a lot of people . And also Ki 1 receive a lot good publicity back then, comercials , a lot of articles on game magazines etc …

Today there is almost no arcades , and the game is not on the must popular console , now on pc it will reach more people , but MS should give some publicity on TV, Shows , etc to KI. The players has done more publicity for this game than MS. This should change to make KI more relevant on the minds of the people.

The game has almost everything it needs to be more successful . It is successful but can be more. Make a better job polishing from bugs, Add ultimates, rotating stages, supreme victory poses or FMV, This was a really important part of KI , in fact those elements were like a trademark of KI and they are not in this game. and I think they could/should BE . keep the balance on the game AND MAKE NOISE ABOUT IT, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO COMPETITIVE PLAY AND MUST PLAYERS OUT SIDE THIS COMMUNITY , CASUALS AND NOT SO CASUALS THINK THAT THIS KI HAS A BAD BALANCE. ( yes this game has a really a good balance IMO) .

Just look that top 16 at combo breaker … It WAS amazing. Imgine this game with ultimates , supreme victory pose , rotating stages , and more efective publicity … A big killer App. This is possible if you MS do what you must to. Give to KI the same O at least a closer treatment as your big games. Make bundles, advertises. Etc.

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I think so. This KI is already at a point where, if KI took another 10 year + hiatus, I would keep my XB1 around specifically for this game and continue to play it. That is why I want Eyedol in it so just in case KI goes into another hibernation, we still have a good KI game with every OG character in it to enjoy until makes another return haha

The new KI is an always online Game. They will shut down the server in 5-10 years and you can’t play the game anymore. So in 20 years nobody will remember it…:sweat_smile:

There is single player you know…

Singleplayer does not work offline on PC(at least not for me)… on Xbox One you will need to keep the Game installed and if your console breaks someday you cant downlad the Game anymore if the servers are gone… Unfortunately Consoles use Harddisks, wich have an estimated lifespan of ~10 years, so don’t expect them to still work in 30 years like NES, SNES and co…

This is prob a bit OT but it’s still an intresting topic :wink:

I guess we’ll see.

possibly but if I had to see likely fighting games to be considered classics in say 20 years the only one I can think of is either Street fighter 4 or Mortal Kombat 9… Killer instinct maybe but it hasn’t revolutionised or majorly raised the bar for fighting games (not dissing it I really like the game)

Street fighter 4 simply because it brought fighting games out of the dark ages 1999 - 2006-7…Street fighter 4 pretty much revived fighting games cause well games like the 3d mortal kombat games, street fighter ex and other less than impressive titles were pretty much what fighting games were at that time and Street fighter 4 brought it back

Mortal kombat 9 only for showing fighting games can have good stories and raised the bar for fighting games as a result

KI is great but the classics got their title due to fighting games and arcades being in their prime at the time which is sadly no longer the case

Only games that I would say have shaped fighting games are:
Street fighter 2 and 4 (maybe 3)
Mortal Kombat 2, 3 and 9
Tekken 3
Killer Instinct Classic
Soul Calibur 2
KOF 98

Agree with everything you say, but the new one has managed to capture the fun of the previous two. It might not hit mainstream appeal, there’s so many new fighting games out currently, but nothing will take away from the fun of the new KI. It’s a great game.