Will KI 2013 reach the cult classic levels of KI 1 and 2

Tekken 3 man!!! Favorite fighting game of all time.

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One, you are wrong about it being an always online game. I can play it just fine with no internet connection and everything available that is available online aside from the obvious online matches. Two, how do you think KI1 and KI2 became cult classics in the first place? They were made in an age that didnt have the internet and online play. It required two individuals to be next to each other to play. (most) Tournaments these day dont do online matches and are strictly offline. Can anyone remember offline games like Capcom Vs SNK 2, Samurai Showdown, and other classics still because they were never really online and dont have online servers? I dont know about you but I still remember those games and still play them 15+ years later.

With the game being on PC there is even more limitless ways to sustain the game and still play it many years from now. There are games whose servers went down many years ago that are still being played ONLINE using other servers to sustain an online community that still love those games.

Fighting games dont NEED online to be able to be played. They have always been built with the arcade mentality in mind. You always have local versus and I dont see that mode ever leaving. Put your quarter down, youve got next. :smiley:

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I want the new KI to be up there as a classic and the game is just so damn good and fun to play. My problem and what I feel may be its downfall is the cookie cutter approach and how it was introduced to the public. When it first came out it had barely like 5 characters or something and was an obvious early access title. Most wrote it off because it was unfinished but had a solid foundation in its gameplay. Its introduction however did not have as big of an impact on new and veteran gamers of the series like say Street Fighter 4 and MK9. The problem now is, those early people that looked away from it, went on to other things like SFV and the die hards stayed. Its also a game thats not as easy for new players and casuals to fully get into.

I played my brother who had never played a KI game but played plenty of SF2 and MK2 back in the day and his experience was basically " it looked cool but i had no idea what was going on or what i was doing". But when I showed him Street Fighter V, it was like he never left and completely got the concepts and fundamentals in 2 secs. This is one of the things that feels like maybe is one of KIs downfalls. Its too complex for the casual gamer and only fits with the niche fighting game crowd.

When SF2 and MK2 were released back in the day, everyone and their mom had them and played them. The moves were fairly easy to learn and they could do the basic normals and fight friends on an even playing field. KI and fighting games in general, need to find a way to bring in casuals on that level playing field while also letting them learn and grow for the community and games to grow. In short and sorry for the long reply, and I really dont want to believe this, but I feel like KI2013 wont be in everyones hearts 20 years from now.

Yes it works for some people, but not for others. But I guess we’ll see, maybe it will still work 20 years from now.
Will it have the same cult status as the original KI, I don’t think so… The original had an impact because of its long combos, c-c-c-combobrakers and the announcer. People never saw something like this before.
While the new KI is by far the better game it kind of lacks something truly new to have a similar impact the original had.


I sadly agree with you. But one thing is for sure, the fighting game community has grown substantially since the arcade scene. Most people that played in the arcades that dont play fighters anymore were jsut casual passerby’s. The one thing I can definitely tell you is this new KI has a much larger following and a much tighter community than the first 2 games ever had. KI1 and 2 made impacts because most fighters during their time were just doing the same tried and true formula and most were just trying to replicate SF and MKs success. KI started a new trend of gameplay. KI2013 does alot of the same that the originals did along with refining and updating what was already there. Essentially thats what MK9 and SF4 did as well. KI was just a few years late to the party. For right now I would like to think KI2013 will stand the test of time and I know many will fondly remember it, and really isnt that what matters? It has a nice fanbase now and its only growing. Another thing is KI doesnt have as big a notoriety as SF and MK since MK is on its 10th iteration and SF is on its umpteenth. They have a bit more of an advantage.

The difference is the old games were hype driven, visually spectacular games with a lackluster fighting system - full of poor balancing and bad control choices. They are “cult” classics BECAUSE they weren’t that great. I think this game will be recognized as actually contributing something to the fighting game genre through its mechanics.


It will also go down as having the best, biggest and most active player base in the history of the franchise.

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This game is really good, so I’d assume most of the people playing it now will look back on it fondly.

The only way I could see this game falling into obscurity is if it got a sequel that was somehow 100 times better.

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I think it already has.

Give me tag team mode and it’s an instant classic, no need to wait years for it to be a classic lol

Here we are, 3 years later, or for many of us 22 years. You tell me if it is a cult classic.

Well ki 2013 certainly isn’t… Yet at least lol…way too young to be considered a cult classic. The other two are for sure.

The only thing I could see that would be a hinderance for this KI to still be available to enjoy would be the digital aspect of the game. If you look at Scott Pilgrim vs the World the Game…if you missed it and want to go back & check it out, you can’t do it. It’s gone. Not only that but the last couple of times I tried to play my copy on my 360, the first stage glitched and froze, which I’m thinking might be from the 360 being updated since support was withdrawn. If support is withdrawn from KI in similar fashion, it could end up broken and unplayable as well. Personally I really hope that when this iteration is over, MS releases a complete version on disk…otherwise we could very well be screwed.

That’s true, but for all intents and purposes arcade games (not just KI) suffer the same way for a lot of years. Yes, there has now been a re-release and you can get pirated ROMs. But for the average gamer those games are gone forever too. The worst example is Primal Rage, where the company that owns it can’t even get a proper version of the game.

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Man I Love primal rage. That was one hell of a game. I’d love an HD remaster or just an arcade perfect version on Xbox or ps4… Can you explain what you mean about the company that owns it not being able to get a proper version ?
Such a shame primal rage 2 was scrapped at a nearly finished state; what I’ve seen of that looked awesome with slash fang, necrosan, and the human gods you’d be able to play as.

There is one thing that is different about Primal Rage though compared to digital only games like Scott Pilgrim: even with all the legal issues you can still find playable physical copies of the game if you want it. I’ve got both the Genesis & PS2 (Midway Arcade Treasures 2) releases of it. And the same goes for most arcade games…you can get them in one form or another if you really want to look for it (I know Dyna Gear would be an exception…it never got ported) But with this KI, aside from the Season 1 w/ TJ Combo disk, the game’s all digital…so once its support is pulled…if it gets pulled…it’s essentially gone.

I’m tagging @WrathOfFulgore since this applies to him too.

Apparently when they coded the original arcade ROM for Primal Rage they put some sort of proprietary encryption in it. Midway went through some reorganization and essentially anyone who worked on the game left. So no one knows how to deal with the encryption. This means that what they can pull off is not really an accurate emulation of the arcade. I’m not sure I really understand it myself.

Anyway, this is the source with a lot of complaints. The home versions of the game were never great and even the arcade “ports” in things like Midway Arcade Collection are not fully functioning versions of the game.

FYI I think Primal Rage is by far the best candidate for a reboot out there.

That might also explain why I had so much trouble tracking down a functioning version for MAME…

I bet it will. I think it will become a cult classic but hopefully it will be enough to actually have an ongoing series for years to come.


One of my dreams is to remake Primal Rage but obviously keeping the all monster/beast cast with some gameplay mechanics that will make the game playable at tournaments.

Though to ramble on that would probably put this thing off topic.

Dude I would be so pissed off. I literally bought an XB1 just for KI, and have all 3 Ultra Editions + KI1 and 2…if it gets pulled or becomes unplayable…idk what I would do lol I would be extremely upset. Lets hope they release a “Complete” version on disc once they are finished with adding content, balancing, etc. so that doesn’t happen.

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